Thursday, August 26, 2010

What's Your Deal Breakers?

The thing I LOVE the most about Babybottoms dad is that I learn something new about him every day. You would think after 4 years of constantly being in each others face, this would get old but he manages to stay interesting to me. It is a feat not accomplished by many men and I am very grateful for it. I don't think that he stays interesting specifically for me...he just happens to be an intriguing guy. Kinda like the Dos Equis guy...

Moving on, because this isn't about him...we got on the topic of household finances the other day and he interrupted our discussion to tell me something that completely turns him off to some women. In the 4 years that I have known him, I only viewed it as a personal preference of his but he made it VERY clear that any interest he might have had will die when he hears certain words. Thankfully, it isn't anything I would EVER say or do, so I'm safe.

But it got me to thinking...what are some deal breakers as far as my relationships go? I know EVERYONE has them but it is interesting to actually hear other people's. So that's what this blog is about. What are your deal breakers? I'll go first :)


  • having no ambition
I would never break up with someone because they lost their job. I would never NOT date anyone because they don't have A job. However, I will shoot you the deuces if you aren't going anywhere in life and there are no evident signs that you even want to do better. To me, that translates into laziness. Even the most lamest of lames have goals and if a guy has NONE that he is working towards, I can't fool with him. If you start out appearing to have ambition and you lose it along the way, I'm out. Sounds mean but some guys bounce if their chick gains 2 lbs. This is FAR more serious than a 2 lb weight gain.

  • being a horrible liar
If you've been reading my blog for a while, I am sure you are well aware of my stance on liars. I despise them, especially those who lie about stupid shat. As I have gotten older, my tolerance for liars has shifted. If you put some creative spin on a lie and can master manipulating and mindf*cking someone, I still think you might be a douchebag but it tells me you have a skill. In the business world, this is an appreciated attribute. Just don't try to use it on me. Horrible liars don't retrace their steps properly, end up causing FAR more damage than telling the truth would have and just irritate the hell out of me. Being lied to without finesse is insulting to me. If you're gonna lie, at least get me to believe it, jackass.

  • trying to change me
NEWSFLASH: I will NEVER change for you.
I am a firm believer in "take me as I am". If you don't like something about me, it's ok. I'm not in the least bit offended. Everything isn't for everybody. However, don't try to play me like you're all enthralled with all things Syn and then when you have me trapped in a "relationship", want to sit down and have a talk. Talk about what? The answer is NO. Yes, before you can even get anything out...if it has to do with something that was the same when you decided you wanted more than a friendship, that becomes YOUR problem. If I decide to  change, it will ALWAYS be on my terms. Is that unfair? No, because I accepted you and I have NEVER dated ANYONE who was perfect. He might have thought so in his mind but he probably is STILL sadly mistaken.

  • whining
Just something about a man who whines...does absolutely nothing for me but make me want to smack him in the face with a belt, Pooty Tang style. My mother's side of the family has whining BAD and most of the women have little girl voices so imagine how irritating that is. My dad NEVER gave us anything if we whined for it. Sometimes I think that was his way of feeling some sense of comfort about punishing someone for whining, since he couldn't punish my mom. I have grown to hate it as much as him. Seriously though, I feel it isn't masculine at all and I might try to rearrange your voicebox in your sleep if you think it's cool to whine. In order to stay out of jail, I'll just tell you "this isn't working". You don't have to be in the hospital and I don't have to be incarcerated. It works for both of us.

But enough about me...what are YOUR deal breakers? :) 

7 points of view:

A.Smith said...

I'ma resist the urge to copy and paste yours. Actually, I started writing mine before I read yours... and now I'm all... well damn... LOL!

Lying -
And this is a harder one to have because I'm not like "lie one time and I"m out" but more like "you only get 1 chance..." I HATE when people lie to me so I go out of my way to not put people in situations where they might have to; however, excessive and unnecessary lying just won't be tolerated.

Ambition -
I'm like you, it's not about having a job right now, or being successful right now, but show me that you ARE working on it. There's nothing more sexy to me than somebody really working for what they want. It inspires me a, and makes me want to help you, b. And, to go a bit deeper, what I really don't with is someone who's a whole lot of talk and absolutely no action. That'll get you kicked to the curb faster than anything.

My sarcasm-
Tact is something I need to work on. Sarcasm is not. If you can't handle the latter that is fine, but we #mightdontmakeit

I'm really not into games and at the first sign of them, I chuck the deuce. My friends say I'm doing the most with that, but hey... I do what I want. LOL.

Jay_fever said...

-Ugly Feet
-Mean to people for no reason on a regular basis
-Comfortable ignorance
-Try to play me for a fool

ChoColAte KiSs said...

The "serious" ones 1st.

Having no ambition thing is a dealbreaker of mine as well, i dont need you to be rich, but I need you to have ambition, drive, goals...none of the above?...then adios...I'd expect for someone to want that from me as well

Typin lice This in a txt mesge

(typing like this in a text message)

If you send me text message replacing c's with K's spelling shit wrong, shortening everything it screams silly, immature and is a BIG frickin turnoff

Show offs

Guys who constantly talk about money, material possessions, how great their job is, how much they paid for their shoes, you guys dont want golddiggers but are constantly talking about your money to attract women, then get puzzled when thats all they're after...fool you didnit appeal to anything else but my material desires with all that talk

Now to the not so serious ones, but that turn me off just the same

Dirty nails

One of my biggest turn offs, tells me you don't care too much about your hygiene...dirt under your fingernails in nasty and the thought of you touching me is repulsive.

Bad breath

Same as above, kissing is a part of not wanting to go anywhere near your face is not cool. You;d be surprised at how many good looking guys breath smell like something died in their mouth...I'll pass.

I think those are my biggest, I can work with most other things...these things though I'm out the door immediately

ChoColAte KiSs said...

you can tell I was (am) tired, excuse the errors

♥ CG ♥ said...

Dang, everyone mentioned mine. Although I'm quite sure there are others...hehe

Number Five said...

Ok, I cleaned it up. My deal breakers are:

Not being able to accept me... I've been this crazy for 27 years, take it or leave it lol.

Liars/Cheaters... hell no

Not being able to accept my friendships... Yes my ex is one of me bff's. Our relationship is non-negotiable.

Being close minded...

Not being a hard worker/being complacent...I need a man who has goals and who is working towards them...not just running around saying shit b/c it sounds good.

Not being yourself... Nothing is more pathetic to me than a person who doesn't love themselves enough to be them self. ugh. Not only that, I have to be close to the men I date, we'll never get close if all you can offer me is your representative.

Thinking you're going to become more important than my sister.... Bitch, please

And this is weird but I once had to work with a man who had the weirdest little skinny girly hands. I could never be with a man who's hands make my stomach turn lmao

AssertiveWit said...

A.Smith: games irritate me...I have a naturally competitive spirit and if games enter the picture a switch flips that says "YOU MUST WIN". This signifies a problem and feelings are going to get hurt; it isn't one of my top deal breakers but it eventually will end our relationship LOL

Jay: I'm not a foot person but ugly feet do make me want to tell him to keep socks on and DEFINITELY don't play footsie with me. I have this illogical fear that his ugly foot sydrome will rub off on my feet and I'll have to wear closed in shoes for the rest of my life LOL

Choco Kiss: OMG! That typing is infuriating. It just wants to make me curse and tell them seriously, I'm not 13 and neither are you. Cut it out or I'm going to start iggin ALL of your messages. Ugh!

#5: Being close minded is another one of my TOP deal breakers. I'm too open minded to be with someone who has no desire to ever think for themselves or outside of the 4 walls others try to restrict them to.

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