Monday, May 09, 2011

Life...and Where It Is Taking Me

I said that I was going to do better about posting to this hasn't happened yet. I spend SO much time on tumblr that I forget to update Blogger. There is a certain level of calm on that website that I no longer felt I had over here. There are several people who I KNOW have access to this blog so that is why I don't post here as frequently anymore. Sometimes I want to just get things off of my chest, free of judgment from those I care about. I wanted to write freely without everyone and their mama thinking I was writing about THEM.

However, since I am making MORE of a conscious effort to make certain life adjustments, I am choosing to get over that shat. There are some things that I changed about myself, in an effort to get along better with those I loved and called "friend". However, those adjustments were made for people who weren't too willing to do the same. I have a TOTALLY different perspective when it comes to...humanity. 

My initial views might have come across as me being naive and gullible. I'm a person who operates on face value, most of the time. However, there are a LOT of people who leave a LOT of things "hidden" about themselves. I've never believed that I should have to dig you out of your shell. Either you're going to be your TRUE self around me, or you're not. If it comes to my attention that you're a fraud at life, then you have to go. My tolerance for humankind has limits now....

That tolerance is not in reference to personal life choices people make. That tolerance is in reference to how much I will let slide, AS IT PERTAINS TO HOW I AM TREATED. I don't desire to be around adults that behave like children. Since we ARE adults, I will expect EVERYONE who CHOOSES to interact with me, TO ACT LIKE IT. If you can't, that's fine. We just won't be close. one is grandfathered in. I don't care if we have been cool for 15 years...when the tantrums, brattiness, and selfishness appears, I'm saying something IMMEDIATELY. If someone doesn't like it, too bad; we don't have to stay friends.

Life has ALWAYS taken me on some GREAT adventures. Some of them have been invigorating and enjoyable, while others have seemed like pages out of Dante's Inferno. Either way, they have ALL been learning experiences. I feel like I've matured in certain areas where I don't have to KEEP learning the same thing. I got it, it's all good, and it's time to learn some new shat.

I'm currently looking forward to processing different things AND people. So here's to life and where it's taking me!

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Naturally Alise said...

Missed ya on these here eStreets, hope all is well my dear :)

AssertiveWit said...

Hey Alise! All is getting well and I've have a ton of better days lately so thanks :-)

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