Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Scums of the Earth...

Dear Scums of the Earth, 

I have been a faithful T-mobile customer for the last 4 years and a loyal Blackberry disciple for 3 and what has it gotten me? Not a damn thing but some headaches and lack of service. It used to mean something to say you owned a Blackberry. I looked at you as the superior smartphone. Now? Not so much since Team iPhone and Team Droid are putting you to shame with their prevailing functionality. I feel cheated because RIM devices are becoming the bottom of the barrel when it comes to all in one phones. I feel like I'm stuck in the retard box with the Palm Pre and it isn't fair. I don't want to be a retard *wiping tears*.

Due to this janky T-mobile contract they have continuously trapped me in, I'm stuck with them for another year and a half. I look at the contract fee I'd have to pay and I feel that money could be put to better use on my rapidly growing spawn, not a cellular phone service company that makes me pay 100% of my bill but only gives me 60-70% of service all of that time. Utter foolywang!

My gripe with T-mobile is that I'm EXPECTED to pay my entire bill but I have NEVER gotten service worthy of the exorbitant prices they bill me every month. How is this fair? Every time I call in with a technical problem, their first course of action is a Master Reset, as if THIS is the perfect solution to EVERY Blackberry problem. Well, I'm sick of it because it has yet to work. I understand that you train your employees to read from some script but we as the PAYING CUSTOMER deserve better from you.

After almost 4 months, you FINALLY escalate my issue to where I am speaking DIRECTLY with the manufacturer of my phone. I have to sit on the phone with them, troubleshooting for 3 hours before my problem even begins to look close to being solved. Waste of my valuable time.

T-mobile, I've had it with you. You sell a phone to the public that your company isn't fully familiar with. You never tell customers that it is better suited for someone who owns nothing but Microsoft operating computers because it isn't made to be compatible with MAC. While Microsoft owner's can easily download all of the software issued for Blackberry from T-mobile, MAC users have to go to Blackberry's website to get software to back up their phones. It becomes a headache when the people you hire aren't aware of this and proceed to treat the customer like they're retarded.

I would warn you to fix it but I really don't care at this point. T-mobile will be a thing of my past very soon. My Blackberry will become my child's new favorite toy. Currently deciding whether or not I want a Steve Jobs Special or Google's Monster....

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Unknown said...

Go with the IPHONE! Why? I like Macs! This was hilarious! Been a while since I've visited your digs! Hi New kid!

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

Ugh, I hear ya. I used to have problems with AT&T, then switched to sprint and I've been there ever since! I'll probably go with the Droid when I finally upgrade.

ray said...

This pretty much summed up everything millions of us are going through, im sure. Blackberry---ugh, where to begin. Im not able to keep a call for longer than 3 minutes before hearing the tone that the called dropped, AIM is pretty much not functional on the BB, my messenger contacts have been lost about 3 different times, and i also have a tmobile life sentence (currently on death row) and i need to be saved by captain iphone save-a-hoe.
ill meet you in 2 years on the other side of the tracks.

Ms_Slim said... know Im #TeamBlackberry all the way, right? So...yea...this post makes me sad. Im definitely gonna say its the TMOBILE SERVICE and not really the PHONE that may be the issue. Why? Well because TMobile was my first company I had and I had service issues with them too. My mom and dad have TMobile still and they have the same service issues and they DONT have a BB.....

But what did I do when it became troublesome? I waited til my contract was up and promptly exited stage left. You've been with them for YEARS and still have issues?! That couldnt be me. And not ONLY because I am of little patience but also because well....I'd refuse to have so many problems with a service and still be with them, giving them the benefit of the doubt and all that. My money is too precious.

I have Verizon now though. Remember that post I wrote about my Verizon Voyager when I was having HELLA problems with it? It really was the phone. Soon as my upgrade became available, I swapped out the Voyager for the BB.

AssertiveWit said...

Mista Jaycee: yeah, I'm leaning towards iPhone. Babybottoms dad wants us to get the Google Nexus One...we'll see :)

Amanda: Sprint was the very first cell phone company I had. I used them from 2000 until 2004. They charged me $400 for something they still can't tell me to this day was about. I told them they could blow me backwards for that money. Hahahhahaha

Raven: cell phone contracts are the Devils evil way of irritating us and making us hate our phones.

Ms_Slim: oh Mallori *patting your head*'s a combination of T-mobiles horrible service AND my Blackberry. Blackberry/RIM created a phone that couldn't keep up with the iPhone and now the DROID. I LOVE it when it's acting like it has some sense but I will never understand how I have the top of the line Blackberry and fresh out the box, it has more problems then my dated ass 8820. I've been with T-mobile for years because I haven't always had a Blackberry. My Curve was the least problematic. You aren't the only person who feels their money is "too precious". However, if you would like to give me $200 to break my contract $200-500 deposit for better service with AT&T or Verizon and then another $200-300 for a phone, I'll gladly take it. I bank at Wachovia, Chase, and Suntrust :)

Anonymous said...

research in motion my ass !

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