Friday, September 24, 2010

My Self Imposed Sabbatical

I am taking a break from other people for the next 90 days.

What I mean by that is, I will be focusing on me and my needs before anyone elses (other than Babybottoms). I have been putting it off for a good year now and my efforts to do it previously were half assed. I don't want to engage in other people's issues/problems...I only want to be concerned about what pertains to me. That sounds mean and callous but it isn't. As a friend, I tend to take on too much in regards to my friends/family and their emotional needs...I refuse to do it anymore. Just as they concern themselves with THEIR problems, I need to follow suit and worry ONLY, about me. I no longer want to carry anyone elses burden, even if it is JUST listening to their drama. I don't want to hear it; it isn't benefiting me and no one is offering me any money to play therapist. So...I am not interacting with anyone on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook...or Blogger.

This is day 1 of 90 and I am replying to some people in regards to "where are you going". I'm not "going" anywhere. I just need some time to MYSELF. I figure, if the man I live with can give me 90 days to sort through some necessary things, surely everyone else can, right? And if they/you can't, we probably needed to go our separate ways anyway. This was not brought on by anyone in particular so there is no blame to cast.

I will be updating other things, like Babybottoms blog and my fitness blog but that is about it. These are a couple things that my time will be focused on and in order for me to move forward with my goals,  I will write about them. I want to come back refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated (all those words kind of mean the same but so sounded good in my mind). I encourage anyone who needs a break and can take one, to do so. See you on Day 91 if you're still around! :)

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