Friday, January 15, 2010

Get Better Manners!!!

One of my many pet peeves is people who have bad manners. It is one thing to be going through something and have a lapse in your manners; totally different thing to just be rude all the damn time.

After sifting through Babybottoms pictures to submit to modeling agencies, I finally got around to my list of places to call. Growing up, I never wanted to model because I didn't want to be in that environment. It wasn't conducive to my personality at all so it wasn't something I ever wanted to do. I'm only considering it for Babybottoms because unlike me, she LOVES the camera. However, after the rude customer service I received from the top modeling agencies, I damn near closed that short chapter in Babybottoms book of adventures.

Yes, I am putting the agencies on blast because they should do better about who answers the phones.

Wilhelmina Models (Miami office)

*after someone answers the phone and mumbles something that is probably "Wilhelmina" into the phone*

Me: I had a question. I needed to submit_____________

Before I could even get out that I wanted to submit pictures FOR MY DAUGHTER, I was transferred to a general information line...that did absolutely nothing for me because my question was in regards to submitting photos of children NOT adults. After the general information line is finished with its taped recording, it automatically disconnects the call. Now, someone with good customer service AND manners would have waited UNTIL I WAS DONE SPEAKING THEN transferred me or answered my question.

I called the New York office and before that front desk person had a chance to rudely transfer me I said, "Please let me finish what I have to say before you start transferring me because your Miami office did that and I was transferred to a general information line." She let me finish my request and gave me the information I needed.

FORD Models (New York office)

*someone answers the phone and says something that might be "FORD" but it was mumbled"

Me: Is this Ford Models?

Rude Azz: *sarcastically* Ummm, yes

Me: I needed to know which office accepts children models and does the child have to live in NY.

Rude Azz: Where do you live?

Me: Atlanta

Rude Azz: If you're not an adult you have to live within a mile of the agency where you want to work. *click*

No "goodbye", "thank you for calling", "did you need anything else"...nothing but the dial tone.

All I could do was stare at my phone and really contemplate whether or not I wanted to call anymore numbers. I figured I should at least give the Atlanta agencies a shot...

When I called the first one, she let me finish talking before answering and gave me additional information that was useful. Second place I called...same thing. Third place I could have swore I even heard a smile in her voice. It was obvious that even if these women hated their job, you would never know because they had impeccable customer service. I damn near want to call Ford and Wilhelmina or write in to let them know that the women they have working their main line suck and need to be replaced.

While I understand that Ford and Wilhelmina have world renowned reputations that might make their employees think it's okay to do what they want, it's still a business. I'm sure that whoever started these agencies wouldn't want their Front Desk phone being answered like that. I know that I'm not "important" but that could have been ANYBODY calling. Anytime someone is answering a business phone, it should be answered as though that person is a potential customer/client.

Bottom line...have some manners and better customer service at your place of employment...trollops.

2 points of view:

Jay_fever said...

Yeah...I could definitely see people that work at those kind of establishments being complete dickheads...smh. I haven't the slightest clue why or how they feel they have such an entitlement.

Michael Horvath said...

Rudeness is something that is too commonplace these days if you ask me.

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