Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Shaking My Head At The U.S. Justice System

Something happens everyday that convinces me that our justice system is full of every type of shat imaginable. Today...I got reassurance while reading The Rolling Stones article on Dwayne "Lil Wayne" Carter.

These celebrities walk around like The Untouchables because the United States of America's justice system is a HUGE joke. It is almost as if they are dying to incarcerate any rapper who so much as jaywalks but then when they have them in their clutches, they all appear to get these smacks on the hand for sentences. It has been made VERY clear that if you have money, you can negotiate the terms and agreement to ANYTHING. 

How is Mr. Carter's future jail stay different then most individuals?

I'll use my brother's situation as an example. Right now, he is incarcerated in Texas. When he was apprehended, he was told that it would take 1-3 years before his case could go to trial because that was how short staffed and behind they were. So, regardless of whether he committed the crime for which he is being imprisoned he STILL has to sit there until they can get to him. His meals mainly consist of 2 thin slices of bologna, a roll of bread that is harder than concrete, and about 3 carrots. Some days, that covers 2 meals for the day. He told me that the inmates can tell when the FEDS are on the premises because then AND ONLY THEN, do they get "good food" and normal rations.

If I write him, they open his mail before it gets to him. That's fine and understandable, however, I can only send up to 6 pictures, per letter. I cannot send ANY magazines or books. The publisher of any reading material I want to give him, must send them. Care packages must be purchased through the prison and they aren't "affordable" in the least bit. A pack of ramen costs 69cents...even though it's only like 12-14cents in the grocery store. A small jar of peanut butter is over $5. Everything is grossly marked up. He can only have 2 visits a week for 20 minutes each; if someone out of town comes to visit, they get an extra 10 minutes. The phones are FILLED with static so you can barely hear what each other are saying.

I'm not saying feel sorry for my brother or that I need to go cry a river and jump in it because "woe is me". What I am saying is this...

For Mr. Carter's manager to be figuring out a way for him to have a Twitter account while in jail, sending him music so he can continue his craft, and find other ways for him to stay connected to the public, THAT is some bullshat. He plead guilty to possession of a weapon he knew he wasn't supposed to be anywhere near. It doesn't matter if it wasn't his or it was. If he is to be in prison, he should get the same treatment everyone else does. No random normie is allowed any type of extra communication other then hand written letters and short visits so the same rules should apply to him. Life stops when you enter prison for a reason. 

Imagine my surprise when I found out that he wasn't even imprisoned today! According to the media, his  date to enter "the system" has been pushed up to March 2nd because he has some dental work he needs to finish getting done. He couldn't get it done sooner because his dentist was out of the country. I literally laughed out loud at our justice system as I read that. Lil Wayne gets to change his date to be incarcerated because he needs his teeth fixed? Please...anyone...tell me this is a joke.

I was pregnant when my brother was taken to jail. It sure would have been nice if he could have postponed his "jail date" until after I had Babybottoms. The reality of a normal man living in an urban area is exactly what happened to my brother. He comes outside with his hands up asking what the problem is, gets hogtied, and then repeatedly kicked in his head, chest, and legs. He also got stomped on. Excessive police brutality, so much so that another officer had to take him to the hospital before locking him up because the entire left side of his head had swoll up. I saw a picture of his face after the "cop beatdown"...if I didn't know my brother, I wouldn't have recognized him. His face looked like a mixture of Quasimodo and Sloth.

I'm not hating on Wayne; not in the least bit. I'm a fan of his music and all that good stuff. It just upsets me that our judicial system is so OBVIOUSLY bias. I understand that rappers aren't the only ones who get "special treatment". There are some artists who get made examples of (see: Chris Brown) on the other end of the spectrum. While some women feel his sentence wasn't fair, it was a first time offense. The level of violence that was exuded in that situation usually gets community service and/or anger management classes. He got far more than that. Our judicial system is either very lenient or over the top strict with their celebrity verdicts. You'll never hear me say R. Kelly has horrible music but you know, as well as I do that he should be serving some kind of time, probation, SOMETHING, for being sexually involved with minors. However, our justice system deemed him a man fit for freedom. 

I know we can blame it on the jury but before it's all said and done, the judge is the one with the power.

If it wasn't obvious that money runs everything, it is now...

3 points of view:

Ms_Slim said...

Ugh! That hate I have for Wayne certainly solidifed itself yesterday when I heard that he wouldnt be going to jail yesterday as planned...because of his dental appointment smh. I can't even call out of work for that, unless its on some extreme pain type deal. Ugh!

It is terrible that your bro is incarcerated. Im sorry to hear that...and their treatment is horrible, whether the crime is committed or not. Youre absolutely right though...money reigns in a way that is not even understandable. And this is the perfect situation to show such an example.

Don't even get me started on the RKelly trial. I was mad.as.Hell. The justice system is a true joke. For real.

HD said...

Yeah, Lil Wayne must've paid the judge under the table so he could get his teeth "fixed." Probably trying to knock up another woman before going off to the slammer.

AssertiveWit said...

Ms_Slim: I don't hate the lil guy LOL however, I do think the liberties he's being given as a celebrity are unwarranted because technically, he's a convicted felon.

HD: you're hilarious

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