Friday, July 16, 2010

Post Racial Society = Long Journey

Consistent and willful intolerance of others is hard for me to ingest. It offends me when ANYONE attacks someone because of who they were born as. No one ASKS their creators for the skin color, hair texture, physical features, or family they are born with/into.

What makes us different is the information we choose to feed ourselves. Constantly eating from a table that only supplies hateful fodder about others and that conjures a spirit of "them vs. us"…it will harden your soul in areas you may not even realize. As human beings, why has it not clicked with the masses that the change comes about when you seek to do the opposite of what has been done to you?

If someone rapes you, do you eagerly search for someone else to rape so they will know how you feel? No. You speak against it because you do not EVER want anyone to experience that horribly traumatic event. Why people do not view the hating of one another the same, baffles me. Hating someone because they are not similar to you, from an outward perspective, is counterproductive behavior.

I learned at a young age that just because my elders tell me something, that does not make it true/right. Some of my family openly refer to White people as "crackers" and "honky" but when they read or hear a White person refer to Black people as "nigga" or "nigger", it INSTANTLY becomes a problem. There are MANY people like this indoctrinating their children and grandchildren with the same hypocritical ass backward belief system. It was not okay when your ancestors were forced to pick cotton and it is not okay now that they have attained some level of freedom. So why do some people continue to adopt this attitude? In my mind, THAT'S self hate. You should love yourself and any future generations enough to DO BETTER.

The only way our society will ever be post racial is if EVERYONE makes a conscious effort to know and believe that one ethnicity is NEVER better than another. Having pride in who you are is a beautiful thing. Cutting others down to do it? THAT…is hateful, ugly and sets you so far back in the race for equality that you might want to quit now if you never seek to change.
When will people truly believe this? When will ALL of us REALLY do better?

The cruelest lies are often told in silence
- Robert Louis Stevenson

4 points of view:

A.Smith said...

There's so many nuances and issues involved in what a "post-racial" society would look like that I don't think searching for that should be our immediate goal.

Folks gotta stop thinking we can speak that into reality or that any one event will signify it's presence.

We can't even get everyone in this country to admit that racism still exists, but we're post-racial? Thanks mainstream media.

I wish more people recognized that even in the best of situations, parents feed their kids misinformation (sometimes verbally, sometimes otherwise) and as adults we have to wade through what was correct and what was not.

AssertiveWit said...

I wrote this from my BB and just realized that it duplicated some of the text...damn phone.

I know a post-racial society is a LONG ways away I just wish people would start working on it. Wishing it into existence isn't going to make it materialize, you know?

Unknown said...

I am now 50. I've been enjoying the differences for decades!

Sure Jamaican people are different to me, sure Pakistani people are different to me, sure Italian people are different to me. But I love these cultural differences because I love culture! Vive le difference!

A smart person will realise there are just two kinds of people: good people and bad people. And both sorts come in every shade!

AssertiveWit said...

phallatio: I wish others would just settle the hell down and enjoy the differences like you. Unfortunately we have people younger than you raising children to hate as much as they do. I think it's sad because people want SO MUCH but do so little to get it...

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