Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Selfish Douche Lords

I was listening to the radio this morning while cleaning up the house and it happened to be on the station Steve Harvey's talk show is on. This morning they were discussing a situation between a man and a woman where the man had given the woman herpes. He showed his even larger douche lord personality by telling the woman he had been with for 7 years that she should just take him back because no one would want her now that she has herpes. He went so far as to say that she could never get anyone to love her because she was infected. I don't know what planet his retarded ass was on but he definitely wasn't down here on Earth with that kind of logic. Why in the hell would she want to stay with someone who said something like this to her? She didn't and I'm happy she moved on and away from this assjerk.

There was a little more to the commentary from Steve Harvey but I was disgusted by this man...not because I personally know him or the woman he was in a relationship with. I was disgusted because there are so many men who exist with this selfish asshole mentality. They're so fixated on doing whatever it is that makes them feel good and comfortable that they forget they have an obligation to the person they have decided to be in a relationship with. Is it really asking too much to not bring a disease into your home? Really???

I'm tired of the excuse that men have an inherent need to be with more than one woman. While I do believe some people are not "engineered" to live happily ever after with one person, it is still a horrible excuse to use to be sexually irresponsible. There is nothing wrong with not wanting a monogamous relationship. Just say that you don't want to commit to one person because it is more fun for you to do what you want with whom you please. Because THAT is what it is. I don't have a problem with people who have open relationships but if they are more attached to one person than any of the others, respect that person enough to not be sticking your dick in everything moving without protection.

Have some respect for yourself AND the person you claim to love.

It isn't that hard yet SO MANY people act like you are giving them a death sentence when you tell them they NEED to use protecton. WHY THE HELL WOULDN'T YOU WANT TO??? If these women/men mean nothing to you, you obviously know little about them or just enough to feel comfortable having sex with them. Therefore, SHOW that you care about the more important person in your life. It isn't that hard and if you say it is, you just might be a selfish douche like the Herpes Guy mentioned in the beginning.

If I hear "I trust them so it's cool" one more time from these dumb ass people who have no problem raw dogging, I'm going to karate chop them in the privates. One question...are you going to be this calm and nonchalant when you contract HIV, it turns into full blown AIDS, and you are given a real life death sentence? By then, it will be too late. I'm telling you....IT IS NEVER THAT SERIOUS. Yes, that is the worst case scenario but you can also contract other sexually transmitted diseases AND....children. All because you have no desire to wrap it up....pathetic.

When I was younger, I was genuinely interested in why people did the things they did but now...I could seriously give a fuck. People do stupid shit that never deserves a dignified response and I almost wish something irreversible would happen to people like this. Simply so it can register in their dense ass brain that they are not invincible and bad things happen to people who are irresponsible with their lives and the lives of those they claim to love.

These same people care more about a stray dog than they do about their fellow human beings. I can't...

My only wish is that people genuinely cared and their actions proved it...

4 points of view:

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting! WTF? He deserves to have his private parts cut off. People do stupid shit indeed. Sadly, the spread of these STDs happen everyday and most of the infected don't care because they're out for their own selfish desires.

Unknown said...

Dude is an absolute Jerk! He has now exposed her to a virus that makes her even more susceptiable to HIV/AIDS virus. Herpes can be spread and affect any children she may have. How could u be insensitive bout that! I loved a Woman who told me she had it! It devastated her and ME!
Men and Women must be honest in and Faithful in their relationship! PERIOD!

ray said...

Idiots are willing to risk their health, their partners health, and lives all for 5 minutes of unprotected sex. And most dudes probably go off of the "she looks clean" theory. at this point, we ALL know someone who either has herpes, HIV, or has had some other std, so clearly we're all at risk. its 2010, not 1960.
good post girl, i hope the guy that did/said that to his girlfriend grows the fuck up and tells his next chick the truth from the start. dickhead!

Jay_fever said...

That's fucked up on many levels.

As far as condom usage...that shit has always been one of my biggest fears. Because after all you're supposed to be able to trust your significant other right?

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