Monday, June 08, 2015

Writing Prompts by Yours Truly

There are things that I do everyday but a lot of them weren’t restricted to a specific block of time. This becomes quite a headache when something ends up taking more time than I planned for or some monkey wrenches come flying out of nowhere. In an effort to introduce some more consistency into my life, I’m committing to a stricter routine. Plus the kiddo starts Kindergarten in a couple of months and she needs a better example of what a daily routine resembles since she’ll HAVE to be on one at school. 
One of the areas I needed more consistency was my writing. I write everyday before I get on any social networks but I don’t commit to posting anything. Sometimes I feel like releasing it into cyberspace, other days I’d rather not. My posts are truly random. My old routine was blog daily with my morning cup of coffee, before or after lunch, and post something in the evening. I’ve started several scripts that need rewrites and/or to be completed. There was a time where I worked on my scripts at least 4 hours a day. It enabled me to complete them in about 3-6 months. 
Some of my past needs to be brought into my future because the truth is, all of this worked and put me in several positions to advance with my writing. I moved away from a lot of this when I had my daughter because I made her schedule more important. I’ve reached a point of acceptance that both of our routines are important and they can exist together. 
As part of this personal consistency movement, I’m committing to posting publicly at least once a day under the specific headings:
*Music Monday 
(will highlight artists/songs that I’ve been listening to excessively or that I just think are dope)

*TMI Tuesday
(sharing is caring and sometimes it involves “oversharing”)

*What I Like Wednesday
(it’s so easy to talk about all the things I hate but it’s healthier to discuss what I like, so it’ll be here)

*Theatrical Thursday
(in an effort to not let negativity take over my entire week, I’m saving all my bitching/complaining/venting for this day. I figure if I don’t remember what I’m upset about by Thursday, it wasn’t really all that important)

*Fantastic Friday
(shit I find amazing, I’m going to share. it’ll be What I Like Wednesday on steroids)

*Sexual Saturday
(my friends and I talk about sex about as much as the stereotypical male thinks about it. this will be a judgment free zone so anything goes)

*Social Sunday
(I’ve been a connector of people since I was a kid and the internet whittles the degrees of separation down to one person in a lot of cases so I figure I’d put this skill to use. whether they’re my friend, fellow writer, entrepreneur, artist, or just cool as shit, you’ll get a chance to meet someone whose presence has caught my eye AND I’ll list why)

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