Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Truth About Gabourey Sidibe

The truth is, Hollywood is shallow and has been built on the backs of the bold and the beautiful since its beginning. People are expected to look a certain way. Even those who come into "showbiz" staunchly refusing to succumb to celebrity "standards" have somewhat "altered" their appearance to either be accepted into celeb society and/or adjust their appearance to excel farther with their careers. If you can't think of anyone quickly look at all neo-soul artists who want to reach a larger crowd of people; they have to make themselves appeal to that crowd, hence appearing less "flawed". You can even look at the actress/comedian Monique who has stated matter-of-factly that she LOVED being an overweight woman; however she too lost weight so that she can continue to live her life. As soon as she did, people who normally wouldn't have looked her way, did and as a result, she has traveled success roads that were not there before her weight loss. I didn't make the rules so don't shoot the messenger for  what I have to say next.

Gabourey was typecast into a role that would have only been suitable for another overweight individual or someone who accepted the task of wearing a "fat suit". With that being said, think about any roles she would be "suitable" for playing in the future, if she chooses not to lose weight. Do keep in mind, this was her FIRST acting job ever in life so her resume is one film long. The general public is not going to believe a movie where the lead actor is someone like Laz Alonso and his love interest is Gabby, at her current size. This is why the movie Shallow Hal was created; it really does depict how a lot of people view overweight individuals. These "views" don't disappear because Gabby did a good job on her first role, in Precious.

I believe in having a healthy body so I would never attack someone who was larger than me assuming they are that way due to overeating. There are MANY reasons why someone could be overweight. However, being healthy should be a concern of anyone who takes care of themselves and wishes to live a substantially long life. All reasons aside for why Gabby is her size, I wish nothing but the best for her AND her health. Does Hollywood wish that for her? No. If they did, they wouldn't force women like Beyonce, who are prone to being larger than your average woman, to stay slim and trim. Hollywood is perfectly fine garnering all the attention they can for Gabby if it means more money in the bank for them. They aren't concerned if she drops dead unless it messes with their bottom much they can make off of her.

Movies will continue to be created but I doubt anyone is going to script a role simply to suit the realistic appearance of Gabby. We'd do better assuming Tyler Perry and Oprah would take that task than to assume she is just going to get acting jobs left and right because she got an Oscar nod. It sucks and I wish we didn't live in such a shallow society but we do. In the midst of everyone being upset about a comedian making fun of her character in Precious, no one draws attention to the pictures that circulate in emails, IM's, MMS messages, and tweetphotos about large, dark skin women who aren't famous. For those who haven't seen what I am referring to, a picture of a large Black woman was circulating the internet and a lot of people laughed and joked about how ugly and disgusting she was.

Now that some people feel the same way about Gabby, it has become a problem. Why? Would you follow Gabby on Twitter if she had never had that part as Precious? Be honest with yourself first and I'm sure the answer would be no. People are attracted to the glitz and glam that celebrities provide them with.  Celebrities and their clothing are fawned over day in and day out. The public and the paparazzi invade celebrities lives everyday demanding reasons for why they date who they are dating, if they really love the people they are married to/dating, if the lives they are leading are morally upstanding, as well as, whether or not they deserve any peace of mind for some bad decisions they've made. Is it fair to tell the public to mind their own business when it comes to Gabby? No. She chose to enter Hollywood so the rules don't change for her simply because she is overweight. She's getting the same treatment that is bestowed on everyone else the public is so eager to be nosey about.

Since she has expressed a healthy level of self-esteem I am positive she wouldn't want any "pity" attention from people. She wants to be appreciated for her acting skills, in regards to Hollywood. Making it seem as though everyone should "play nice" would be offering her a part of showbiz that doesn't exist. Again, I don't make these rules; the general public picks and chooses who they want to attack. They also herald those who they feel have paved a way for others who might not get an opportunity to be a celebrity otherwise. I wonder how many people are rooting for the woman who is PURPOSELY gaining weight so that she can be acknowledged in the Guinness Book of World Records for being 1,000 lbs. She's comfortable with who she is, has no problem being overweight and is seeking some form of celebrity status BECAUSE OF IT. Regardless of whether Gabby has intentions to lose weight or not, she is saying she wants people to accept her for who she is. The truth is, people either "feel sorry for her" or they talk about her. 

I'm sure there are some people who are indifferent towards it all but the bottom line is...she's overweight and it is very noticeable so people talk about it. People are going to be bias, others are going to be mean. Is it fair? No, but if you want to get up in arms about how others talk ABOUT HER, just make sure that you don't talk about random nobodies who are overweight and not attractive to you. We won't discuss whether or not she is "beautiful" because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and subject to anyones opinion.

Moral of this blog: if you're going to go to bat for one overweight actress, remember all the other overweight people you could care less about. If Gabby never decided to become an actress you wouldn't give two shats about anything in relation to her and you'd probably be amongst the many people giggling and snickering about her if someone passed around a photo of her with a tiara on talking about she's Princess Biggie.

3 points of view:

DLG said...

I know this wasn't your point, but I think a lot of the protectiveness surrounding Gabby has spurned from the beautiful personality she has. Before I saw her outside of a "Precious" trailer, I felt sorry for her. As soon as I started seeing her in interviews I started to genuinely like her, because she's bubbly, down to earth, & she has a very good vibe surrounding her. I remember thinking that she was such a good actress, but she probably won't get any other roles. The good news is she already has 2 new projects that she's working on now. So maybe she will be able to make a career out of this... at least for a little while longer.

AssertiveWit said...

I have no doubt in my mind that she can have an acting career. I just know that this "protectiveness" that people have formed comes across as another sycophantic stretch from the general public. You don't generally see people on Twitter, Facebook, or other social mediums in a hurry to get to know morbidly obese people. However you can see random people cracking jokes about those same morbidly obese folks. It's retarded to me. My point was, if she wasn't a "celebrity" no one would be "protective" of her. She'd be just another morbidly obese person for people to make fat jokes about.

Chicken said...

Girl your posts always make me want to stand up and applaud. I was just talking about this the other day with my hubby. I love Gabby, I want her to succeed. I thought she did an amazing job in Precious, I only wish that Hollywood would remove their rose colored glasses and realize that the world is full of beautiful women, of ALL shapes and sizes. Health is one thing yes, but a lot of women out there just aren’t built to be a size 6. Happiness and long life should be top priority in a woman’s goals. Happiness first!

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