Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Honored!!!

I was given a blog award by the great Jenny Brown!

Pretty cool, right? However, now I have the burden of telling you 7 things about myself that I haven't shared before, passing the award on to 5 other people, and then going to their blogs and telling them I think they're awesome. So boring...I'm kidding. 

I actually think it's AWESOME that someone picked me out of ALL the blogs they're subscribed to. I view it as an honor and I'm UBER excited to share with you the 5 people I've been meaning to showcase but was too busy talking about my life and Babybottoms!

So here goes nada!

1st thing...I've read the Bible 7 times and I still refuse to use it against my fellow sinners. So what that I can discredit half the religious lunatics running around being the judge and juror of others fate. I prefer to leave that job up to The Higher Being. However, I LOVE hearing people misquote the Good Book. Gives me the opportunity to let them know they're forsaking their Lord by putting words in his mouth he never uttered.

2nd thing...I've read the dictionary and an entire set of encyclopedias. I had a TON of time on my hands as a kid because I was home schooled from 5th grade thru the 10th grade. Instead of be bored, I picked up anything I could get my hands on to read. Sometimes this will give people the impression that I THINK I know everything; I really don't. However, I don't head is FULL of useless information that zooms out of my mouth when necessary.

3rd thing...I have an extremely high tolerance to everything. It has something to do with my nerves. A doctor explained it to me when I was younger and the simple explanation is that I have delayed reactions to things I should IMMEDIATELY react to. I tend to live a life of excess at times because of this....

4th comprehension skills far surpass most peoples. I'm not being an ass when I say that. I've been like that since I was a kid. As long as you give me the necessary information needed to understand anything, I will. Some people mistake this for me agreeing with them. Then I have the task of explaining to them that just because I understand them (when most people wouldn't) doesn't mean I agree with what they are doing.

5th thing...I hate clowns. I blame Killer Clowns from Outer Space for this.

6th thing...I get extremely bad migraines, almost to the point where I want to stab myself in the head. I've had them since I was 12 yrs old and apparently there is nothing I can do about them. So I just live with them...

and last but not least...

7th thing...I wanted to name Babybottoms, Riley but her dad said no. He has convinced himself that the only reason I was doing it was because of Riley from The Boondocks.

And here are the 5 blogs you should check out....I read EVERYTHING they post...EVERYTHING.

1st blog...3 The Hard get 3 for 1 with these ladies. I have been friends with Ramona (one of the writers of the blog) for...almost 9 I embrace anyone she rubs shoulders with. It doesn't hurt that they LOVE Babybottoms too!

2nd blog...She.So.Fly/F*ck It All!...I started keeping up with her on Youtube because she had HILARIOUS videos. She doesn't TRY to be funny...she just is AND...I thought it was uber cool that she used to be a pornstar but CHOSE to do something else with her life. Admirable really, considering this economy sucks balls and sex will ALWAYS sell...

3rd blog...A Daily Dose of Architecture...there is an architect hiding in my soul somewhere and I get my needed fix by stalking this blog.

4th blog...Vexed...there are few people I've come across on the internet that I wouldn't mind knowing "in person". She's one of those people...just from her honesty alone. She shares things on her blog that I would NEVER allow random strangers to know and in a way, that makes her a lot stronger than she even thinks.

5th blog...Hyperbole and a Half have not truly lived unless you subscribe to this blog. EVERYONE needs some of this zany in their life. EVERY post makes me laugh ridiculously loud to the point Babybottoms will stop what she's doing to see what I'm doing. 

Now excuse me while I go tell all these people I've given them an award....thanks again Jen!

13 points of view:

Jay_fever said...

Congrats deserve it for not only being a quality blogger...but for also consistently blogging

AssertiveWit said...

Jay: thank you! I try :)

Allie said...

Thank you, Syn!

always4evamoi said...

congrats...u definitely deserve it :)

Jenny Brown said...

Love your post, Assertive......and I'm learning sooo much about you. WE have a lot in common (being that clowns and garden gnomes scare us) :):) (AND....I used to take Imitrex Shots for Migraines - so I understand about stabbing yourself in the head) Although I think that YOU having read the bible, dictionary and encyclopedias puts you way above my level of smartness! I bow to you fact, I think you're now one of my favorite people in blogworld....funny how things work out, right? I'm sure if we lived next door to each other we'd be best friends and I'd be able to babysit for cute little 'babybottoms' :):) Enjoy your day, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

thankkkk you so much!!! && girl, i been wanting to read the bible since i was like 12 but...i just--i can't. lol. i love the LORD tho' yes i do. && i try NOT to misquote him, but it be like that sometimes.

&& riley is such a cute name hmmm (storing that in my baby name box--not that im gonna b having another baby anytime soon. [please God])

thank you thank you thank you. now do i have to do this same thing on my page?! 7 things about me?!

AssertiveWit said...

Allie: you're welcome!

always4evamoi: thank you :)

Jenny B: thanks! sometimes I don't mind giving people the adjusted lenses of life so they can see me clearly :)

I took imitrex before but it used to make me a zombie; my head literally felt like mashed potatoes all the time. migraine would be gone but the side effect was me damn near slobbing down my chin and talking like I hadn't progressed pass 3rd grade...not a good look. felt good but not good, know what I mean? LOL

babysitting is a good're working your way into my heart LOL

Stacie: you're welcome! the bible can be a...scary...thing if everything is taken literal; the first time I read it I was VERY young and Revelation damn near gave me nightmares LOL it's a "heavy" book!

don't be surprised if I decide to have some siblings for Babybottoms and one of their names is Riley...I figure I can break her dad down within the next 5 years!

you don't have to do the 7 things or give blog awards to anyone if you don't want to but if you have some time in between being a mommy and breathing, it's a good way to relax and have a little "me" time :)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff to know about you, Syn!!!! :) Congrats on the award. I'm going to check out the recommended blogs.

DLG said...

Congrats:) on the award, you're a great blogger.

I've dealt with a migraine problem since I was 13, so I feel you. It's awful.

Laura E. Sanchez said...

You deserve it, congrats, you have a wonderful blog, I enjoyed reading it.

Thoughts of a Career Woman

ChiChi said...

Congrats homie!

CraigJC said...


ray said...

CONGRATS to you and gracias for ours!!!!!!!

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