Tuesday, September 07, 2010

You Ain't About That Beyonce Life. Sit Down.

I am probably one the most honest Beyonce fans alive and it is because I am not offended by the fact that she is manufactured. If you say that out loud in a room full of her psycho stans though, you are liable to catch a hate crime kind of beat down. Let us be serious for a second though…are you going to tell me that she was not created to appease the mass appeal for glamour?
Do not lie to yourself and think otherwise.
I have been a Beyonce Gisselle fan since she uttered her first “No, No, No”. I have 2 copies of EVERY Destiny’s Child cd, as well as, her solo projects. When her mother was doing her hair and styling her wardrobe, I was part of her loyal fan base. I HATED a lot of those outfits and her hair? Let us just say, I am thankful she took that full-time job from her mother and gave it to someone else. She did not always have that style women/girls covet today. What we see today was necessary in order to retain a fan base that actually spends money. 
If you are REALLY a fan you should know a little about someone you obsess over, right? So about her husband…considering her family and how she was raised do you really think that she would date someone with Shawn Carter’s REAL history, if she was a normie? I do not know too many women TODAY who would WILLINGLY date a man who tells the world that he used to sell cocaine and that is basically how he started his empire. Most women are too afraid of that lifestyle to deal with men like that…but THAT is her husband. Even though she does not speak much on her dating history, we know this is the man she has allowed the media to attach her to for the last 10 years. She also does not acknowledge any former boyfriends. So does anyone else really count? No.
Pooda Bear’s dad and I have technically been with each other for the last 4 years. We are CONSTANTLY being barraged by family about when we are going to get married. Who in the f*ck rushed Beyonce and Shawn? They have been involved with each other in some “close” capacity for a LONG ASS TIME. Her life might not really be what you want, dears. I do not know too many women who would do 4 years like me, let alone the 8 years Bey went through before Shawn DECIDED to put a ring on it.
However, so MANY girls/women listen to Put A Ring On It and because Beyonce said to MAKE him do it, men are being “bullied” into settling down. Be realistic. If that was your random, nobody ass friend telling you to make him settle down if he really wants you and her dude did not wife her up for 8 years, you would give her a side eye. Mentally, you would have told her all kinds of shut the f*ck ups AND disregarded her advice. But because it is Beyonce…you listen and apply.
I think a lot of girls/women get sucked into the glamour of WHO she is. Often, it is forgotten that some of the things she does are more so career moves…not necessarily what she would do if she was a “regular” woman working a simple 9-5 in Texas. This is where the problem enters for all the normies. You can definitely aspire to be Beyonce/Sasha but if you think for one second you can maintain any sense of normalcy to your life, you are wrong.
Guys get a bad rap for trying to emulate these rap stars but I look at it no different than women who sit around listening to Beyonce all day. While some of her lyrics MIGHT really be part of her life, a lot of it is created to entertain the public. Honestly, could you really deal with her life? Just like her husband is cut from a different cloth, so is she. Beyonce could probably get on Twitter right now and rant about something Shawn has done to piss her off. Does she? No because she is not about THAT life…which is probably more similar to your normal ass life. She has a brand/image to protect and doing typical women things would be a distraction to HER main goal…getting that guap.
Some people say her alter ego is some bullsh*t and that is who she REALLY is. I definitely think there is a part of her psyche that likes the freeness Sasha allows her but it is believable that she might really be shy. Hollywood will eat you up and spit you out if you have a docile demeanor. They constantly want you to prove you deserve to be where you are in the limelight. When she wakes up, before one foot comes out of that bed, she has to accept that her life is not normal. Being Sasha could be more of a coping mechanism than anyone realizes.
However, aren’t we normal people told that being someone in one setting and being a totally different person with other people is two-faced? You see why this behavior could only work with a celebrity? My whole point in writing this is to say do not get sucked up in these peoples lives. They are paid to entertain you and I. They can no longer live the life we have and we could not possibly live their life, unless we had money. When you become famous, your priorities change. You have to decide if you want the fame, money, and intrusiveness that comes with that territory…or if you want to go back to the simple life.
If you choose that life, there are LOTS of things you have to let go of. You see, no one is interested in me today because I am no one to them…and neither are you. If by chance, I woke up tomorrow with my face on the cover of Vogue, Elle, People, and US and $100 million in my bank account, EVERYTHING would have to change. I instantly become one of the most interesting people in the world.
Whatever you want in life, you must prepare for that BEFORE you get it. I think a lot of people disregard all that “training” Beyonce did before actually “getting on”. It was preparation for the life she lives today. Granted, I am sure there are some things that came as a total surprise to her but her ability to adjust while being in the public eye is impeccable. I admire her because she keeps her eye on the prize WHILE doing something she loves. She has distractions just like the rest of us because she is human but HOW she deals with them is a trait we could all learn from.
So, the next time you listen to one of her songs, see her on a red carpet, or wish you had her relationship, remember, there is always a trade off…her life is no more perfect than yours or mine. She just has money…and if money was not everything, why would you even want to be her? Something to think about...

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NightFall914 said...

Good points. Most definitely in regards to Bey's training and work ethic before she got on. I'm also a lil cautious when speaking on celeb relationships as so many aspect really aren't what we can truly perceive but your dead on with the point that in regards to Bey or anyone who has something you want to attain you have to keep in mind that there's always more to the story then the final public presentation.

Great blog ;)

Unknown said...

Very cool post! I don't think Women want to BE her. She's like the sacred cow. I remember when she went to the airport wearing jeans, sweat shirt with no makeup. People talked ish! Then she came in all glammed people talked ish! She can't win unless she rides her star til it's gone! It will go. Just ask Diana, and Whitney and Dionne and Cher.

AssertiveWit said...

NightFall914: I suppose it is easy to envy something that looks so easy because they smile every time a camera flashes in their face. LOL

Mista Jaycee: I don't think ALL women want to be her (I sure don't) but there is DEFINITELY a LARGE number of females who idolize AND...wish they were her. Because I am a woman, I am privy to a lot of conversation by other women that men do not hear because it sounds like a bunch of drivel. This is what guys miss out when their selective hearing kicks in LOL

As for star power wearing out, there are ways to stay relevant that the women you mentioned didn't capitalize on. As of right now, Beyonce is smarter than them in that area. The only way she'll fizzle out like them is if she doesn't improve in her acting. She could easily transition from F/T singer to F/T actor if she stepped her game up. We'll see what she does, I'm sure.

Unknown said...

Why 2 copies of everything? CD burner broken? lol

*stacie-ann said...

there is nothing left to say, you said it all. i've always felt this way about bey & celebs in general........ I CONCUR !!

AssertiveWit said...

8thlight: 2 of everything so I can have one in the car and one in the house...I started doing that before MP3 players & cd burning were hot in the streets LOL plus constant play of one disc leads to more scratches. A few of them I can't even play/burn anymore because they're so scratched up

stacie-ann: :)

StarTraci said...

Whatever you want in life, you must prepare for that BEFORE you get it.

I think this is very well said. Whatever vision one has for their life must include preparation for the person it will require them to be. My pre-mommy life was as an actress. I would like to return to acting and I would like to be successful but I have NO desire to be a big celebrity. At one time, I thought I did and I am glad that life had other plans for me. I now believe that I am in the kiln right now to come out the finished piece. When I'm ready, the right life will come.


AssertiveWit said...

StarTraci: I wish you the best of luck in your return to the acting world! Sounds like you're doing what's best for you :)

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