Thursday, May 06, 2010


I have a Tumblr account but I haven't given everyone access to it. It isn't anything I want anyone and everyone being able to readily read. It's my online place of refuge from everything that is so easily accessible...

I do understand that I can have a "private" Facebook profile, "private" Twitter, "private" Blogger and so on but that's doing too much, requires far too much energy and I just don't want to. So having that one sanctuary total independent of all the others was more appealing to me.

I still do not want close family and friends perusing my thoughts on Tumblr because they ALWAYS have a way of self-applying when the topic they choose to pick has absolutely nothing to do with them. I don't have to explain myself on Tumblr and I want to keep it that way. I started out writing in that manner here on Blogger but it's connected to Google so even if I wanted to keep people "out", Google would make it available in some tricky manner.

So...I will let everyone reading this blog know that I'm on and popping with Tumblr but you will read everything at your own risk over there. I will only give out the link IF you ask for it...and if you are a close friend or family member, don't be offended if I spare you my thoughts and decline to give you the address.

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8 points of view:

ChiChi said...

*Sad face*

A.Smith said...

You know I'm feeling you on this one.

Love the friends and the fam, but DAMMIT stop thinking everything is about you, you selfish asshole...

Ok. #toofar.

Let me take this to my tumblr. LOL.

AssertiveWit said...

Charla wipe that frown off yo face! LOL

A. Smith: I don't have time to explain what posts are ACTUALLY about them and explain WHO the post is about that they've ASSUMED is about their self-important ass. CONSTANTLY missing the mark and I just want to breathe in my own space. So...tumblr it is

Beez said...

Welcome to tumblr! I played around with one myself, then deactivated and started a wordpress with the same concept. More of a prayer journal and whatnot. Even with the "open book" levels or sharing that social networking encourages, we all need a place.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I keep hearing about tumblr. I might have to check it out. I need a vent spot myself. I hope you don't mind if I follow. *hugs*

Jenny Brown said...

Hey, Assertive - Because I enjoy reading your blog and you're such a cool lady, I've given you an award......come check it out!

AssertiveWit said...

TheBeez: what's your tumblr?

Kenya Mack: I know I already sent you the link to my page but I remember you telling me you wanted it private; if you change your avatar and your name, it will be like you have a private page :)

I just made it so that no one could find me on there.

Jenny B: going over to your blog now!

ray said...

i want the link!!! send it to, i love tumblr blogs!!! i will be nosey but i promise i wont judge. :)

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