Sunday, April 04, 2010

Your Actions Speak So Loudly, I Can't Hear Your Words

This post is about communication, not Erykah Badu but I'm going to use her to support my statements.

Everyone has their own reasons for liking/disliking/thinking objectively about Erykah's recent "antics". It is my firm belief that this was not done to impress upon millions the need for self liberation. Logically, it can be said that she realizes in order to touch people, shock value is sometimes needed when you want to increase your fan base and actually sell your product. Her product happens to be music. While I do not believe being in your late 30s is old, the entertainment world does view it that way. The closer you get to 40, you better have some marketing ploy that will keep you relevant. Being almost 40 and having the body of a 21 year old Atlanta born and bred Georgia peach keeps her relevant...not the message of a revolutionary.

Notice how her actions were not fixated upon when she first entered shallow Hollywood. She created a fan base purely off of HER MESSAGES. She is one of many esoteric artist that you immediately feel there is more than meets the eye but as the years floated pass, she realized, that isn't enough if she wants to continue to make money to support her eccentric lifestyle. Remember, you're eccentric as long as you have money; once your bank account doesn't reflect some level of superiority, you just become that crazy woman spouting personal nonsense. I don't make the rules; this is the world we live in and how it operates. Hate it, not me.

Which brings me full circle to communication.

If you want a message received by the people, you must appeal to what they want. The numbers state that we live in a sex crazed society so what better way to get everyone's attention than with nudity?

It has been said that "What we say accounts for only 7 percent of what is believed. The way we say it accounts for 38 percent. What others see accounts for 55 percent". If we are to herald Miss Badu as someone of great intelligence, don't you think she knows this? I do because her video catered and targeted the 55 percent that mattered...this is what's keeping her relevant...her actions, NOT the 7 percent of fans/critics who got the message first.

My personal feelings/opinion on her video don't matter. However, it is interesting how she got people to think groupthink was something negative but we all knowingly or unknowingly participated in it on some level. Whether we verbally expressed how innovative we felt she was or how uncreative, yet business savvy she was...we were all guilty of groupthinking on the issue. So can we say her message even mattered? To a degree, I'm sure it does. There just shouldn't be this debate on how "deep" she was trying to be when she solely relied on her actions to do the job...NOT her message.

Does this translate into good communication? On some levels, yes, others, not really. It is all really based on everyone's agenda and what they sought to get out of the video. We are used to hearing and seeing the revolutionary Erykah Badu so THAT is EXACTLY what her fans were looking for when they watched Window Seat. Some fans don't allow room for simple marketing ploys to confuse them from their idolizing of their favorites but really...that's all the video amounted my mind.

I'm a realistic fan and I learned early on that sometimes, when an artist is trying to achieve a certain level of fame, financial stability, and relevance, you MUST separate THEM from their music. If their music still inspires feelings in you that you had the first time you listened to them, they've communicated well enough to retain a fan. If you feel differently, as if you cannot relate anymore, they've lost some of their audience because 9 times out of 10, you aren't the only one lost on their seemingly new efforts.

Point is, when people are communicating, you can choose to ignore their actions to receive a message they MIGHT be sending or you can accept the reality that some actions DO speak louder than words.

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it'sok2bu*nique* said...

GREAT post!

Laura E. Sanchez said...

Very nice post, and I have to say I love when you said "you're eccentric as long as you have money; once your bank account doesn't reflect some level of superiority, you just become that crazy woman spouting personal nonsense", totally agree, people seem to act different when others have money, their perception change, and all their actions are justifiable.


♥ CG ♥ said...

Excellent points! Big time nod of agreement on this. It's like Wanda Sykes said, we "get" Erykah. Society wants to box us all in, especially creative types, so having the chutzpah to bump against that gets my respect.

Ms_Slim said...

Hey! Dug this post, especially because my artistic idol Badu is featured lol

Anyway, yes...I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY. I finally got a chance to watch the video (which was AFTER everyone went in on their opinons of said video)...the people that "got it" like me, were always fans and though we were shocked initially by the vid, we instantly got what she was trying to convey. For those that don't, though, I noticed they didnt "get it" and were confused. Or thought it was dumb lol. Clearly they dont know Badu's work and dont realize that she is far too brilliant for a "dumb it down" approach. But alas...not everyone is going to take in what others do. Or should.

All in all, Im glad you wrote about this. I have yet to ressurrect my blog from the dead lol and one of the first topics I hit on (again) will be Badu :)

Jay_fever said...

All them words and not one mention of her beautiful hiney...smh

purchase exceed similarly said...

level of superiority, you just become that crazy woman spouting personal compre da china celulares nonsense. I don't make the rules; this is the world we live in and how it operates. Hate it, not me.

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