Monday, March 22, 2010

Dirty Sexy Money

The way I feel about this show is similar to my feelings on Arrested awesome show that should have NEVER been cancelled. This show fell short by one season in comparison to Arrested Development and I still can't understand why. To be honest, I think it flew over the publics head. Television viewers would rather be entertained by idiot cartoons that walk a thin line on "sensitive" subjects then focus on intelligent programming. There are a lot of people who do not understand the inner workings of how people with money operate and really don't care to know because they're "broke". Many people apply the phrase "the root of all evil is money", forgetting, or just not knowing that the phrase is ACTUALLY, "the LOVE of money is the root of all evil". This show was proof of that statement.

The story was very engaging and gave me hope that there are still some quality writers out there. It was perfectly cast with individuals like Donald Sutherland, Blair Underwood, William Baldwin, Lucy Liu, and a host of other actors showcasing their skills in a manner that sucks you in every episode.

If you've ever wanted to get a concise picture of how the wealthy stay loaded with money, watch this show. It is more or less the blueprint of how to make things work to your advantage without PERSONALLY, getting your hands "dirty". Money is alluring and with a ton of it comes power. Even though the show is fictional, you can get a pretty good idea of how money runs the world by watching these rich people interact with each other like it's a game. On the other hand, the show emphasizes just how REAL these people are too. The general public tend to believe the misconception that money makes everything better; to a degree that is true, however, you can still have the same mental/emotional problems of someone who isn't so well off. As far as money "problems" go, it's shown that when these people have finance "issues", they're just as important as people who don't have ANY money and FAR more people are affected.

There are two seasons available and after watching them both, it seems as though they were abruptly stopped from even starting a third season to finish the story. I hope this show comes back or at the very least, they finish it and make it "straight to DVD". It kept me highly entertained and I'm sure it will open your eyes to how people with a lot of money can seemingly control a lot more than their own finances.

Both seasons are at Netflix and I believe season 1 is on Hulu and Fancast.

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DLG said...

I loved that show! I was so mad when they canceled it. They were supposed to come back last November & do a season closing episode, but I have no idea what happened with that:/

Laura E. Sanchez said...

I used to like that show also, it was bad when it was cancelled, I wonder if it was for low audience.


AssertiveWit said...

I am slowly coming to find out that a lot of people watched this show and LOVED it but I guess since ratings are the name of the game, it doesn't matter how much we liked it...still got the boot :(

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