Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Thank You?

This job hunting feels pointless most days but I'm still at it because will pay off. However, I get a tad irritated by some of the suggestions for jobs people have passed on my way. The whole point of getting off of unemployment is to be in a better financial position, NOT to go from one bad situation to another. Lateral moves ARE NOT progression. I've NEVER believed in trading in one set of problems for a new set. Therefore, when I look for jobs, I look for something that I am qualified to do, pays decent for the position listed, health benefits (because I have a kid now and her health is VERY important to me), and some flexibility.

I've had several of my friends and family tell me that beggars can't be choosy. Yeah, ok, so I'm supposed to be gung ho when you call or email me a job that pays $10/hr, is part time, and is 45 minutes from my house? My truck laughed at that job suggestion before I did. It takes a good $62-65 to fill up my tank; you can see where this is going, right? If I was desperate to get off of unemployment and not thinking straight, I would have set myself up for MORE disaster by taking a job like this than staying on until I was offered a job that covered more of my expenses then just gas. If you do the math on unemployment  income, taking a job that makes $10/hr is the same as me staying on unemployment. Again...I don't do lateral moves ESPECIALLY if they will quickly turn into MORE hardship.

So the first thing I think about when my family/friends make these suggestions is "Why are you conveniently forgetting how much money I made before I was laid off?" Take a second to remember please, THEN...suggests job. 

Again, things would be TOTALLY different if I were without Babybottoms. I could take on 2-3 jobs to make sure everything was back to normal. I can't do that with a newborn. I could go back to waitressing or start bartending. I could probably do this, however, I would need a babysitter for daytime and nighttime. So a LARGE portion of ANYTHING I made would go to babysitters and then I wouldn't see my daughter all that much. I'd be STRICTLY working to pay bills. While some people might live like that, that is no life for me. I know my limits and that is one of them. I have to make sure that my mental, physical, and emotional health are up to par when dealing with Babybottoms. She is a handful without me working. I am sometimes afraid to imagine how things would be if all I did was work and sleep, spending very little time with her w/one of those schedules. Also, waitressing/bartending wouldn't make me what I was making when I got laid off so I'd still be in a bad situation.

It has been difficult for me to find a "good" job and the same goes for Babybottoms father. Since we have time, we've been cultivating our business. Things are moving along better than ever so I am grateful for that. We were able to get a lot of things accomplished that having a 9/5 would have slowed down. So there is a silver lining in my cloud...

However, I would greatly appreciate it if my friends and family would stop suggesting crap azz jobs they KNOW are not good looks for my current situation.

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♥ CG ♥ said...

I think people get so gung ho trying to help that they forget to consider whether the suggestions make sense. It's great things are going better than expected, this may be a time of preparation for something you may not have considered.

Mz.Jonezy said...

Hey! Girl, I love your posts! :) You know what I have found out, people are good for suggesting things for you that they know they would never suggest for themselves. Its like sometimes, they are just giving advice or suggestions just to say that they suggested something. To them, the sheer fact that they gave a suggestions means more than the actual suggestion that they have given. Just don't get too frustrated with them, at least they care enough to pretend like they care (if that makes any sense, lol). Keep your head up and stay on it, you'll find something soon

CraigJC said...

I know the feeling. It's like people have completely lost their sensitivity and actually think you're starving (Of course if you are, then that's a whole other issue ...)

jeanette nicole* said...

I find that people think that just offering solutions to your problems (whether they fit or not) makes them some sort of help to you. Most often, they're wrong, haha. I had to chuckle @ ur sotry about the $10/hr job because who would suggest that to someone who has just recently had a child. That's barely enough for one person to live on, let alone two.

A.Smith said...

Man, you know what I hate about people who make suggestions? Their assumption that I will take their suggestion and that if I don't, I'm slapping them in the face.

First off, make a daggone suggestion I can use and secondly, go look up the word "suggestion"

Don't worry. I'll wait.

Funny how when you get in situations, everyone else suddenly becomes the expert. I'm sorry -- who's living this day to day? Cause I swear I keep waking up in this...

AssertiveWit said...

I'm glad that all 5 of you understand that I'm not being ungrateful for them looking out for a sista! I sometimes feel like shouting, "A JOB IS NOT JUST A JOB WHEN YOU HAVE CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES!"

I KNOW if I didn't have a baby, it would be easier but her welfare is what's most important so I have to look for a job that will cover EVERYTHING once my unemployment is gone.

Another thing I hate is the suggestion to do temp work or take a seasonal job...sure and when the assignment is over then what? I won't have ANY money at that point because the job will be done and the unemployment would be gone. I have to tell myself folks mean well but dammit if I don't feel like some people want me to fail sometimes LOL

Brilliance Is A Habit (c) Unknown said...

Send me your resume, cover letter and a sample description of the type of job you're looking for. If I am good at anything it's GETTING stuff. I know the economy is hard right now but if you want a particular level job you have to stand out above the pile. Like my former coworker used to say "imagine it's 4:55 p.m. and your resume is the last resume to be read, how do you stack up against the rest?" I am not saying your resume isn't up to snuff (I haven't seen it of course) but I can give it a once over if you like.



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