Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Lost Poody

I got some shat talking from a couple friends about me calling Babybottoms pacifier a poody. 

"That sounds like booty. Why can't you call it a paci?"

"Poody? What the hell?"

And some other stuff I'm not writing down for you to agree with. I like poody and so does her father. The end. Moving on...

So Babybottoms has a favorite poody. She actually owns about 6 but she took a liking to this green one with a bumblebee the very first day she used it to pacify herself. However, because it is her favorite, when she can't find it and more importantly when WE can't find it, all hell breaks loose until it is resting comfortably in her mouth. It is like a life or death matter when it goes missing.

I have bought pacifier clips so that I can attach it to her clothes but Babybottoms and her father act like I am killing them when I demand they keep that pacifier attached to her clothes. She removes it and her dad doesn't make her keep it on her clothes....and guess who has to go on a damn scavenger hunt to find it because neither of them know how to look for anything?

So the other night poody is missing and Babybottoms is screaming bloody murder. I can't take all that screaming and every time I ask her to please calm down, I'm doing my best to find it, she gets closer to my ear JUST to scream louder. I searched frantically for this thing as her dad is off in the bathroom doing his daily skin regimen for the evening. A little help would be appreciated but he doesn't see what all the fuss is for. He can deal with the intentional banshee yelling far better than me.

I still couldn't find that piece of shat pacifier so I went into the bedroom for the back up. It is TOTALLY different from what she is used to so I knew I was going to get an attitude. Some of you might be shaking your head like it isn't that serious...oh but it is. Babybottoms doesn't use a pacifier all the time; she only uses it to put herself to sleep and when she's tired of yelling at me and wants to calm herself down. I couldn't make this up if I tried and I'm being so serious right now.

So it's almost 10 pm and she's tired of being awake but I can't find poody. So I hand her the substitute and she looks at me with this glare that says, "You know that I know this isn't my poody, right?", which only makes me say to her, "Babybottoms, I know it isn't your fav but that's all I got for you right now. Go to sleep and get off my nerves".

I promise you she can comprehend English already because she huffs, stuffs it in her mouth and lays down on the couch. Just when I think I've won, she starts fussing again but this time she's pulled the substitute poody out of her mouth and is looking at it while fussing. Almost as if she is fussing at it for not sitting in her mouth the right way. She does this for a good 30 minutes. She chewed on it, turned it around, stared at it, even threw it on the floor a couple times in the middle of her whining.

I just turned to her dad and told him we have to find this thing because I want to go to sleep. He goes into some meaningless banter about how it's my fault this time and blah, blah, blah. He's no help. I simply turn to Babybottoms while she's whining and ask her, "why won't you let mommy be great and get some writing done"; she smiles, pops the sub in her mouth, grabs her blanket, and goes straight to sleep.

She knows when she's being a menace and I can appreciate that she doesn't cross the line of no return with her attitude too often. However, the next day, she gives me a look like "where in the hell is my REAL poody" when I give her the sub again. I tell her dad AGAIN that we MUST find it before the day is out, even if it means tearing the house up. He rolls his eyes and continues perusing Facebook. I can't take either of them acting like they run everything so I went to have a drink at the restaurant my friend bar tends for and to run some errands. Three hours later I pull up to our humble abode and upon getting out of my truck, I see THE poody resting on the floor of the truck. I had admonished her while shopping the previous day to not throw it on the floor. Of course she doesn't listen and laughs every time I have to pick it up. When we got back in the truck, I gave her instructions to either keep it in her mouth or her seat. Both things of which she ignored since it was on the floor near the drivers seat.

I think the only time I was happier was when they pulled her out of my stomach and showed her to me. Seriously, I was THAT happy! No more fighting with Babybottoms...well, at least not about the poody. I get upstairs and bust in the house shouting, "Babybottoms! Guess what mommy found? POODY!" and her response was so awesome...she smiles the biggest smile ever and starts flailing her arms around and trying to scoot off the couch to get her poody.

I've had my eye on this poody like a hawk for the past couple of days because I can't deal with THAT nasty attitude she flings my way, over a pacifier, nonetheless. I know she gets that from her dad...don't dispute me on this.

4 points of view:

always4evamoi said...

lolol@ the poody.
glad u found it cause i KNOW what u mean when u gotta find that SPECIFIC item that only works for them...i would probably sew that sucker to her clothes, but then it wouldn't help come laundry time lol...wooo hooo for finding the poody!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I am so in love with BabyBottoms! She's so sharp already. The way you describe her facial expressions is priceless! Haha @ the poody.

ChiChi said...

iHEARTher! She is gonna be slaying hoes when she gets older. LMAOOOOO

Krissy said...

My little princess J is the exact same way. She only like a certain kind of binky and its the one the nurses gave her when she was born. She has various other binks but this brand is the only one she doesn't acts like it tastes like gross. I had to find where they sell them( only online) and order her to backup binks for just in case. And that paci clip is a life saver.

And they do understand full well what we're saying already. Princess J knows when she's being a butt and she knows when mommy is being serious. She also knows that her smile most times will make me simp up and not be angry with her. She's way too smart!

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