Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Pray?

The topics of "prayer", "being guided by God/Jesus", and "faith" have continuously resurfaced in my conversations with others. Some people have attempted to start conversations about this through email, others have lightly touched on it through face to face interaction. It is usually the older, more religious individuals that I have heard THE most ridiculous "advice" from in regards to living your life "appropriately". Granted, there are a few blinded people my age who have allowed other blind people to lead them but that is neither here nor there.

I understand that people need things to anchor them to their beliefs but to be illogical about life itself? That's foolishness to me. Within the last two weeks I have read/heard the following:
  • if you were living the life God wanted you to live, you would have a job by now
  • the recession isn't real; you should pray more, that will improve your financial situation
  • the Bible says (insert misquoted scripture here) and if you're doing contrary, that is where your problems lie
  • let go and let God, that's ALL you have to do; you haven't put your problems in God's hands and that's why things are this way for you
  • blah, blah, blah, maybe you just aren't trying hard enough
Honestly, how does anyone think this is going to help someone? The truth is, bad things happen to good people EVERYDAY, regardless of their religious affiliation OR how many times they pray a day. I don't know any religion that advocates praying more than Muslims and look at what is happening over in the Middle East...where they pray all day, every day. So explain that idiots. Wait, I'm sure some non-Muslim is going to say that they aren't serving the RIGHT God and that is why they are experiencing "difficulties".

Seriously, what would all of these people do without religion? What would be your life anchor? What would you tell people they need to do to achieve better life results? Would you be able to offer ANY advice worth listening to? Probably not because ALL of the advice they have to give is attached to a scripture or a religious belief. This is retarded to me because any adult human being should be able to be uplifting, regardless of their beliefs. 

You can't just pray EVERYTHING away. I don't want anyone interpreting anything I've written here as me not believing in God. Don't ever do that, please. I believe in a higher being just as much as the next person. I just believe that sometimes people allow their BELIEFS to make them say stupid shat to other people. If you have time to dissect someone elses life in an effort to tell them what they're doing wrong, have you done the same to yourself? Most of the time, the main people telling someone else they need to get their life right with God have the biggest rafters floating in their eye. If you read the Bible, you'll recognize that reference. I'm just tired of people separating sins and having a pile of their own that they set off to the side because they aren't "as bad" as what someone else is doing.

All of these people know judging others is wrong as two left shoes but they still do it...especially when something isn't going according to their plan in life. However, if you REALLY believed that God/Jesus has already designed a plan for each and every one of us, what are you getting upset for in the first place? If you TRULY believed in the same shat you're trying to force down other people's throats, anything good OR bad that happens to you was in God's plan. Right? Or does that not apply to you? Just other people? Oh ok.

This is how I look at life and I've looked at it like this since I was about 10 years old...we can play semantics all day but I believe we all have our destiny's. Whether we choose to embrace them is an entirely different thing. God gave us free will and what kind of entity would he be to get upset with us for ACTUALLY exercising it? Would you really serve someone who tells you that you have a choice and then smack you when you choose what you want? 

Free will is about choosing what YOU want to do with YOUR life. Say you want to lose a certain amount of weight within a year. Would you JUST pray to God every day to lose that weight? According to the above logic, that's ALL you have to do is pray it away! So sit on your ass and God is going to make it happen for you BECAUSE your wish is his command. Really? If you believe this you're clearly delusional. It takes work on your part; continuous, hard work IN THE GYM (or however else you intend to shed the weight). However, THIS is what some people want others to believe. I call bullshat. We all have to work hard for ANYTHING we want, in addition to whatever religious beliefs we also subscribe to.

Bottom line is, if I am REALLY living my life all that wrong and EVERYTHING in the Bible is the truth, God will deal with me as he sees fit...he'll also deal with you too.  

Ironically, Jay-Z's song Pray came on as I was about to hit "Publish Post".  

3 points of view:

Jay_fever said...

I had been trying to pretty much write this exact blog for months...but I couldn't get the words to sounds the way i wanted them to. Luckily a better writer came along and did the job for me.

AssertiveWit said...

Jay: the same thing kept happening with me...I would write a bunch of stuff and it wasn't cohesive at all...more like a big rambling rant LOL this was the best I could come up with :)

JenDay said...

Oh my gosh, I know. I lived through all of that, and PRAISE GOD, I am starting my job one week from today.

I have all kinds of things to say, but God puts us in situations for a reason, and no matter how hard you pray, you can still be unemployed. I'm living proof that God will work for your good no matter HOW long it takes you to get a job!


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