Sunday, June 20, 2010

The All Seeing Google

Google Reader does its own thing separate from Blogger, even though they appear to be working together. I don't know if I'm the only person to notice it but you can get the most accurate reading, as far as how many people are subscribed to your blog, from Google Reader. According to them, I have 20 more followers than what Blogger has listed. Either there are 20 people who are secretly following me and don't want me to see who they are or Blogger is effing up.

I also noticed that when you delete a blog on Blogger, it is gone. Even the link that is automatically created will let you know, after clicking on it, that the post no longer exists. However, it will ALWAYS show up in Google Reader. In a way, I can't help feeling like Google wants to make sure EVERYTHING you put out into cyberspace STAYS in cyberspace. Very odd...

I set up Google Analytics so I could get accurate readings of who is reading my blog here and on Tumblr. It is more so to be able to gage how big of a following I have so I can use the numbers on my writing resume. Found some interesting stuff while reading my reports today. Google retains ANY information as it pertains to your blog, once you set everything up in Google Analytics. You can see what searches were ran for your blog to pop up...the countries people are from that read your many people are visiting your site per day...even how many of the hits are unique. I found myself sitting there for 20 minutes reading reports about my blog. 

I was impressed until I realized...someone is watching me and anyone who shares their online time going to my blogs. Then I got scared...if Google can watch people in such an unobtrusive manner that we think it's ok, what exactly is/has the government been doing? If Google can do ALL OF THIS, why has no one found Bin Laden? I'm sure he is staying off the technological radar but technology is pretty advanced so at what point does not being able to find someone become an excuse, on behalf of the United States government?

These are just some of the things that go through my mind while I am on the internet. After sitting and thinking about Google and everything they have their hands in, I totally understand why Steve Jobs hates their guts. As if it wasn't enough that Bill Gates exists, he has these smart MFers to contend with too.

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Beez said...

Google Anal-tics is something else. I find myself immersed in the reports, too. Always interesting to see where everyone's coming from.

I didn't know about Google Reader being more accurate than Blogger stats. Thanks for the tip! *zooms over*

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