Sunday, May 30, 2010

SATC2...*spoiler alert*

Those shoes were about the only time I got excited the entire movie and they made their appearance within the first 5 minutes.

For some women, going to see Sex and The City 2 was absolutely necessary; I went because one of my girls bought tickets for 4 of us. I enjoyed the fellowship with those ladies more than watching some old hags prance around in clothing that honestly, wasn't very age appropriate. Should there be limits on what a woman between the age of 40 and 55 should be able to wear? Some would say no...I say, wear what you want unless you're sensitive to people laughing at you wearing clothing that women half your age are purchasing.

The highlight of the evening was watching women trip on this stair in the aisle and act like they were fine...and the 2 chicks dressed up like they were going to the club but had the nerve to be late and getting flustered because they couldn't find seats.

It kind of pains me to admit SATC2 wasn't something I would pay these exorbitant movie prices to see because I really am a fan of the series. I'm not just saying that because EVERY woman appears to be a fan. I actually know all of their names. I really did like the first movie because it seemed...realistic. #2 though? Here are some of the problems I had:

Carrie: she got to marry the man of her dreams, even after he played her on NUMEROUS occasions; she hung in there and got what she wanted...Big. For a second she forgets that her dream man is a good 15-20 years older than her and has been married 3 times prior to her. Frankly, if I'm even dating a man that old, I already know what comes with the territory. Most of the time he is going to be about business and after working all day to keep her in the Manhattan residence he has allowed her to decorate to her liking, he just might want to come home and relax with his wife, more often than not. He's had far more time to enjoy the glitz and glam of New's now time to enjoy the fruits of his labor how he pleases. However, here comes Carrie bitching about him going to some dumb ass movie premiere for one of her best friends ex-boyfriend. Personally, I would have left his ass on the couch eating chow mien; no biggie, but the next time he wants me to go somewhere and I really don't feel like it, he would NEED to understand. So because she created a problem with her relationship that didn't even exist, she wants to act like a brat and go kiss her ex all in the mouth in Abu Dhabi? Grow up please. Carrie, you would REALLY ruin the relationship you worked SO HARD to have with Big over Aidan? Cut it out, you're over 40 and need to start acting like it.

Miranda: she irritated the hell out of me the first movie but this one she was the ONLY one who didn't get on my nerves. Go Miranda!

Charlotte: whined and cried about not being able to have kids so she adopted one...then miraculously got pregnant. Hooray! I was more than elated for her. Now that she got what she wanted so bad, she's going to have a breakdown because her daughter put her dirty hands on her designer skirt? I'm a mom so I totally understand how one little thing can make you break out in tears but why in the hell was she in a VINTAGE skirt making cupcakes any way? She deserved that. Shut the hell up, put on some overalls and a tank top and finish those damn cupcakes. As for the nanny, she's the fool for hiring her without her wearing a bra THEN listening to her silly ass friend who doesn't have kids sow seeds of doubt in her mind. She was being as silly as Carrie, in my opinion. Also, if one of my girls told me to come on an all expenses paid vacation, there would be no hesitation. Babybottoms dad would have a list of things to do for Babybottoms for the week and I would be out. Mommy's need breaks too...

Samantha: in my younger years I could very well be compared to this old trollop...only difference is, as I aged, I knew I would have to start making more mature decisions about my sexual activity. She's clearly closer to 55 than 20 but still acting like a teenager. I can remember being in high school and I had this friend whose mom NEVER dressed appropriate for her age. We always shook our head at her because she would ALWAYS be doing too much. The same women I went to high school LOVE the hell out of Samantha and would probably give her a high question is, what is the difference between Samantha's old-forever-young ass and my classmates mother? Not a damn thing. People just allow themselves to be glamorized by people on television. Will I be dressing like Samantha at 52? More than likely no. You can still be VERY sexy without looking...hella young. Fast forward to Abu Dhabi...she was invited there on business but the entire time she was trying to get poked in the vag by random men...Samantha, calm down and also be respectful of the culture in the country. She was just rude beyond belief and made it obvious why some foreigners hate Americans. It made no sense to me how she is over 50 and cared more about getting some peen than her business expanding over seas. At 50, I can have sex with whomever I want whenever I want so that isn't going to be my #1 priority when there is money to be made. It was just unrealistic to me if she was supposed to be such a smart businesswoman.

There were other things but they weren't significant enough, in my opinion, to mention them.

In a nutshell...I rank it as mindless entertainment equivalent to The Basketball Wives. So enjoy, if you like that kind of thing.

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*stacie-ann said...

-SIGH- i haven't seen it yet. but i've been hearing mixed reviews about it. gna wait till i can watch it for free on my bootleg movie site. lol. i can't afford the movies.

KnitFloozy said...

I've been hearing the same kinds of reviews about this one. My friend told me to find the hustle man and get him to give me the bootleg. She went to the premiere and said the party was more fun than the movie. so it will be on lifetime before I watch it.

I wanna hit the women on basketball wives. This is not what I wanna see on my TV.

jeanette nicole* said...

I chuckled loudly @ the part where you pointed out the chicks dressed like they were going to the club. One of my associates was tryna get me to go out with a group of friends, dressed to the 9s to see this movie. I feigned an out of town trip & declined the invite. At first I was really excited about seeing this movie, but after seeing preview after extended preview, I knew I could wait until it came out on cable & be aight. Those shoes might be worth the price of admission alone though. *drools*

AssertiveWit said...

stacie: you might like never know LOL I just thought it was subpar at best

KnitFloozy: yeah, the "party" I went to was more fun than the actual movie...I fell dozed at least 3 times and I felt all bad until I looked at my friends and they had dozed off too hahahahaha

jeanette: I didn't dress up for the first one so there was no way I was dressing up for the second LOL

Laura E. Sanchez-Gonzalez said...

I am also FAN of the series, I watch all those chapters so many times, the first movie was ok, not as good as the series, with the second movie I haven't watch it, but the previews don't convince me, I miss the old days when the show was really amazing.

Thoughts of a Career Woman

AssertiveWit said...

Laura: watch it and see if you like it! you might!

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