Saturday, June 05, 2010

Your Worth is $5,000? Oh...Ok

For those who cannot bear the sound of The Dream (I don't mind his falsetto), the lyrics of the song are talking about when his girl is mad at him, he just buys her a bag and then it's all good. He is advising other men to do the same; if you've been out acting a fool by coming home at 4 am most days out the week, no biggie, drop $5,000 on a bag and it's all love again. What do I have to say about this?

It's pure foolywang and ladies, you're basically telling your man that you can be bought for the price of a purse. A really expensive one, but a EFFING BAG, nonetheless. I surely hope women take more pride in themselves than this...although from what I see, they'd rather have a bad ass CoCo Chanel versus some self respect.

7 points of view:

Anonymous said...

Sadly, some women would gladly take a $5000 purse and STFU. SMH...not the kid. I'd take the bag and still beef with his ass. I'm just sayin'.

Unknown said...

We all have our price. For the right amount of money, I'll do whatever you want!

AssertiveWit said...

Kenya: that's what I'm talking about! I'm not saying I wouldn't accept a $5,000 bag from my man if he bought me one. I just don't want him thinking that if he can afford expensive gifts, that will negate him acting like he has some good sense. One has nothing to do with the other and it isn't what any REAL relationship should be built on.

phallatio: I TOTALLY agree with you on EVERYONE having a price. However, there are SO many people who complain about how they are treated in relationships but operate on a barter system. Buy me nice things and I won't nag you as much...that's some fuckery. LOL I still consider myself to be worth more than a purse; I don't care if it's $5,000 or $10,000, you know?

Heather said...

A good purse definitely makes a girl happy, but it should only be the cherry on top! Respect is the most important for sure!

ChiChi said...

I mean, at least give me the 5K! I don't want no damn purse! LOL

Krissy said...

I'm good on a bag that cost that much. Just gimme the money you were gonna spend because that shit makes no sense. I can't be bought for 1 so if I'm pissed about somethinjg, buying me gifts won't make me get over it at all

Carolinaware said...

Thank you for the summary on the song 'cause even though I am a HUGE T.I. fan, I wasn't going to listen to a song called 'Makeup Bag' on purpose. That is gonnna have an accidental listen..

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