Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Babybottoms: She Has Her Own Blog Now

One of my friends suggested I "let" Babybottoms have her own blog. Me taking things literally of course, belted out that she can't read or write so there was no point in that. I said she could have one, if she wanted it, once she reached middle school. Since I stated it so matter-of-factly, there was no room for persuasion and my friend quickly let it go.

However, after seeing some trifling wench use Babybottoms name when referencing another persons child, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands.

You see, Babybottoms father and I wanted to call the baby something "it" would be familiar with so we wouldn't have to refer to her as "it" before we found out we were having a girl. He randomly just called "it" Babybottoms one day and it has stuck since. Even when we found out we were having a girl, we continued to call her Babybottoms. It wasn't until I realized about a month ago that if we didn't start calling her by her government name, she'd never respond to it until she knew better. So we alternate here and there so she'll answer to both.

We personalized it because it fits HER so imagine my surprise when I stumble on someone who SUPPOSEDLY hates me, using it. I got livid. Maybe it's the mommy in me but I'm AWFULLY protective of that name because...well, it was my daughters name before I had chosen the one she'll be using on her resume. This person KNOWS that and I can recall an email conversation where she told me how much she liked it.

It makes my skin crawl knowing she uses it and yes, I might be overreacting but I don't care. It's mine.

It isn't like someone calling a kid something that is universally known like crumbsnatcher, beast of burden, kiddo, get it. WE made this and she's saying it all willy nilly like it can be ANY kids isn't.

So my wheels quickly got to turning because I don't want this wench acting like she all of a sudden acquired a brain and came up with this on her own. Anyone who has been a regular reader of my blog for the past year KNOWS I've been using this for a LONG time. This is why I decided to "let" Babybottoms have a blog. Sort of putting my stamp of ownership on it since I WAS using it first.

So feel free to check in on Babybottoms here and at her new cyber home:

I believe she has one posting over there that briefly welcomes you into her world :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Inspiration or Biting of Style? Hmmmm....

"They" say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but to some people, it's an individual not being creative  enough to come up with their own shit. Some people take the act of others imitating them serious. I can imagine this is why all those "rules" on plagiarism exist.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't see someone on Twitter talking about so and so biting such and such "style". Style is infused in rapping, singing, drawing, fashion, directing, and plenty of other areas. However, does the perspective change when an "artist" we stan for is involved? For me, it doesn't. If you copied something, you copied it. End of story. No explanations need to be given as to why. If you were inspired to imitate them, ok, but some people don't look at it like that and they will make it very clear. Does it bother me? Not really. I hear/see "inspiration" in a lot of my favorite artists. There are a select few who do feel flattered that you would duplicate their work, even adding a little piece of yourself so that it can be said that you did do SOMETHING a little different from them.

I'll be honest and say this...every time someone elses work is duplicated, it isn't always met with appreciation from others.

Below are two musical videos; one by Matt & Kim and one by Erykah Badu. There are minor differences, but for all intents and purposes, it is the same video. I will be candid and say, it was more of a pleasure to look at Erykah then them; I liked their ending better though. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sorry, I Was Spammed

I apologize for the earlier posting. It was spam. My Blogger account wasn't compromised but my GMail was. Something went out to all of the email addresses that were in my contacts. I have an email address specifically for this blog when I send something from my phone so that's why it posted as a blog. No matter how hard I try, the spam always seems to find a way through. Grrrr....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why Men Cheat...According To Me

I read a very interesting article in Esquire last night called "Why Men Cheat" and it was written from an honest male perspective. Even though it was his personal explanation for men's infidelity, it seemed to ring true for a lot of males I've come across in life. He basically gave any failed cheater a blueprint for the "proper" way to sneak around. In a nut shell, take care of home and never explore the options you've created for yourself in the state in which you live.

If you want to know more about his opinion, click the link above. If you want to know more about why I think men cheat, keep reading.

I have never subscribed to the belief that men cheat because women let them. The truth is, men can cheat and NEVER tell anyone they have a significant other. No one can have control of a situation if they think they're the only one. However, occasions where only the man knows what's going on is an entirely different level of fuckery. For all intents and purposes, let's assume that my explanation applies to men who cheat with women who know they are involved with someone else.

There is no point in pursuing a woman who isn't ready and willing to sleep with you. It requires too much time and emotional gaming when they have a wife or girlfriend already that they put mental energy into. Cheating usually feeds each individuals carnal, lust filled, base instincts. There really shouldn't be time for someone to get attached. It continues because both parties are willing. The minute someone suggests more, a problem will usually arise. 

I have always felt that cheaters exert energy in their "real" relationships but move fluidly with those they cheat with. It's a rush you don't get anymore with your girlfriend/wife. There is no more chase; you've got her and it isn't that you don't "appreciate" her, you just know she isn't going anywhere because you've given her the life she's always wanted. As long as she's happy, you're happy. It doesn't matter that some of your contentment with life is tied up in a Baskin Robbins smorgasbord of vagina.

Because I say the above, never mistake that for me condoning cheating. I've been a cheater, cheated on, and cheated with. You have to retain a certain kind of thinking to constantly suck sexual energy from someone and pretend they have no emotions that could ever be directed towards you, other then wanting to screw your brains out. You don't realize how much energy you're exerting to actually be in retard "relationships" like this. Locking emotions away in an effort to continue selfishly "sleeping" with someone to suit your own purposes can become draining. Which is why I haven't participated in that kind of behavior in years. In the article with the male perspective he stated that saying "I love you" was more or less against the rules. Introducing emotion into something that you have convinced yourself is nothing but an orgasm on call creates problems. When men cheat, they don't want to ever feel like they are in a situation similar to what they go home to. It isn't fun anymore and it is no longer about mind blowing sex.

So it's on to the next one...

I know there are tons of women who feel that if you love them, you should NEVER cheat but I don't think men who are cheaters think of it like that. There is a part of them that wants to do the "normal" thing and have that companion by their side until death. However that other part that says you were created to procreate constantly eats at them when they are in a monogamous relationship. It isn't even that they want children running all over the place; it's the act itself that they can't seem to separate from their NEED pile and place into their WANT basket.

It is my opinion that men cheat because they never mastered the art of self-control over their original purpose for being.

In a way, generally speaking, I think women have it better off. Typically speaking, we aren't led by our loins; the cool part is we were created for the same reason as them. Emotionally, women tend to be able to deal with a lot more then men and since the general idea of cheating is purely sexual actions, it's easier for men to do it then women. Women will more readily leave their husband for another man then a man would leave his woman for another lady he's "only" sleeping with. I think it's largely due to the emotional connection she no longer has with her significant other; for men, I think they don't leave because they don't allow some romps in the hay with another woman to break their emotional hold they have with another woman. I do understand there are exceptions to the rule so this isn't to say there are NO MEN who don't operate as women when it comes to cheating...or vice versa.

I guess when it all comes down to it we can just blame it on men being from Mars and women being from Venus...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dirty Sexy Money

The way I feel about this show is similar to my feelings on Arrested awesome show that should have NEVER been cancelled. This show fell short by one season in comparison to Arrested Development and I still can't understand why. To be honest, I think it flew over the publics head. Television viewers would rather be entertained by idiot cartoons that walk a thin line on "sensitive" subjects then focus on intelligent programming. There are a lot of people who do not understand the inner workings of how people with money operate and really don't care to know because they're "broke". Many people apply the phrase "the root of all evil is money", forgetting, or just not knowing that the phrase is ACTUALLY, "the LOVE of money is the root of all evil". This show was proof of that statement.

The story was very engaging and gave me hope that there are still some quality writers out there. It was perfectly cast with individuals like Donald Sutherland, Blair Underwood, William Baldwin, Lucy Liu, and a host of other actors showcasing their skills in a manner that sucks you in every episode.

If you've ever wanted to get a concise picture of how the wealthy stay loaded with money, watch this show. It is more or less the blueprint of how to make things work to your advantage without PERSONALLY, getting your hands "dirty". Money is alluring and with a ton of it comes power. Even though the show is fictional, you can get a pretty good idea of how money runs the world by watching these rich people interact with each other like it's a game. On the other hand, the show emphasizes just how REAL these people are too. The general public tend to believe the misconception that money makes everything better; to a degree that is true, however, you can still have the same mental/emotional problems of someone who isn't so well off. As far as money "problems" go, it's shown that when these people have finance "issues", they're just as important as people who don't have ANY money and FAR more people are affected.

There are two seasons available and after watching them both, it seems as though they were abruptly stopped from even starting a third season to finish the story. I hope this show comes back or at the very least, they finish it and make it "straight to DVD". It kept me highly entertained and I'm sure it will open your eyes to how people with a lot of money can seemingly control a lot more than their own finances.

Both seasons are at Netflix and I believe season 1 is on Hulu and Fancast.

Dear Scums of the Earth...

Dear Scums of the Earth, 

I have been a faithful T-mobile customer for the last 4 years and a loyal Blackberry disciple for 3 and what has it gotten me? Not a damn thing but some headaches and lack of service. It used to mean something to say you owned a Blackberry. I looked at you as the superior smartphone. Now? Not so much since Team iPhone and Team Droid are putting you to shame with their prevailing functionality. I feel cheated because RIM devices are becoming the bottom of the barrel when it comes to all in one phones. I feel like I'm stuck in the retard box with the Palm Pre and it isn't fair. I don't want to be a retard *wiping tears*.

Due to this janky T-mobile contract they have continuously trapped me in, I'm stuck with them for another year and a half. I look at the contract fee I'd have to pay and I feel that money could be put to better use on my rapidly growing spawn, not a cellular phone service company that makes me pay 100% of my bill but only gives me 60-70% of service all of that time. Utter foolywang!

My gripe with T-mobile is that I'm EXPECTED to pay my entire bill but I have NEVER gotten service worthy of the exorbitant prices they bill me every month. How is this fair? Every time I call in with a technical problem, their first course of action is a Master Reset, as if THIS is the perfect solution to EVERY Blackberry problem. Well, I'm sick of it because it has yet to work. I understand that you train your employees to read from some script but we as the PAYING CUSTOMER deserve better from you.

After almost 4 months, you FINALLY escalate my issue to where I am speaking DIRECTLY with the manufacturer of my phone. I have to sit on the phone with them, troubleshooting for 3 hours before my problem even begins to look close to being solved. Waste of my valuable time.

T-mobile, I've had it with you. You sell a phone to the public that your company isn't fully familiar with. You never tell customers that it is better suited for someone who owns nothing but Microsoft operating computers because it isn't made to be compatible with MAC. While Microsoft owner's can easily download all of the software issued for Blackberry from T-mobile, MAC users have to go to Blackberry's website to get software to back up their phones. It becomes a headache when the people you hire aren't aware of this and proceed to treat the customer like they're retarded.

I would warn you to fix it but I really don't care at this point. T-mobile will be a thing of my past very soon. My Blackberry will become my child's new favorite toy. Currently deciding whether or not I want a Steve Jobs Special or Google's Monster....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pearl the Landlord

The Truth About Gabourey Sidibe

The truth is, Hollywood is shallow and has been built on the backs of the bold and the beautiful since its beginning. People are expected to look a certain way. Even those who come into "showbiz" staunchly refusing to succumb to celebrity "standards" have somewhat "altered" their appearance to either be accepted into celeb society and/or adjust their appearance to excel farther with their careers. If you can't think of anyone quickly look at all neo-soul artists who want to reach a larger crowd of people; they have to make themselves appeal to that crowd, hence appearing less "flawed". You can even look at the actress/comedian Monique who has stated matter-of-factly that she LOVED being an overweight woman; however she too lost weight so that she can continue to live her life. As soon as she did, people who normally wouldn't have looked her way, did and as a result, she has traveled success roads that were not there before her weight loss. I didn't make the rules so don't shoot the messenger for  what I have to say next.

Gabourey was typecast into a role that would have only been suitable for another overweight individual or someone who accepted the task of wearing a "fat suit". With that being said, think about any roles she would be "suitable" for playing in the future, if she chooses not to lose weight. Do keep in mind, this was her FIRST acting job ever in life so her resume is one film long. The general public is not going to believe a movie where the lead actor is someone like Laz Alonso and his love interest is Gabby, at her current size. This is why the movie Shallow Hal was created; it really does depict how a lot of people view overweight individuals. These "views" don't disappear because Gabby did a good job on her first role, in Precious.

I believe in having a healthy body so I would never attack someone who was larger than me assuming they are that way due to overeating. There are MANY reasons why someone could be overweight. However, being healthy should be a concern of anyone who takes care of themselves and wishes to live a substantially long life. All reasons aside for why Gabby is her size, I wish nothing but the best for her AND her health. Does Hollywood wish that for her? No. If they did, they wouldn't force women like Beyonce, who are prone to being larger than your average woman, to stay slim and trim. Hollywood is perfectly fine garnering all the attention they can for Gabby if it means more money in the bank for them. They aren't concerned if she drops dead unless it messes with their bottom much they can make off of her.

Movies will continue to be created but I doubt anyone is going to script a role simply to suit the realistic appearance of Gabby. We'd do better assuming Tyler Perry and Oprah would take that task than to assume she is just going to get acting jobs left and right because she got an Oscar nod. It sucks and I wish we didn't live in such a shallow society but we do. In the midst of everyone being upset about a comedian making fun of her character in Precious, no one draws attention to the pictures that circulate in emails, IM's, MMS messages, and tweetphotos about large, dark skin women who aren't famous. For those who haven't seen what I am referring to, a picture of a large Black woman was circulating the internet and a lot of people laughed and joked about how ugly and disgusting she was.

Now that some people feel the same way about Gabby, it has become a problem. Why? Would you follow Gabby on Twitter if she had never had that part as Precious? Be honest with yourself first and I'm sure the answer would be no. People are attracted to the glitz and glam that celebrities provide them with.  Celebrities and their clothing are fawned over day in and day out. The public and the paparazzi invade celebrities lives everyday demanding reasons for why they date who they are dating, if they really love the people they are married to/dating, if the lives they are leading are morally upstanding, as well as, whether or not they deserve any peace of mind for some bad decisions they've made. Is it fair to tell the public to mind their own business when it comes to Gabby? No. She chose to enter Hollywood so the rules don't change for her simply because she is overweight. She's getting the same treatment that is bestowed on everyone else the public is so eager to be nosey about.

Since she has expressed a healthy level of self-esteem I am positive she wouldn't want any "pity" attention from people. She wants to be appreciated for her acting skills, in regards to Hollywood. Making it seem as though everyone should "play nice" would be offering her a part of showbiz that doesn't exist. Again, I don't make these rules; the general public picks and chooses who they want to attack. They also herald those who they feel have paved a way for others who might not get an opportunity to be a celebrity otherwise. I wonder how many people are rooting for the woman who is PURPOSELY gaining weight so that she can be acknowledged in the Guinness Book of World Records for being 1,000 lbs. She's comfortable with who she is, has no problem being overweight and is seeking some form of celebrity status BECAUSE OF IT. Regardless of whether Gabby has intentions to lose weight or not, she is saying she wants people to accept her for who she is. The truth is, people either "feel sorry for her" or they talk about her. 

I'm sure there are some people who are indifferent towards it all but the bottom line is...she's overweight and it is very noticeable so people talk about it. People are going to be bias, others are going to be mean. Is it fair? No, but if you want to get up in arms about how others talk ABOUT HER, just make sure that you don't talk about random nobodies who are overweight and not attractive to you. We won't discuss whether or not she is "beautiful" because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and subject to anyones opinion.

Moral of this blog: if you're going to go to bat for one overweight actress, remember all the other overweight people you could care less about. If Gabby never decided to become an actress you wouldn't give two shats about anything in relation to her and you'd probably be amongst the many people giggling and snickering about her if someone passed around a photo of her with a tiara on talking about she's Princess Biggie.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Babybottoms: Why Are You Awake????

Babybottoms has turned into the perfect little self-soother. If what she wants isn't nearby and she can't drag herself across the couch, bed, or floor to get it, she'll grab whatever is closest that can do a similar job. I like that about my kid. As long as she can entertain herself, being on my lap is the furthest thing from her mind. However, when she gets sleepy, she turns into the terror of all terrors. She is one of those kids who WANTS to fall asleep badly BUT under her own conditions. If the "mood" is not set for her to fall asleep, she will be showing her ass.

She has to have her blanket, pacifier, and one of her monkeys nearby to rub on until she falls asleep. When she was fresh out the womb, she liked to cuddle to fall asleep. Somewhere in that fantastic little brain of hers, she has told herself she's a big girl and doesn't need me to fall asleep anymore. So when I try to cradle her I get full blown screams and flailing of arms like she's caught the holy ghost. Most times I'm left sitting there staring at her like, "Really? This is how we're gonna act because we don't wanna hug mommy?" I then fight the urge to toss her off my lap as she flaps about trying to scratch my face to pieces in an effort to break free of my mommy grasp.

This evening was no different, except daddy was putting her to sleep. He doesn't give her a chance to go into a full blown simian rage on him though. He's very methodical about everything. Get her before she gets you, is his motto. So at the first pouts of irritation, he's scooped her up and put her in the swing with her blanket, pacifier, and Buck (her meerkat she chokes to death). She's smiling and carrying on...out like a light within 5 minutes. I know that she isn't going to stay sleep in that swing ALL night so after a couple hours I pick her up to put her in the bassinet. When she's sleepy AND it's her bed time, she has NO problem going back to sleep so as soon as I laid her down, she did a semi-fuss which I've translated into "I want my blanket dammit", grabbed her pacifier, plugged her mouth and was back to sleep.

I usually check her diaper at 10 or midnight so she isn't sleeping in a pool of urine all night. She usually turns sideways to get away from the light while I change it and as soon as I button that onesie back up, she's back out. Tonight? Not so much.

I get this face while I'm changing her diaper:

This is not a problem because it's usually her way (in my mind) of saying, "thanks mommy for changing my diaper". However, it is a problem tonight because it's 10:30 pm and she KEEPS making this face. She proceeds to stretch and she's waking up for the night. Oh hell and no. I don't get much free time and I REFUSE for her to rain on my parade right now. I go to put the covers back on her after the diaper change and she throws them off. Fine. I decide to tuck them in. She kicks them out and laughs about it. I retuck her, tell her sternly, "GO TO SLEEP" and turn the light off.

When I begin to hear loud, screeching monkey noises, I see that she has taken it upon herself to wake up. As soon as I turn the light on, I get this face:

This face usually is captured when she's trying to make a point with her screeching and carrying on. While you the reader might think this is cute, I'm not amused because I've been dealing with this face for a good 4 months now. Every time I yell, "GO TO SLEEP", she yells some code of screeching back that I'll never know what it means but it always makes me feel like she's talking back. I really don't want to be interrupted this evening so I tell her the lights going out in 2 seconds. It gets quiet. I use this time to take a pee break only to come back to her kicking the wall through the side of her bassinet.

Her dad is laying on the bed like, "why me" and I'm just looking at her like, "dearest spawn, stop being a banshee and GO TO SLEEP". After about 30 minutes of kicking the wall in protest and throwing the covers off, I hear silence. Thank God.

I'm trying to stay as quiet as possible so that she doesn't get the idea that this is a game. I've already caught her peeking out the side of the bassinet when I was "sleep", trying to get my attention so I could come get her. The key here is no eye contact...she'll be back to sleep in no time and I can finish my late night rendezvous with myself.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Water Bugs Are Disgusting, Much Like Roaches

That nasty critter to the right is a water bug and in my mind, they are no different than cucarachas. I hate them and they make my skin feel nasty.

But before I get into this story about this killer water bug that attacked my humble abode, I must tell you what brought this to mind. I was reading Hyperbole and a Half's new posting, Spiders are Scary. It's Okay to Be Afraid of Them. You have to read her blog! It is hilarious and she draws ALL the pictures that accompany her postings. After reading about how spiders scare the living shat out of her, I was reminded of my households battle with the die hard water bug. We'll call him Big Baby Jesus... because he was just as terrifying as if the 2nd coming of Christ was occurring...or if Ol' Dirty Bastard was at your front door. 

I am the designated bug killer in my house because Babybottoms dad is horrified of anything that has the ability to crawl on him. Sometimes I get my daily jollies by telling him there is a bug somewhere near him or on him so I can see him act like he's having an epileptic seizure (ATTN: I do not laugh at people who have REAL seizures...that's cruel). Living in Atlanta, these bugs can pop up just about anywhere. I used to call them roaches when I first moved here but was quickly corrected each time by a if these nasty bugs are to be respected. I do my best to make sure there aren't any random pools of water near my doors, windows, or in the sink because I hate these kind of visitors, probably more than Babybottoms dad.

Babybottoms had to be about 2 months old and all 3 of us had fallen asleep on the couch. This was the most comfortable place for me to sleep because my c-section made it difficult to get in and out of my bed. So I'm laying there listening to my awesome little 2 month old snore in my armpit and her dad snore into his favorite blanket. Just as my eyes were shutting, Babybottoms dad jumps up, in the dark, yelling:


He's wiping at his arms, legs, shoulders, face, and hair so fast that he starts looking like a blur. Of course this scares the living crap out of me so I jump up too...leaving the baby on the couch all by herself. I'm standing next to this scary clown and it hits me to ask what he's jumping around for and he says:


I thought I had heard him drop his phone on the couch when he got up but he assured me it was whatever was crawling on him. I urged him to turn on the light and that 's when I remembered, I left the baby on the couch...with whatever else was lurking in the dark. I quickly ran over to grab her and the lights come on...

When I tell you that it was the biggest, blackest, ugliest water bug I'd ever seen in my life, PLEASE believe me! I screamed and of course Babybottoms dad followed suit. Imagine...2 grown people standing there screaming with an infant who is far too in love with her sleep to even be phased by our shenanigans. I know, this is ridiculous but you should have seen this mammoth sized bug!

It's 3 in the morning and we are on a mission to get this bug...and then it Speedy Gonzalez runs across the couch to the cracks and disappears. There is no way in hell I was EVER sitting on this couch, let alone sleeping on it again. Babybottoms dad took this grand opportunity to be all manly and protect us from the scary bug. Somehow Big Baby Jesus knew his death was imminent because every time Babybottoms dad got close, he would dash off again. 

Within 5 minutes of me putting Babybottoms in the bedroom and washing my hands (these bugs make me feel dirty), he had flipped over both couches so that they were standing upright and had a can of something spraying the carpet talking about how he was gonna f*ck up this bug. I'm standing there looking stuck on stupid because I don't want this bug getting anywhere near the kitchen or bedroom. I ask what he's using and he says:


Later on I look at the can and it is some kind of sanitizer for clippers. Babybottoms dad had to have used half the can getting this critter but finally it died. We put a cup over it in case Big Baby Jesus wanted to resurrect himself and jump on one of us. Thankfully that didn't happen.

Since we couldn't go back to sleep, I made tacos and we watched Blades of Glory. Babybottoms decided to wake up when she heard Will Ferrell drunkenly bellowing on the screen. We were fine afterwards but none of us slept on the couch again for a good month and that's a big thing, especially when Babybottoms dad thinks the couch is his bed.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

True Feminism

If you look up the definition of feminism, it says “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all the rights of women equal to those of men”. I support this movement 500% because I AM A WOMAN. However, I think there are a lot of women who call themselves feminist when it is convenient for them.
For anyone who wants to nitpick about the definition, don’t. It came out the dictionary and it will suffice. The dictionary works when you want to make people aware of the correct verb tense to use, the difference between worse and worst, and anything else you want corrected amongst others speech, grammar and spelling. So the dictionary will serve its purpose for this blog.
If women are to truly feel empowered and practice their feminism, they have to understand that they must maneuver like a man in a world full of AND ran by men. There is a line of hierarchy everywhere we turn in life. Someone has to be THE LEADER and it’s been designated as a man since the beginning of time. Is there a flaw in that system? Coming from a Christian household, I’d have to say if there was a flaw in that system, I’d have to admit God made a mistake. If you aren’t a Christian and believe in some other higher power, same rule applies. For everyone who doesn’t believe in that “higher being” stuff, ask yourself who designated men as THE LEADER in the first place? It’s something to think about…
I think it’s awesome for both men and women to exist as equals. However, I understand that would require millions of changes due to potential accusations of discrimination. The truth is, we weren’t built equal. Men’s bodies were built to do things women naturally aren’t inclined to do and vice versa. As a woman, I have no problem acknowledging that. Feminism was instituted so that women would have the same opportunities as men, IF we wanted them. Some women are perfectly fine being home, popping out kids, raising them, cooking dinner every night, and being a humble, submissive wife. Other women want to run Fortune 500 companies and “running” a family is not on their agenda. There is nothing wrong with either role but feminism makes sure that women will ALWAYS have the opportunity to do either one whenever they choose.
With that being said, if you are a woman who is a gung ho feminist when you’re a single woman but turn into a “pull my damn chair out and you better open my door” woman when you start dating, I have a problem with that. Do you pull chairs out for men? Do you open or even hold the door for men? Do you pay for dates, willingly? Do you approach men and tell them you’d like to take them out? Feminism isn’t about forcing others to see how womanly you are or can be. It isn’t about whipping men into being submissive to us either. It is about being proud of your feminine side while excelling in life as much as possible. Sitting on your ass waiting for anyone to hand you your ideal of happiness doesn’t fall under ANY type of movements, last I checked.
As a woman, you should feel empowered every morning you wake up and are able to go out and set a positive example for women. I know plenty of feminist that are married and in happy relationships. They are with men who understand what they are about. There is nothing wrong with wanting to date/marry a man who can provide for his family while you’re able to engage in your dreams. However, if your man wanted to engage in his dreams while you provided for the family, would you be able to do that? If we are fighting for equality, my question is why wouldn’t you be able to do it? When asking for things to be equal, sometimes it just won’t work in your favor but when it does, you can feel relieved enough to be proud you’re getting what you want.
I’ve said several times to my daughters father that I believe I was born in the wrong era because it seems like my generation wants so much from every one else but will only do so much themselves to get it. We (women) can’t expect others to make us feel empowered. It starts with yourself and when others see that you are leading such a life, they will respect your stance enough to acknowledge your “power” as a woman. I always try to maintain a fair outlook on most things because I understand at any given time things across the board can change causing the balance to lean in someone else’s favor.
So the next time you express that you are a feminist, make sure that you are upholding the true meaning of such a term. True feminists work hard to keep the ideal alive and doing contrary only helps destroy the overall idea of women’s empowerment.
(I am the author of this posting but it was originally posted on the Lady Bloggers Society blog; if you would like to see the comments over there, click here)

Monday, March 01, 2010

Babybottoms: Guess Who Got Their Ears Pierced?

So I didn't really get her ears pierced to punish her for caterwauling at 5 in the morning every day. I got them pierced because isn't that what you're supposed to do with little girls?

Anyway, our day started out perfect. I dressed her up and as she got all excited to get in her car seat, I laid the news on her. It didn't  upset her day; she was about to go for a ride in the truck and NOTHING could mess that up. We get to the mall and she's being a ham for everyone who walks up to the stroller. I didn't have to work at keeping her in a good mood. She had a fresh diaper, had just finished her bottle before we got in the truck and now she had more attention then she knew what to do with at the mall. Baby heaven is what she was in.

I will admit that it took me so long because I didn't want to go to Claire's or any other place similar. Teenagers piercing my beloved seeds ears? No. I worked in Claire's before...those girls aren't as clean as I would like them to be when dealing with such precious cargo. After some searching on the internet, I found a Piercing Pagoda. I was still a little iffy about taking her there because...teenagers seem to work at EVERY store in the damn mall. I took my chances and I was relieved to see two people working there that looked to be in their mid to late 20's. 

After listening to the young lady replay a story about some mom who hadn't cleaned her daughters ears in a million ears, I knew I had the person I wanted. Babybottoms was giggling and cooing her life away in the stroller...unaware of the pinching sensation she was about to experience.

I was instructed to hold her arms together so she couldn't knock the piercing tool out of the ladys hand and I had to hold her head still as well. My child does not like being confined or restricted unless it is her choice so we got a few grunts of discontent. I let the lady know that she better hurry up because this kid is like a mini Incredible Hulk when it comes to strength. I watched her do the first ear and about near died in the chair. I'm by no means a punk but anytime Babybottoms gives me that "mommy, help me please" look, I just want to die...and kill whoever is making her produce that face. I was seconds from saying forget it before she did the second ear but I couldn't have my daughter looking like an ass clown with just one ear done. I closed my eyes when she got to the next ear.

Babybottoms is gangster, in case I haven't mentioned this before. When she got her first shots, she was more shocked than anything and her cries didn't last for more than 3 seconds. This was pretty much how it went with her next shots and this ear piercing situation. When she was younger though, I would apologize and try to kiss her and she'd just turn her face like I was a traitor. This always made me feel even more horrible but hey, you have to get your shots kiddo.

I asked her if she was okay after the piercing was all done and she turned around, tears still streaming down her face and screamed at me. If I was a Baby Whisperer, I'm sure the translation would have been, "No, bitch!" Everyone standing there watching me.  Babybottoms kept up this scream any time I would speak to her until we got to the car. It wasn't a continuous scream though. When I opened my mouth to say ANYTHING to her, she would scream AT ME. I almost wanted to take her back and get a second set of piercings just to show her who's boss...then I remembered she's 5 months old and I'm 30 years old.

So far, she's doing good. No screaming or protesting when it's time to clean them and she's been camera ready. I almost feel like she knows she has pierced ears because every angle she's giving me has her little stud(s) showing. However I did have a bit of a scare this morning.

I asked her dad to hold her while I went to get her solution to clean her ear and he yells:

"Syn, come here! Her ear is turned purple!"

The only thing I could think was how fast can I get my clothes on and get back to the mall so I could put my foot in that chick's ass for infecting my child. I rushed to get my robe on and flew out the bedroom only to get to Babybottoms and she's fine. What her dingbat daddy didn't recognize is that it was the ink that they mark your ear with when you get them pierced. I just sat there shaking my head...he was about to have me in jail for assault and battery over this child's damn ear.

I know she's my child and some of you might think I'm bias but I swear she got like 10 times cuter since she got her ears pierced. Not that she wasn't already a cutie pie :)


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