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Lauryn Hill vs. Alicia Keys

Isn't Lauryn Hill wonderful? I'm referring to the one who had a better grasp on her sanity...not 2010 Lauryn Hill. We ALL loved The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill...when it came out, it was something that you didn't hear being done often, let alone by a woman MC. It was musical perfection to our ears. Even 12 years later, people STILL love to quote her lyrics and reminisce on all the memorable times her music contributed to. Then she came out with some other shat that even her fans were kind of like "Ehhhh" on. It almost seemed like she was losing her mind. She was having "man trouble", it was throwing her into what seemed like some deep depression and WE ALL SYMPATHIZED WITH HER.

It was so heartbreaking to see someone with such an amazing talent, appear to go to waste...especially over the men she chose to deal with. Never mind that Wyclef Jean AND Rohan Marley WERE married during her tryst with them. It was Lauryn "Can Do No Wrong" Hill...and because her life was far worse than others, she got sympathy for her woes.

Now....what about Miss Alicia Keys?
Oh, my bad, as of yesterday, Mrs. Alicia Dean. Is it because her ALLEGED home wrecking situation turned out to be her happily ever after, the public has a reserved right to disrespect her AND her unborn child? Is it BECAUSE she didn't lose her mind over Swizz and her relationship wasn't turbulent like Lauryn's, that it becomes okay to cast judgment? I don't see ANYONE talking about Lauryn having 5 children with a man who was married. SO WHAT IF HE LEFT HIS WIFE TO BE WITH LAURYN. WHEN SHE WAS PREGNANT WITH THEIR FIRST CHILD, HE WAS STILL MARRIED. True, it isn't in our face NOW as much as the media likes to throw Alicia and Swizz around but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

However, Lauryn will ALWAYS be heralded as a musical great....as of lately, or until these bitter, judgmental, sorry, carcasses of human beings find someone else to publicly massacre on their blogs, twitter timelines, and tumblr, Alicia's musical TALENTS are disregarded. It doesn't matter that Alicia is STILL the SAME musical genius she was when she released Songs In A Minor. She has consistently given us an album every few years since 2001. WE should be interested in her MUSIC, NOT who she is screwing. Same goes for Lauryn Hill. My interest in her waned because she stopped putting out music I LIKED. I could give two shats about whose husband the trollop was sleeping with. WE know adultery is wrong; don't be a fool and think she didn't know.

I have nothing to gain by liking one musician that ALLEGEDLY commits adultery and disliking another. ADULTERY IS WRONG, NO MATTER WHO IS DOING IT OR WHY (even if that person was me). It just appears that the general public LOVES when entertainers are miserable...THAT is when they are recognized for their musical genius. Why? How would you feel if someone only acknowledged that you HAD talent when you were down in the dumps? I suppose that has always been the life of an "artist" though.

No one really comments on or "likes" things I write that come across as positive and uplifting but ANY time I have written about some bullshat you can Google and pull up millions of hits on, people will talk about my posting ALL day. This is a effed up society we live in....to anyone who is reading, please don't be that asshole of a person who picks and chooses who is exempt from f*ckery. That makes you an insufferable hypocrite and you might as well count down the days that someone is going to turn around and do the same thing to you. We all have something we can be judged on...just remember that folks.

P.S. - I think I am more disgusted with people attacking an unborn child than anything. You can't quote the Bible one minute, talking about "Children are beautiful gifts from God" and then pretty much send another child to hell because of the conditions they were born into. You f*cks act like that sperm decided it wanted to be sired through a suspect type situation. That isn't how children are conceived, assholes. Maybe, I am more sensitive about people talking shat about a baby because I have my own and I would stab someone in their left eye if they EVER talked shat about how my child was conceived. My daughter doesn't deserve to be lambasted for my sinning...neither does anyone elses child. CHILDREN ARE OFF LIMITS...until they can defend themselves...and if they aren't, well, let it be clown season on you and your children too.

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A.Smith said...

::slow clap::

I don't feel like I can add to this, cause you did that. Such great points. SUCH GREAT POINTS....

NightFall914 said...

Unfortunately the blogging world's life blood is hypocrisy. Oh well, I agree with you totally. I have nothing but positive views attached to these two ARTISTS. Their personal lifes haven't cost me any sleep and don't define my morals so I leave it as is.

Unknown said...

I never knew that Wyclef & Rohan were married. I just knew she had piss poor taste in men. I guess Lauryn & Alicia are both foul skeezer/scallywags/jump offs/homewreckers etc. Here's the thing, Alicia & Swizzzzz disrepected his (ex)wife so if Alicia & Swizzzzz are disrespected in return it's fair to me. You have a right to do just about whatever you want legally in this world, but on the flip side people have every right to feel and say what they want about what you do.

I don't think there is anyway you can say ALLEGED in regards to Alicia. She did that shit. lol

Frankly I think the media is going pretty easy on Alicia and Swizzzzzzz. For the most part the media has swept Swizzzzzz's (ex)wife under the rug. I've only heard about their wedding in context of being the same day or close to the Clinton wedding.

AssertiveWit said...

A.Smith: thanks!

NightFall914: :)

8thlight:You can always Google Lauryn :)

My biggest concern is the child in the situation, not so much Alicia; I mentioned her because it's almost as if people would be happy if she had a miscarriage tomorrow. I actually stopped following someone who said if she lost her baby that was her fault for committing adultery. PURE EVIL...as if ALL children are born into perfection.

If you seriously think it is okay to disrespect people you don't know because they did something wrong IN THEIR LIFE, that saddens me. What if I was privy to things you did in your personal time, THAT ARE NONE OF MY BUSINESS, and I chose to just slam you publicly because of what you decide to do with your life? It is the same thing and no, I do not have some inherited right to do that to you. Yes, everyone can do and say as they please but the bias I see is so contradictory and THAT is what my blog was about. If Lauryn's PUBLIC indiscretions were overlooked, why are people doggedly deciding to harp on Alicia's? Adultery is wrong on any count so if Alicia is being viewed as a homewrecker, is anyone going to speak harshly of Lauryn the same way? Who feels sorry for Rohan's wife? She has 5 walking/talking reminders that her husband was cheating on her with Lauryn.

I said ALLEGEDLY because unless the media has time and date stamps of Swizz and Mashonda's legal separation, actual date of divorce, and the date Swizz and Alicia started having sex, it's a battle of hesay/shesay. Swizz said one thing; Mashonda said another. The public took sides...when really, is it ANY of our business? Nope.

I am sure you don't want the general public dissecting your "evils" like that.

The point of my posting was that the general public tend to pick and choose who they want to tear apart based on their bias of a celebrity. If they LOVE you, they'll forgive & forget; if they feel otherwise, they will do everything but burn you alive at the stake....as if their life is lily white clean.

AssertiveWit said...

as if ALL children are born into perfection.

I meant to say "as if ALL other children were born into perfection"

ChiChi said...

Girl, I said something about this on Jay's blog. People have been consistently going in on on Alicia's ass. I don't know about all that musical genius stuff cuz I ain't never really liked her like that (LOL), but I will admit to judging her. I mean, I like Tasia Mae, but I ain't pop a blood vessel when everybody was talking about her and that Cook dude. I'm not feeling either situation, but I kept it moving with my Boo Fanny cuz I like her.

always4evamoi said...

nice post, syn!!!!

i find it ridiculous that people are all UP in Alicia's business when you well know that they have done the same or worse.

Unknown said...


This didn't happen in a vacuum, she disrespected another woman's marriage. I have no sympathy for her or him. Someone sending a few harsh words the way of Swizz & Alicia doesn't keep them from sleeping. The people wishing death on a child or anyone for that matter is crazy.

I haven't done anything in my personal time that is as foul as helping fuck up another Man's home. I don't bang married chicks. I don't bang chicks that have boyfriends. You seem to be ok with this type of behavior. Me, not so much. I wouldn't go after another man's woman and would hope that another man wouldn't go after mine.

I look at it like this, if you were a big enough boy or girl to do what you did, you better be able to take the criticism. I'm not wishing physical harm on anyone, but that shit was foul and unacceptable. What happened to respecting the next man or woman?

Everything I said in regards to Alicia, goes for Lauryn as well. Looks like she got paid back in regards to how she was/is treated by Rohan. If I knew about Rohan being married when it happened and was blogging and or tweeting at that time, I would've felt similarly. lol

But, to answer your question, if you knew that I was banging a married woman behind her husband's back and you knew about it . . . YES, you can dog me out about it. I'd deserve it.

I live my life by the golden rule, so I can safely say that if people were able to see my "evils" they wouldn't have much to say.

I know that I talk a pretty straight line, but I walk it too.

af said...

Good post, I posed a question to you about adultery on twitter before I had read the actual post or knew about the blog.

I've always been of the opinion that people are harder on Alicia than Lauryn because when Lauryn was at the height of her popularity the internet and gossip sites weren't as big. But i'm sure if she had come out in the 00s like Alicia then people would be allover her as well.

As Wyclef is concerned he and his wife are reportedly in an open relationship and he has been with other women.

What people fail to realize when they get in these relationships w/ someone who is married is that if they're cheating WITH you, they will also cheat ON you. And honestly, you don't have any right to complain when they end up cheating on you in the end.

People would be best served to use restraint instead of entertaining their most visceral emotions. It might feel good at the moment, but what are the consequences of your actions?

Charles (Illumistrations) said...

I see you're out here speaking the truth!! I can't even argue on this one whatsoever because you're right about all of it! And I'm glad I finally dropped by your blog too!

AssertiveWit said...

ChiChi: I'm glad you said that about Fantasia. THAT was the point I was making by comparing the two women. There are some people who act like they would spit in Alicia's face if they ever saw her but act like Lauryn is some patron saint of hip hop and you can NEVER say anything "negative" about or against her. THAT sickens me...when they did the same thing. I think some people were missing my point because they want to engage in gossip about Alicia & Swizz SO bad.

8thlight: I know I briefly commented to you on Twitter in regards to your comment but I will state some particulars here, as well. My blog wasn't about whether or not Adultery was wrong. IT IS. THE END. Because I am not going on a witch hunt and saying "I hate Alicia", NEVER assume that I am taking adultery lightly. Sure, ANYONE can have an opinion on what another person is doing and you are definitely entitled to yours. However, that doesn't mean EVERYONE has some reserved right to throw stones at people who commit wrong acts. IF that was the case, NO MATTER HOW MINOR YOUR TRANSGRESSIONS, anyone should be able to pick up a rock and hit you over the head with it. Regardless of you walking a pretty straight line, you are by no means perfect. I'm positive you've done something that was less than acceptable in your life for which others can give you the side eye for. You're actually doing it now...you're judging people.

While judging others might not SEEM as bad as say, adultery, it is still a sin, according to the Higher Being. You can attach whatever meaning you want to it but it doesn't change the fact that a sin is a sin, whether you are doing it or anyone else. My posting was not ABOUT Alicia Keys situation in its entirety; it was about some people who think she is the scum of the earth but herald other artists who have done the same thing or similar.

I prefer to stay on topic when discussing my blog. Stating my personal opinion on Alicia Keys or Lauryn isn't necessary. I like both women for their MUSIC. What they do in their personal lives IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS. I have no personal attachment to them so what THEY do is not going to affect whether or not I listen to their music. If I based whether or not I liked an artist, based on what they did in their personal life, I would have to throw away about 90% of ALL my music.

af: You have some good points. Even though Lauryn's situation is old as hell, I brought her up because I saw someone tweeting something to the effect that Alicia and her child that was conceived out of wedlock needed to burn in hell...then they tweeted some Lauryn Hill lyrics talking about "I love me some Lauryn". Really? Seriously, some people don't have it all upstairs. If one woman is a dirty nasty trollop whose child doesn't deserve a peaceful life, then what makes another woman who did the same thing SO MUCH BETTER and exempt from eternal hellfire? It's amazing how foolish mortals are...

Charles: thank you for reading :)

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