Thursday, September 16, 2010

About Taylor Swift

*sigh* my people, my people...when are we going to stop taking up for people simply because we like them? If right is right and wrong is wrong, why would you totally disregard the fact that Kanye jumping on the stage to speak his mind INAPPROPRIATELY is UNACCEPTABLE? I don't give a damn if it was some bum on the street giving a speech at the VMA's...people need to KNOW their place and stay in it.

I mean, seriously, are you going to tell me that if we were at a ceremony and you were awarded something that I PERSONALLY felt should have gone to someone else, it is okay for me to INTERRUPT your "shine time" to state MY OPINION? Because contrary to what any of the blind sycophants want to say, THAT WAS KANYE'S OPINION. But it is alright because it is Kanye? All of you who think that, are full of shat and if your child EVER makes valedictorian, I will make it my personal business to ruin their day when they graduate from high school and college. My opinion should matter too, right? WRONG

If we want to talk about what she DESERVED, who are YOU OR KANYE to say she didn't deserve it? Yes, I wrote about this last year when it happened but the level of ignorance that ran through my timeline when the VMA's aired this year disturbed me. It showed me that for certain celebrities AND to blend in with "the cool kids", people will cosign on f*cking foolishness. Seriously, who actually knows what Taylor Swift has accomplished? For those of you who think that Kanye "made her career", read below. F*cking clowns...
  • at 14 years of age, she became the youngest person EVER to be signed as a professional songwriter at Sony/ATV Publishing; she signed her first deal before she could drive
  • at 17, she became the youngest person to single-handedly write and sing a #1 country hit entirely on her own
  • since 11/2008 her album, FEARLESS, has spent more weeks at #1 on Billboard's ALL-GENRE Top 200 chart THAN ANY OTHER ALBUM THIS DECADE and helped sell more albums in 2008 and 2009 than any other artist, in any genre of music
  • she is the FIRST country artist IN THE HISTORY OF SOUNDSCAN to have NOT ONE, BUT TWO SINGLES reach #1 on the Pop Chart
  • her FEARLESS Tour sold out every show in minutes, INCLUDING EVERY SEAT IN MADISON SQUARE 60 seconds
  • she is the FIRST country artist to receive a "Moon Man" award
  • the first artist to receive the Academy of Country Music's "Crystal Milestone Award" was Garth Brooks; she is the second
  • she is the youngest artist to EVER win the 2009 American Music Award for Artist of the Year, and the 2009 CMA Award for Entertainer of the Year
  • FEARLESS has reached Gold and Platinum status in 14 countries spanning 5 continents
Do you know how old she is as of today? Taylor Swift is 20 years old. Do the math. She didn't NEED Kanye to boost her career; she was well on her way. Music has been HER LIFE...just like the woman Kanye FELT should have gotten the award.

The BIG issue I have with all of these f*ck ass opinions in regards to her being immature and childish by writing a song that was assumed to be about Kanye is...NO ONE COMPLAINS ABOUT THESE DUMB ASS RAPPERS DOING THE SAME THING. If we're even going to call this a diss track, Hit Em Up and Ether are ALWAYS being heralded as two of THE BEST diss tracks EVER recorded. But she gets called immature...right. You all make SO much sense. Also, it was immature for her to retaliate against someone who obviously didn't care enough to give a f*ck in the first place? Yeah, a year later isn't my style but this gets filed under cause and effect folks. Go ahead and say's because she sings country music that she isn't allowed to write diss tracks. Why are you paying attention to the genre of music she excels in now? You didn't give two flying f*cks about that when you were busy attributing her success to a man too arrogant to realize he needed to have some tact and keep his ass in his seat during an awards ceremony.

So no, Kanye didn't say what EVERYONE else was thinking. He said what YOU were thinking because YOU either didn't know ANYTHING about her accomplishments're just biased as f*ck and give certain people passes to act an ass. 

I see people complain and rant about others being too lazy to use the internet for this and that...yet I heard nor saw anyone do ANY research on Taylor. You don't have to care about her or the genre of music she sells but at least be respectful and stop talking out the side of your damn neck. You wouldn't want anyone downplaying your life accomplishments and I can guarantee that EVERYONE reading this has not done ANYTHING even remotely as impressive as what she did at 14...myself included. 

Have some respect people...that's all I'm saying. RESPECT THE CRAFT...and other people's hard work.

5 points of view:

JenDay said...

HAHAHA! Yess! I don't love Taylor's music, but you hit the nail on the head with this!

People are ignorant!

Wow. That was a lot of exclamation points.

always4evamoi said...

woooo hoooo....
*clapping, jumping, and fist pumping simultaneously*
you have said it all...nothing much to add..
this was ON always :)

AssertiveWit said...

JenDay: I don't mind the exclamation points; sometimes they're necessary :) ignorance breeds stupidity, that's all I have to say about people who would rather assume than KNOW

always4evamoi: thank you ma'am :)

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