Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pet Peeves

We all have pet are a few of mine. Feel free to share yours; you never know, we might have some in common!


...this non-efficient Blackberry RIM device

...T-mobile because their service sucks ass as much as my Blackberry

...when someone comments on how long my blogs can be and then I go to their shitty ass blog and it's chock full of dissertations about damn nothing with a few SAT words thrown in to delude readers into thinking the blogger/writer is talking about something of importance 

...when people ask me to do last minute writing projects for them but when it comes time to shower people they know with accolades, I become as useful to them as a unicorn crapping rainbows out its ass. please don't misinterpret that statement as me wanting someone to kiss my ass. just don't understand how I'm good enough to help you out of a bind but not good enough to recommend to others. all of those people can eff off and never ask me to write shat else

...when someone asks me several times to read and comment on their blog but has never stepped foot into my world of writing

...when people in effed up relationships want to give advice about what other people should be doing; I want these people to mind their damn business and go figure out why no one can stand their imposing ass

...when people judge celebrities for shat they've done in their lives but have family/friends that have done the same thing...or similar

There are universal rules that MANY people don't abide by. Some people will find any way they can to make sense of some transgression they've committed but let a celebrity eff up and they're never forgiven. THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE, ASSHOLES. Money does not negate their ability to have the same emotions our broke asses have. Coping is different when you're rich; the media has no problem showing them entering rehab centers, going on shopping sprees, taking trips out of town with their friends. So because they made mistakes life is supposed to come to a standstill? Did it ever occur to you that they're doing these things so that they aren't at home burying their face in tear stained pillows because they can't just eff up like a normal human being? When you have a significant amount of wealth you deal with EVERYTHING different; when you're broke you're stuck emo-binging on a budget. So it is easier for normies to relate to drinking cheap vodka to drown out their sorrows versus popping Cristal in the VIP section. Calling your friends obsessing over something within your control, smoking your life away, and bitching & complaining....all things less wealthy people can take advantage of when they want to grieve over their mistakes. Don't be salty because it APPEARS they've moved on with their life and you can't pull off the same facade.

...when people want to know why I don't write about my relationship with Babybottoms father

For one, I don't have a traditional relationship; that in itself will solicit commentary I don't care to hear or have. I operate on a playing field of all is fair in love and war; my significant other lives by this never ending list of double standards a lot of men seem to operate from. Even though we'll probably never see eye to eye on that, WE are fine with our relationship. WE have made the conscious adult decision to love each other in spite of our differences. Do I need the general public commenting on that? No. I don't want anyones opinion on my life unless I ask for it. Randoms are not welcome into that part of my life.

...when people give advice no one asked for

Why is it that usually, people who have THE most effed up lives are ALWAYS seeking to fix someone elses shat? If we're having casual conversation, stop looking for moments to get on your soapbox and I won't use my water hose to rinse your preachy ass away.

...when people take my words out of context

What makes anyone think it's okay to remove words and apply a totally different meaning to them than what was given? I mean what I say when I say it and for you to assign some meaning you pulled out your ass just makes me want to stop talking to you. When people do that I can't help but think and feel like they heard one thing they didn't agree with so now they hear nothing else of what I'm saying. I fault their communication skills. LISTEN when people are communicating with you; that requires you to take in EVERYTHING they are saying and THEN discussing...not taking bits and pieces in while throwing your own red herrings around to make invalid points that really have nothing to do with what I was talking about in the first damn place.

I have tons more but I feel like watching Glee so now you can comment on mine and/or list your own :)

7 points of view:

Unknown said...

Well, damn! Tell em why you mad! lol

Unknown said...

I know I'm guilty of giving advice that no one asked for. I even got my soap box customised! But then I am incredibly wise and people should listen to me!

A gay friend said to me recently that he didn't watch 'Glee' because it was even "too gay" even for him! Yes, as TV shows go, I guess it is "gay" but I love it!

Anonymous said...

I'm actually with you on all of your pet peeves.

I feel you on not writing about your relationship with BabyBottoms father. It's no one's business. As soon as you put something out there, it's impossible to take it back. That is a part of life that should be guarded. People always have their opinions. They never want to look in their own mirrors.

Great blog! :)

AssertiveWit said...

8thlight: anyone who reads this can't get upset when I remind them that they are doing these things in my presence LOL

phallatio: personally, I think the gift of shared wisdom is best when it isn't forced upon others LOL

Glee can be INCREDIBLY "gay" but that's the GREAT thing about it too!!! I love it too!

Kenya: girl! I just feel some things about myself are not for public consumption. It isn't even that I'm trying to hide anything; I just don't think it's necessary to share EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. When it becomes relevant, I do. As for opinions, I most certainly have mine but I have learned to keep them to myself unless asked..or at the very least, not to be preachy about things, you know? My opinions work for me, there is no guarantee it will work for anyone else :)

jeanette nicole* said...

Oooooh lawd, I completely feel you on the last point. That was one of my main reasons for letting go of Facebook. So many people read too far into status msgs that had nothing to do w/ what they were about. Sometimes I was just quoting a movie or a song or a random comment a friend made & it got blown outta proportion in my inbox. A hot mess. That makes me SO glad a lot of people I know are not on Twitter or read my blog, ahaha.

Also, that pet peeve graphic had me over here giggling madly!

AssertiveWit said...

jeanette: I say what I mean and I mean EVERY word of what I say so if ANY of my words are detached from the others, it is VERY easy to misconstrue what I've said. Maybe it's my fault for giving idiots too many words to process? Either way it goes, I. HATE. IT.

Anonymous said...

hahah someone needed to vent! but i feel you on ALMOST all of those! & boo, why don't you love your blackberry? i love mine! :) lol

oh & new site - leavin the pages of my diary, & now w/ wordpress

xo. Ju!

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