Friday, March 06, 2015

Something Old, Something New

The last entry I posted to this blog was on 2/26/2012...3 years ago. 

A lot has taken place since then and some of those things has led me back to my old blog. 

I left blogger to go post at tumble because it was easier to breathe and write without feeling like I had to edit my life. tumblr is still a great place to hide in plain sight but I tried to fix something that wasn't broken. So I'm back...there's more structure here and after hearing more times than I care to admit, that I should have a site just for writing, this made sense. 

I write on Medium but it's still fairly new and everything I think it will grow to become, Blogger is already. There was a lot of life left in this blog and I'm going to rejuvenate it with all the life I have left in me. 

It's more symbolic for me than anything else and it's kind of where I started to share parts of me growing up. 

So in as few words as possible: I'm back :-)

2 points of view:

Relevantlystaying said...

Welcome back!!!

AssertiveWit said...

Relevantlystaying: thank you!

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