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Interracial Dating

I have yet to discover one reason for liking MediaTakeOut; they are that nosey neighbor/friend/onlooker who speculates what they believe a situation to be based on some photographs and then they gossip about it on their website. Sometimes their information turns out to be true, other times, you just want to stab them with a pencil so they'll have something else to do with their time other than gossip about famous people who probably hate them.

Babybottoms dad frequents two online grape vines; MediaTakeOut happens to be one so it pops up when you open a new tab in the browser. I decided to click on it today and then was IMMEDIATELY sorry I did. I saw one of the captions say:

"IS THIS APPROPRIATE???? NAACP Chooses Three Actors Who EXCLUSIVELY DATE INTERRACIALLY To Host The Upcoming Image Awards"

Really MediaTakeOut? Out of all the "news" you could report in reference to the upcoming NAACP awards THIS is what you choose to focus on? So it's appropriate that the NAACP will allegedly be handing out an award to The Real Housewives of Atlanta? If you were SO concerned about representing all this BLACKNESS, did you forget Kim Z. is Caucasian and she's on the show? The Real Housewives of Atlanta aren't even ALL housewives; only 2 of the 5 women are even married...ummm, don't you have to be married to even take on the role as a houseWIFE? Right....

BUT INSTEAD, here is MediaTakeOut making a big deal about who Tatiana Ali, Taye Diggs, and Wanda Sykes date/marry.

It irritates me when I see people get up in arms about other people dating someone outside of their race but in the same breath want to talk about discrimination, racism, and prejudice. I suppose in their small, trifling brain, they've convinced themselves that they aren't playing a part in this ongoing issue of race. However, NEWSFLASH: YOU ARE!!!

THAT'S what is inappropriate. The millions of people who frequent MediaTakeOut's website could be influenced in a positive way, instead, they choose to further perpetuate an ongoing problem...concerning themselves with things that are not significant issues.

I grappled with the idea of unfollowing a real life friend on Twitter because of his OBVIOUS disdain for interracial dating. He had no problem broadcasting this on Twitter for everyone in my timeline and his, to see (we both have "locked" pages). I was appalled because I've known this guy for almost 10 years and "dated" him as well. I never once saw his disgust for white people. It came flaring out once Tiger got caught up cheating on Elin though. His opinion was that she deserved to be cheated on because she wasn't Black.

Ummm, NEWSFLASH TO YOU IDIOT: Tiger isn't 100% Black.

So for individuals who are sired by people of different races, do they AUTOMATICALLY become ONE RACE, even though they might have SEVERAL different nationalities coursing through their veins? If one parent is Black, does that mean that you, the multi-ethnic child MUST only date Black people or it's a direct slap in the face of ALL your Black ancestors? Get the hell out of here with that idiot logic!!!! If you are Black and both of your parents are Black and all you've ever been attracted to are Black people, wouldn't it stand to reason that a multi-ethnic person just might be attracted to EVERYTHING they are mixed with? Who are you to take that "law of attraction" from them because you're a close minded peon who believes any ounce of Black blood makes you 100% Black and that is the ONLY nationality you can date?

My take on interracial dating? Date who you want, when you want, however you want.

I do not measure a person by the nationality of who they date. Love does not have a skin color attached to it so why do people INSIST on believing in this kind of foolishness? Every individual is entitled to feel as they do about THEMSELVES dating outside of their race but when you begin to force your own opinion of it on others, you're only making an ass of yourself. Granted, you can find people w/similar attitudes towards interracial dating and convince yourself that it is appropriate to hate on people who date outside of their race but that doesn't make it okay.

If anyone was wondering if I date outside of my race, the answer to that is, I haven't but that isn't because I wouldn't. I will consider dating anyone who is attractive to me, REGARDLESS of nationality. Do I have a preference? Of course, as most people do. However, I do not let my preferences dictate how others should date and I definitely don't let my preferences create a tiny box for me to sit in.

So, for all of you who are still acting like it's a sin against God to date outside of your race, get over it and stop contributing to the race issue that doesn't ever seem to go away!

13 points of view:

jeanette nicole* said...

*starting the slow clap* I love this (if you couldn't tell from my insta-retweet on Twitter, ha!). People are too busy worrying about who others are dating when they need to concentrate on themselves.

P.S. Digging the new layout. :)

AssertiveWit said...

jeanette nicole: I saw the "insta-retweet" LOL thank you much!

Personally, I have too many other things on my mind to give ANY energy to who the next mofo is dating. I just don't care and anyone who is tired of our "race relations" being a steady topic of discussion, shouldn't care either.

asia kismet said...

wow @ all of that. first of all... i have some issues with the saltines but i'm working on it...i promise i

secondly the world is becoming more diverse and globally connected...interracial dating is going to happen. get used to it. find peace with you said the only thing that should matter is LOVE. We're all mixed up anyways.

JuJu said...

love this post - and yes i agree people automatically throw someone who is mixed w/ black in the only "black" catagory.. look at obama.. he is half white and half black.. but NEVER EVER do you hear anyone mention anything about his white side, as far as anyone is concerned, obama is black - and that's all that matters when in reality it shouldnt matter if someone is black, white, purple, green - whatever and what color that other person is that they choose to date.. what matters is how that person is on the inside.. i love this post and am glad someone is finally speaking up on the ignorance that is so clearly out there.

Stepfanie said...

Oh God, Tell me about it!!! I'm half filipino and black, and I've dated a couple of black guys, but have mostly dated white or hispanic guys. My black friends always thought it was weird or something was wrong with me or them, and it was very exhausting. It still is now.

Oh and I love your new blog.

Unknown said...

As a white man married to a black woman, let me state, first and foremost, I am in love with her. We have no control who we fall in love with. One minute it's not there and, the next minute, it is! All of a sudden, you're in love and, when you're truly in love, it's for keeps. We will retire together and die together.

What is it about her? Well ... we really get on. We laugh together. We have things in common. We share many of the same interests, beliefs and values.

Thankfully, there is great sexual chemistry between us. Her last boyfriend had a huge dick and I'm not well-endowed, so you know the sexual chemistry between us must be good!

Race relations aren't talked about in our house but, I must confess, we do tell very racist jokes.

It's sad that MediaTakeOut are focusing on the partners of these three very talented black people. This trio should be supported and applauded. Period.

Michael Horvath said...

You know, people should just mind their own business. Let others live their lives as they choose.

Date who you like. Be with someone you enjoy. You never know who it is you will end up in love with. And why should it matter to anyone else anyway?

CraigJC said...

MediaFakeout is what some call it. I'm trying my best not to slide down that slippery slope myself.

Malcolm said...

That's pretty weak on MTO's part to criticize the NAACP Image Awards for choosing Taye, Tatyana, and Wanda to host the show this year. I was pleased to see in the comments section of the post at MTO that many people were slapping that foolishness down.

I consider myself lucky because I'm attracted to women regardless of their ethnicity. Even if interracial dating isn't one's personal preference, to condemn it when others do it is very shortsighted.

By the way, I discovered your blog through Miles Per Hour at "Thunder from a Quiet Storm".

Curvy Jones said...

I've heard too much about Mediatakeout to ever step (virtual) foot there. To my knowledge I've never been there. I don't get the purpose, but whatever floats the boat, I guess.

I've always said I don't really care who dates who, so long as your reasons for dating said person doesn't start with a salty, "because *black women* don't...." I have nothing to do with you who choose to be with, and I wouldn't want to be the woman chosen because someone is angry with an entire race of people.

AssertiveWit said...

asia kismet: I don't know why you have them and you've always come across as pretty logical so I won't tell you to "get over it" but work them issues out girl! work them out! LOL

JuJu: no one ever really mentions the Presidents White side because (I think) they don't relate to him (as far as "race" goes). He looks 100% Black so that's all people reference. Not that it should matter but you know how people my mind, it's normal for me to get to know someone's character versus seeing their skin color talking about how their ancestors probably beat mine. I cringe when I hear people say retarded stuff like this because it shows a lack of mental growth.

Stepfanie: thank you!

I have some cousins whose mother is Filipino and they are always getting asked "what you got in you"...I told them they should respond, "a heart, liver, kidneys, blood, muscle, etc. you know, the same stuff you got in you". Sometimes people are so rude when they see something/someone different. So irritating...

phallatio: what you and your family hee and haw about in your home is your business and it should stay that way. I'd be a liar if I said my family and I have politically correct conversations...because we don't LOL however, I'm not out in public acting a damn idiot when I see a Black man dating a White woman or vice versa. If I saw it, my mind doesn't view it any different than 2 people of the same nationality dating one another, you know? I knew your stance on this subject anyway :)

MPH: Ditto

Craig: PLEASE don't become like them; I like your blog

Malcolm: Welcome! thanks for reading!!!

that's how MY law of attraction works...if I get all warm and get a tingle from looking at you, it's a long as I'm not currently seeing someone LOL

Jay_fever said...

Some people are dumb...and that's all I have to say about this

ashley said...

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