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Kiely, Disney Is NEVER Calling You Again

Babybottoms dad made a great point the other day...we were discussing trollop ass beezys who are exploiting their sexual antics for notoriety and fame. It segued into a conversation about watching viral crap and here was his point:

"Every time you click on something that is totally garbage, you are in fact contributing to that persons popularity. If they reach a million views and you're one of the people who HATED what you saw, you STILL helped them reach a million views."

There was no debating on the subject...he's right. Now, as much as I think/thought Kiely Williams video was a STD waiting to happen, I have no problem admitting I watched it. I wanted to see what the lil cheetah has been up to. Apparently nothing of notable mention. While I won't write about certain things I see on the internet that are just utter ridiculoscity *cough*KatStacks*cough*, I wanted to write about this because I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

How does one go from being a Cheetah girl to being a CheetahGirl (I'm not insinuating that she IS, I'm just saying, her behavior was reminiscent of such)?

I IMMEDIATELY became embarrassed for her entire family...the things she was saying? I'm 30 and I would NEVER record myself saying anything like that. Are there no bounds to the depravity these celebrities will venture off to? She did a complete 180 based on how she was marketed with 3LW and Cheetah Girls. If this was my relative I would light weight disown her until she created some type of retraction for allowing that video to be circulated. Her apology would have to be similar to this:

"I was kidnapped by pimps and forced to do that video after they shot me up full of heroin and threatened to kill my puppy and grandmother. Please don't judge me for loving my grandmother enough to demoralize myself. I have prayed to God for forgiveness and made my peace with the Lord. I will be attending therapy sessions until this is behind me."

If her apology doesn't sound similar to that, I'm banning her from my household. If Babybottoms EVER fixes her lips to say Cheetah anything, I'm making her watch Kiely's video and THEN I'm going to ask her if she wants to see the Cheetah Girls now. Cruel and unusual punishment? Maybe but highly effective in the end.

I can go on all night ripping this poor girl a new bunghole but I'll just end it with this...for everyone who thought Ke$ha was an abomination of youth, she's got nothing on Kiely. This is saying a lot from me; the first time I saw Ke$ha I felt like I could smell her hair, armpits, crotch, and feet through my computer screen.

As a token of my appreciation to Kiely for making me realize why I need to go purchase a chastity belt for Babybottoms, I will post her foolywang of a video for you to view. Maybe, and that's a stretch but maybe I'm being too hard on her. I'll let you decide....ALL comments are welcome...even if you disagree and you think this is some hot shit, in a good way.

11 points of view:

jeanette nicole* said...

iCant with this video. My mouth was agape the entire time while watching. From the gratuitous p-poppin' to the lyrics, it's a mess all around. My lil cousins love the Cheetah Girls & I hope to God they haven't heard anything about this ridiculous mess she's calling music. *sigh* When will these young performers stop trying to go for the shock value or "sex sells" mentality & just let their talent shine through.

Also I guffawed @ your Ke$ha description. So dead on!

Danielle87 said...

Wow. This has got to be some kind of sick joke. She said you can call her a slut if you want and she don't care. Yes honey you are a slut. What normal person walks down the street in BROAD daylight wearing an outfit like that. On top of that who makes songs about themselves getting drunk and sleeping with some random guy. This is why we have the shows like 16 & pregnant and Teen Mom. What kind of message are you sending to the little girls who watched you as a Cheetah girl? SMH I digress. I just can't believe this is for real. Maybe this is her late April Fools video I don't know : /.

a black girl who did date said...

LOL!!!! Oh how the mighty have fallen!! Rumor has it that she was the reason Naturi was booted from 3L Dub. But at least Naturi is doing movies and stuff, Kiely is gyrating and advocating date rape now..WOW!!! She needs to go back and start again.

Relevantlystaying said...

Did she say "He pulled my track out when he was blowing my back out?" WOW!! She looks like an 8 yr old little girl playing in makeup, wearing shoes she is not grown enough to fill. I dont care what she does she will eternally be the little girl in 3LW with the lisp!! EPIC FAIL for this foolishness!!

ChiChi said...

Again, another "iCan't" She not even trying to dress up the hoeshit with some nice lyrics. Just straight "I'm letting this dude hit this drunk sloppy puss and I'm gonna pass out and barely remember it." 0_o

AssertiveWit said...

jeanette: I want to make it clear that I do entertain artists who are blatantly sexual and speak on things in their music that are raunchy. It's just hard to take her serious when we've only been allowed to see her in the role as a child entertainer. I feel like she's ventured into a lane that isn't for her. I understand she has to grow up like everyone else but it wasn't a smooth transition. It was like "good girl" one day and prostitute the next. It's different when you've always been a "prostitute", you know?

Danielle87: Because she started out so pristine, it is hard to digest all this...this...f*ckery. She started out as a role model for little girls and now...she is so far removed from that position. Does it suck for her being an adult? Yep. But that's the risk you take when you get branded as a "good girl" LOL

black girl: In my mind, there is nothing different from Naturi showing her tits in Notorious than Kiely making a video talking about how sex was spectacular with a man whose name she doesn't even remember...neither young ladies behavior, "acting" or not, is ANYTHING I want my daughter emulating. The mistake that Kiely made is that she didn't leave 3LW and go on to pursue a career that would allow her to "grow". She began working for a network that caters to children. So it's almost like her position as a role model has traveled with her to Raunch Lane. Not a good look for little girls who LOVE her....

Relevantlystaying: LMAO I think she seems like an 8 yr old playing dress up and failing grossly because we've only known of her child like presence. She is a grown woman now LOL However, it's utterly shocking that she would go from presenting a wholesome image to being a poster child for a promiscuous party girl.

ChiChi: Beyonce OFTEN dresses up #hoshit with "nice lyrics" and even though I'm a fan, I laugh out loud when she does it because it's SO obvious. However, because she can p-pop with the best of them, has a porn star body, and her videos are far more professional, a LOT of people who HATE this video won't agree. I feel like Kiely didn't study the pros before making this video...she could have done the same uncouth shat but with a little finesse, had a hit. She'll learn...I hope LOL

Shay said...

Thank you for your comment @, and she also put up a video today speaking about her video. My whole point why I think she is wrong is the fact that she doesn't have an adult fan base, the last time she was really recognized is when she was with the Cheetah Girls. So when a child hears from someone that the Cheetah Girls "Kiely" has a new video they are naturally going to want to watch it because they assume it's something like the Cheetah Girls. She never made a transition, usually artist that start out on Disney and Nickalodeon starts making music for the audience they grow with. But you just can't go from Cheetah Girls to Sex, Sex, Sex as your next project after that.

Unknown said...

This song and her voice sucks. This shit must have been made for Europe specifically. :-/

Unknown said...

Yeah...She took a big leap from Disney to Nasty. I was thinking if that's who she is fine be yourself but could you gradually get to that point.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

This happens a lot with Disney stars. I think they are put into such a pigeonhole that they just go crazy when they get out of it.

I think somebody wrote a song for her and she was like, "I wanna do it because I want people to see how badass I am now." So she shouldn't' have recorded it -- no way, no how -- but also, she is a teen/young adult and how many adults did this song go through before it got to her -- and how many adults dealt with her song, image,contract negotiations, etc. before it got to us? So I think they are a little to blame, too.

AssertiveWit said...

Shay: No problem! I know Paula so I check in on you ladies website here and there to see what you guys are doing in the fashion world :)

As for Miss Kiely, I agree with her being out of place because her fan base is one of young girls. If she wanted to transition out of being viewed as an entertainer for children, her manager should have done a better job of segueing out of that "role". It was shocking, to say the least LOL

8thlight: I wouldn't even cast this garbage on Europeans LOL

Jeri: Most people are afforded the time it takes to grow up. Sometimes when these actors stay in the field of entertainment for children, it is difficult for people to see them as anything but that. It's their's almost as if she has effed up any chances of her doing anything anyone would take seriously anymore.

Amanda: She'll be 24 in a couple of months so she isn't a teenager. She's definitely old enough to know what perception and being a role model is. I'll even go so far as to say she knows exactly who her fan base is. But like you said, I think she wanted to do something different for a change to show who she really is and it didn't go over so well LOL

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