Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Babybottoms: She Has Her Own Blog Now

One of my friends suggested I "let" Babybottoms have her own blog. Me taking things literally of course, belted out that she can't read or write so there was no point in that. I said she could have one, if she wanted it, once she reached middle school. Since I stated it so matter-of-factly, there was no room for persuasion and my friend quickly let it go.

However, after seeing some trifling wench use Babybottoms name when referencing another persons child, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands.

You see, Babybottoms father and I wanted to call the baby something "it" would be familiar with so we wouldn't have to refer to her as "it" before we found out we were having a girl. He randomly just called "it" Babybottoms one day and it has stuck since. Even when we found out we were having a girl, we continued to call her Babybottoms. It wasn't until I realized about a month ago that if we didn't start calling her by her government name, she'd never respond to it until she knew better. So we alternate here and there so she'll answer to both.

We personalized it because it fits HER so imagine my surprise when I stumble on someone who SUPPOSEDLY hates me, using it. I got livid. Maybe it's the mommy in me but I'm AWFULLY protective of that name because...well, it was my daughters name before I had chosen the one she'll be using on her resume. This person KNOWS that and I can recall an email conversation where she told me how much she liked it.

It makes my skin crawl knowing she uses it and yes, I might be overreacting but I don't care. It's mine.

It isn't like someone calling a kid something that is universally known like crumbsnatcher, beast of burden, kiddo, get it. WE made this and she's saying it all willy nilly like it can be ANY kids isn't.

So my wheels quickly got to turning because I don't want this wench acting like she all of a sudden acquired a brain and came up with this on her own. Anyone who has been a regular reader of my blog for the past year KNOWS I've been using this for a LONG time. This is why I decided to "let" Babybottoms have a blog. Sort of putting my stamp of ownership on it since I WAS using it first.

So feel free to check in on Babybottoms here and at her new cyber home:

I believe she has one posting over there that briefly welcomes you into her world :)

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Jenny Brown said...

I just mosey-ed on over to "Babybottoms" new blog - to check it out.....How cute! I even became one of her follows! (Because I like your blog so much!) :):)

And - just so you know - when I think of "Babybottoms" - I think of you and your daughter! How DARE someone else take your name!

Good luck and 'You Go Girl!'

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