Sunday, August 22, 2010

Perception is Becoming EVERYTHING

Perception isn't everything but it is becoming that way.

I was the biggest advocate for never fully relying on what you perceive to be the case. However, society is beginning to rely more on the internet than actual interaction with each other. This changes things and it forces everyone to rely on what we project to others about ourselves. Anyone who tries to skate around this issue is asking for trouble. The written word has ALWAYS been JUST as powerful as the spoken word. There are SO many people who claim to believe in the positive manifesting itself if you speak it but their sometimey asses will TOTALLY disregard the negative they throw out into the universe. Life doesn't work like this folks.

One thing that has remained a constant is...the universe will continue to give you back whatever you put out there. It doesn't change because YOUR definition of it changes. I bring this up because of a conversation Babybottoms father and I were having. We were discussing Twitter. Up until this particular conversation, he always felt I was putting my cape on for Twitter and it was a useless forum of oversharing on EVERYONE'S behalf (even though he uses Facebook, go figure). I decided the best way for him to understand where the appeal in it laid for me was to put it in his "terms". Twitter is a big social experiment. I am interested in how the mind works and I get to SEE that on Twitter. Regardless of the bullshat excuses people give about 140-160 characters not defining them as a person...sorry, but it does.

People will unfollow you over those 140-160 characters because they become clear indicators of your personality. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a psychologist to figure out that some people are faking, doing too much, flat out lying, sharing too much information, or just being themselves. I don't mind someone assessing my character based off of what I tweet because they are all things I would say "in real life". I don't get online and turn into a totally different person that I have to debate with someone about who I REALLY am. If I tweeted it, I stand by it. Now if you would like more detail than the 140-160 characters I gave you, I have no problem giving you that. If I want to be better understood, I should be open to anyone questioning what I have to say.

So one of the things Babybottom's father and I discussed was how others are perceived. I told him there are some people who do the COMPLETE opposite of what they tweet and it makes me lose respect for them as human beings. I can't support someone who quotes Bible scriptures and inspirational/motivational quotes ALL DAY LONG about how people should live their lives but they aren't applying even half of what they're tweeting. It IS fake and the best word to describe that is: HYPOCRITE.

I understand that we are all human and we err. However, I would never tell someone how a man is supposed to treat them and then be letting my man treat me crazy as hell...and then tweet about it. I will only result in people continuing to follow me so they can laugh at me and my retarded ass life. I don't desire to be a mockery of any kind with my life so what you see is 100% what you'll get out of me. Anything you decide to post online IMMEDIATELY becomes a representative of who you are and if you don't believe that, you need to exit the stage NOW. If you don't want people to think that THIS IS YOU, don't write it. You can't explain your way out of your own words simply because it's a social network you chose to overshare on. You said it so either stand by your words or shut up.

However, there are a lot of people who see this differently. We are all entitled to our opinions on this subject but come serious. If you don't believe in what you're saying/tweeting/tumbling/blogging, how do you EVER expect ANYONE to take you seriously? I see people tweet ridiculous crap ALL day and then say they have no real friends and no one cares about them when they really need people the most. Look at what you're projecting though. If you're constantly telling people WHAT you are and they decide to believe you, you can't be mad at anyone but yourself. I just wish people would use the internet responsibly and stop acting like bratty ass children when their life is shown to them. 

If someone took your online life and played it on projection screen for all of your family and friends to see, could you honestly say you would be proud of the things you have put out there for EVERYONE to see? I  sincerely hope so because if you can't, maybe you need to evaluate what you display to the general public...who doesn't know or really care about you.

Perception shouldn't be EVERYTHING but the more we submerge ourselves into the online culture, we have no choice but to accept the majority of people believe it is. Surf and share responsibly, adults :)

4 points of view:

Carolinaware said...

and the Church said....Amen.

NightFall914 said...

100% agreement People cant have it both ways no matter how much they wait to.

This right here is the true test:
"If someone took your online life and played it on a projection screen for all of your family and friends to see, could you honestly say you would be proud of the things you have put out there for EVERYONE to see?"

ChoColAte KiSs said...

I couldn't agree and a friend had that discussion the other day over dinner, and she has a friend who I never met and I happen to follow him on twitter, and I told her you know @iamsoandso he sounds like this that and the 3rd like the kinda guy that would do this and that (my perception of him) and then she goes NOOO WAYYY I went to school with him for 4 years, he's not like that at all...all of that is a farse...but then I was like really?...How can he be the complete 180 of what he portrays on the internet and you guys still follow him? Made no sense to me... But I've noticed one of 3 things on twitter...Either people only try to project the best of themselves, all the cute photos, all the having fun, getting accepted in a job, guys tryna holla cuz they are sooo BAAD....or they show the worst of themselves either because they think its cute or funny or they just need attention....or they are somewhere in between...I try to have a balance of twitter and I feel that makes for the best timelines (although i cant exactly tell if im interesting to follow)

Anyways I definitely agree with you, even though I shoulda just went ahead and wrote my own damn blog after taking up this much space on

AssertiveWit said...

Carolinaware: thanks for stopping by :)

NightFall914: my life would very much play out like a work of fiction...I have no problem with this. Anyone who doesn't like it? Don't look LOL

Choco Kiss: I could never see myself pretending to be someone I am not. I guess it is because I want the REAL from everyone I come into contact with. Even though I don't always get it, I don't think changing myself will make me happy. I rarely see ANYONE who has to change who they are to be "accepted", be happy at the same time. They usually end up hating themselves for being such a fraud but once they've started the process it becomes a never-ending cycle of f*ckery. It's too time consuming and when you live a lie, who can you REALLY trust?

You aren't're just real. Some people act like they ALWAYS have to put on a show for people. It isn't necessary for people to genuinely like/care about you. If we TRULY believed in the phrase "everything is not for everyone", a LOT of people would stop acting like this and just be cool with the people who accept them for who they are.

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