Monday, June 28, 2010

Cut It Out Already! Sheesh!

My significant other was listening to Renegade the other day and he said the chorus was my theme song about life. I laughed because this is actually one of my favorite Eminem songs. If you aren't familiar with the chorus, it says:

RENEGADE! Never been afraid to say what's on my mind at any given time of day cause I'm a RENEGADE! Never been afraid to talk about anything (ANYTHING), anything (ANYTHING), RENEGADE! Never been afraid to say what's on my mind at any given time of day cause I'm a RENEGADE! Never been afraid to holler about anything (ANYTHING), anything (ANYTHING)

So with that being said, I want to talk about Christians, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, hypocrisy, and fake ass people.

First of all, around this time last year, there was a BET Awards show and Michael Jackson had JUST passed. There should not have been any question as to WHO was talented enough to perform a tribute to him. However, because the world is chock full of stupid sycophants who get their panties in a bunch when a celebrity SURPRISINGLY reveals they are human, BET chose not to approach Chris Brown for the job at hand. Instead they had some bootleg, shotgun bullshat of a tribute of which they made up for this year by asking him to perform the tribute he should have done last year. F*ckery at its finest.

As far as Alicia goes...yall don't know SH*T about that woman's life EXCEPT what you see in the media. AGAIN, if we were to take bits and pieces of regular normies lives and distribute them to the public, I am sure I can make a large percentage of people reading this blog look like the criminally insane. NO ONE but her, Swizz and Mashonda have ALL the details regarding that relationship. Even IF we did, what in the hell does that have to do with her writing music and playing instruments? Not a damn thing. So yall call her an adulterer and that she conceived her child in sin...well last I checked fornication was a sin too...don't stop yall from humping and scrumping on each other. God doesn't have a check list that says "adultery, bad...fornication, not as bad". IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN, IT SAYS CLEARLY IN THE BIBLE THAT BOTH ARE WRONG. So if A. Keys needs to kill herself, why don't you do everyone a favor and blow your brains out too.

The problem I have with the general public is all the judgment they pass on others. It is sickening to see my timeline always filled with "#whogonecheckmeboo" "#dontjudgeme" "I'm grown and I do what I want; I wish someone WOULD say something to or about me" "haters are always talking sh*t about me; hate on haters"...and more foolywang that fools like to spit and then see these SAME people judging folks they only know through the media. AGAIN, NONE OF US KNOW THESE PEOPLE! THEY WERE NEVER YOUR FRIEND, NO MATTER HOW MUCH OF A FAN YOU WERE BEFORE THEY SHOWED YOU THEY WERE JUST AS FALLIBLE AS YOU.

The Christian and hypocrisy side of things go hand in hand because a large portion of people who I follow and that end up in my timeline are Christians. This isn't based on assumption; I know the majority of these people and I can always count on Sunday to see their "praise Jesus" tweets. Apparently what I can count on is for them to act unChristlike too. I AM NOT CONDONING A MAN PUTTING HIS HANDS ON A WOMAN OR don't make THIS about THAT. What I am saying is, who are you to say that it is NOW ok to forgive Chris? Who are you to talk about someones unborn child because of how it was conceived? When did someone appoint you God? God forgives us EVERY DAY for ALL of OUR sins, not just the ones other people can see. Who were you to say last year that Chris didn't deserve his job anymore because he hit his girlfriend? Alicia can't write music and sing it because YOU think she's talking about f*cking around with a married man? Do you even know WHEN she wrote that damn song? No you don't so shut the f*ck up. If I looked at your life in FULL DETAIL, would you be able to walk away unjudged by God for your actions? I seriously doubt it because WE ALL SIN. 

I don't know what Bible these folks been reading but apparently they have found some list that says certain sins are to be forgiven while others are not. Last I checked, that aint nowhere in the Bible. God doesn't pick and choose WHAT sins are forgivable. Granted, if you continue to do the same thing over and over like an idiot, you aren't showing repentance but again, that isn't our place to judge someone on. As for the fake ass people, well, if you don't want anyone judging your hoeish ways, shady behavior, and/or felonious acts, STOP JUDGING OTHER PEOPLE. Instead of spending all this time talking about how genuine Chris Browns apologies are, whether or not his tears were real or a PR stunt, and if A. Keys needs to "burn in hell for stealing someones husband", yall need to go read your Bible.

No, seriously, start at Genesis 1:1 and don't get your ass up until you have read everything down to Revelation 22:21. In that book, you will find that God forgave men who committed HEINOUS crimes against their family, friends, and groups of people they didn't even personally know. King David was the  assclown of his era but God still saw something in him that allowed him to remain in his good favor. He didn't go without punishment but it was God who did the punishing...not some puny humans. Don't believe me? Go do your research...King David wanted another man's wife SO bad that he would sleep with her while her husband was at war. When the wench got pregnant, David put her husband on the frontline to make sure he didn't come home to a wife pregnant with some other mans baby. So not only did he commit adultery, he intentionally set someone up to get murdered. When you read that account and other parts of the Bible, you will see that God had plans for David STILL after he willfully committed wrong acts.

Sounds to me like some of you need to be taught a lesson in forgiveness so you stop judging people like you don't do f*cked up shat too. Imagine if no one EVER forgave you for some of the things you did...every time you came around, your discretion was thrown in your face. If it has happened to you, it doesn't make it right for you to do it to someone else. It doesn't prove that you even learned anything. Try mercy and forgiveness on for size instead of this disgusting judgment that you think fits so well.


P.S. - if you believe in another higher power, change "God" out and insert your highly revered being there...if you don't believe in any higher power, just be humane.

P.P.S. - I am DEFINITELY a big sinner but I never measure my wrongdoing next to anyone elses. I need to be forgiven just like everyone else...

15 points of view:

ChoColAte KiSs said...

Well lemme say this..and I'm just playing devil's advocate...laws make "judgement" a little more potent...A lot of us commit sins that would not be punishable by a court of law (like if I talk shit about my best friend or sleep with her man just examples) However, in Chris' case I'm only assuming thats why alot of these people are so harsh, because we arent going to say lets just forgive the man who murdered our cat, because we sin too, so its also dependent on how strongly you feel about a crime, especially smething punishable by law...Me and my trifling deeds are actually a little less "strong" for lack of a better word.

haha but you know my ass love a good debate...BUT LEMME MAKE IT CLEAR THAT I GET WHAT YOUR SAYING...some people just extra for NOOOOOOO REASON!!!

ChoColAte KiSs said...

Murdered our cat is just an example of another sin punishable by law**

Just in case your like where did that come from...its a lil off but you get my point

AssertiveWit said...

Choco Kiss:what you brought up is more of a red herring...if I was speaking on laws in reference to judgment, you might have a point but it's kind of hard for your point to stick. I'm talking about people's opinions of others lives crossing the line to where they're actually being hateful. That's NEVER necessary. People can still have an opinion of a SITUATION without casting judgment on a PERSON.

My opinion on Chris? People make mistakes and his mistake was BAD. He fucked up and whatever punishment he had to suffer was a result of his own actions. Suck it up and deal with your consequences. He's still young enough to make better decisions in his life so I wish him maturity and wisdom...that's about it.

My opinion of Chris' situation? Volatile relationships don't happen overnight so with the information that was provided to the public, I feel it safe to say, that entire situation could have been avoided. When you're young, you do stupid continue to date people that make you FEEL a certain way but aren't necessarily good for you (that goes for both of them). (truth be told, people my age STILL do this LOL)

You see how NEITHER of those point of views are hateful? I'm not saying EVERYONE must view things as I do but people can have opinions without being hateful, evil, and mean.

Carolinaware said...

Good work..:)

DLG said...

Loved this. Couldn't agree more. We all fall short, but we often forget that when we see someone else messing up slightly differently from how we messed up. I'm glad you put this out there.

always4evamoi said...

*claps* bravo!!

im glad u put this out there, cause i was watching people's facebook stats, and the way they were bashing chris brown got me so pissed, laughing at how he was being fake with his crying really got to me. i applauded his performance and was glad to see him grow past his mistake, cause that's what it was: a mistake. like u, i do not condone whatsoever what he did, cause i know firsthand the damages abuse does to someone emotionally, but he is still a human being, and we do NOT know the whole story. and that goes the same for alicia keys (still love her).

it is hard for me to comment on these kind of topics regarding christians cause i consider myself to be one but yet, i do not know the bible anywhere as close as you do. but the thing i do loathe is fake people and hypocrisy, and when people are quick to cuss someone off for being talked about but are ready to call someone else all kinds of names for that other person's behavior, it just makes me shake my head in disbelief.

there is so much i could say about what u wrote, but my brain is going faster than my hands so i will have to stop here lol. great post :)

i will say this though: i so love when u reference the bible, i just feel like afterwards the words BAM, IN YOUR FACE!! should appear somehow (im just saying lolol)

A.Smith said...

I got to this,
The problem I have with the general public is all the judgment they pass on others. It is sickening to see my timeline always filled with "#whogonecheckmeboo" "#dontjudgeme" "I'm grown and I do what I want; I wish someone WOULD say something to or about me" "haters are always talking sh*t about me; hate on haters"...and more foolywang that fools like to spit and then see these SAME people judging folks they only know through the media. AGAIN, NONE OF US KNOW THESE PEOPLE! THEY WERE NEVER YOUR FRIEND, NO MATTER HOW MUCH OF A FAN YOU WERE BEFORE THEY SHOWED YOU THEY WERE JUST AS FALLIBLE AS YOU.

And had to stop myself from standing up and clapping.

You said (and did) that... Very thorough. Very.

jeanette nicole* said...

I just find the hypocrisy hilarious. Esp for the reasons you outlined in the portion that A.Smith quoted up thurr. Another excellent post.

AssertiveWit said...

Carolinaware: thank you for reading :)

DLG: I am glad you got the point I was trying to make because so many people turn this into "oh, you just like Chris and Alicia", I know if I was in their shoes, I would want you folks to STFU acting like they know me and "my struggle". LOL

always4evamoi: It just strikes me as odd that people will get upset when society doesn't forgive their brother, cousin, uncle, etc that was incarcerated and looking for a job, a second chance but be up in arms about Chris Brown ever having a job as an entertainer again. It is always about the system is effed up and won't let a brotha/sista get ahead...and then they turn around and beat down a celebrity when they need to be given an opportunity to make better decisions too.

I'm a Christian too :) I just have this uncanny ability to not give people passes simply because we have something in common. If my own mother had this outlook, I have no problem telling her she's buggin. To me, wrong doesn't become right because someone participating in it is familiar to me. Wrong is ALWAYS wrong....even when I do it.

I reference the Bible mostly when I see a bunch of Christians acting hypocritically because I know Jesus wouldn't behave like that. Some of Jesus' closest friends were liars, thieves, even murderers. He still loved them and worked with them through their foolishness. It even cost him his life (see: Judas the OG Backstabber). The least we can do as some silly ass mortals is apply the same kind of compassion to other people...if we actually believe everything that is in the Bible, you know? Otherwise, who are we really following? It's always something to think about...

A. Smith: I am not offended by these celebrities...that goes for R. Kelly (and I think he has a SERIOUS problem that needs IMMEDIATE attention) too. Do I think some of the stuff they do is stupid as f*ck? OF COURSE. However, I am ALWAYS more concerned about the people who are closest to me. I pay attention to how they treat people they don't know and who they consider inferior...then I determine if these are the kinds of people I really need to surround myself with. It says a lot to me if people focus tremendous amounts of energy to "hate" someone they don't even know. They'll probably be judging me too...

jeanette nicole: thanks :)

ChiChi said...

Tell us how you REALLY feel, Syn! You went in like a mofo. LOL But, I do agree. I try not to judge, but I know it do it alot. I don't get the people that are ALWAYS shouting from the rooftops their harsh crazy judgments of celebrities, though. Yeah, I might think so and so is a dumb bitch, but at the end of the day, what she eats don't make me shit. I really don't care enough to be so butthurt, on Twitter ranting and raving. I DON'T KNOW THAT HOE!

AssertiveWit said...

ChiChi: LOL I felt like something needed to be said!

ray said...

Well said! I read this aloud to my office mate just now, you covered this judging topic very nicely. Nobody has the right to judge anyone, except maybe we all have the right to judge (and stone to death) pedophiles, but other than that---we all sin, just as you said. And as for celebrities, we only know what we read.
As for BET, I remember being really pissed last year that Chris didn't perform in that first tribute. Who else---besides him and Usher--can really do the tribute justice?? Personally, I think Chris was so young when he hit her, why should he have to wear the scarlet letter his whole life? People make mistakes, and they shoudl be allowed to prove that they have become better people from it. We all deserve that.

good post, girl!

Anonymous said...

Honestly I've been saying this same stuff to people for awhile now. Stop judging so harshly the actions of others. To quote the movie baby mama " bitch I don't know your life!". Lol but seriously, that's how I feel about people and celebrites. We don't know their lives or what goes on behind closed doors so who are we to judge or assume or any of that shit. I love chris brown as an artist. I never stopped. I think he has done more than enough to show he's changed and that he feels remorse. Why does he keep having to tell people he's sorry for some shit he did to someone else? I just don't get it. Let him live.

And alicia keys, I can't tell you how many homewrecker conversations I've had to shut down because it just sounds dumb to me. They seem happy so let them be! I guess everyone liked it much better when they were calling her gay.

JenDay said...

You know, I had to think about this one. Alicia Keys, she can do what she wants... but I had a hard time feeling sorry for Chris Brown. Your post (and Raven's comment) made me change my mind a little.

Rhianna has forgiven him, right? God has forgiven him... sooo who the hell are we?

AssertiveWit said...

RAVEN: I thank God that my teenage and early-mid 20s was never viewed in the public. Far more people would dislike me than what I can count right now LOL I think people forget that as a whole...if EVERYTHING we did could be readily be viewed by the public, there would be very few people who had no "dirt" to be thrown in their face.

luvlymskrissy: I think people are allowed to have opinions of things that the news stuffs down our throats, it's the whole holier than thou attitudes that kill me. Yeah, he was dead ass wrong for hitting his girlfriend. Can he live long enough to prove it was a bad mistake on his behalf? I think EVERYONE should have a chance at rehabilitation. I just don't understand these same people getting upset over the justice system not rehabilitating first time African American offenders of the law but want to hold celebrities down for the bus to run them over repeatedly. It makes no damn sense at all...

JenDay: I don't want anyone to feel sorry for people who do wrong. I apologize if that's what you thought I was saying. I want people to realize that THAT could be them being ostracized by people they don't even know. We see it all the time...the first response to someone trying to tell someone else what they should be doing with their life is "get the f*ck outta my business and mind your own". However, those same people don't apply that same advice when it comes to celebrities. No one has a reserved right to get in other folks business, celeb or not. That was the point I wanted to convey :)

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