Thursday, January 28, 2010

7 Things About Me You Might Not Know

I got this from @DayDreamGem who originally posted it on wordpress. Have a look at her "7"; they're pretty interesting .

1 - When I was a kid, my dream was to be rich and live in a tree house surrounded by books and silence. Not very exciting, I know, but I enjoyed reading far more than interacting with people. My cousin and I had agreed that we were never getting married or having children so this suited my plan well. Somewhere along the road of life I thought I wanted to get married but I think that was because I felt I had to be "normal".

2 - Finding out I was pregnant had to be the weirdest moment of my life. Again, I really didn't plan to have children; they just weren't a priority in my life. Now that she's here, I feel more like a Protector than a "mommy". I don't know if that's "normal" but I'll spend the rest of my life trying to keep her comfortable with having a mother like me. I know I'm a big ass weirdo but sometimes when she looks at me, I think she's glad she got a weirdo for a mommy.

3 - My friends consult me about sex related "issues" like I'm some kind of sex guru. I definitely missed that memo but several of my friends have said I know far more about sex than them. Last I checked, I didn't know more than the average person but maybe I do...all that reading paying off, I guess. Or maybe what I constitute as "general knowledge" really isn't....

4 - I'm not a phone person, meaning, I don't really like talking on it. I use my text messaging, IM, and email way more than the actual phone part. I prefer talking face to face. I've been like this long before social media took over the world. I hate how the phone gets hot on your ear...and how the heat causes your face to sweat all over your phone. It's disgusting. Anyone I've ever sat on the phone and jabberjawed with for extended periods of time...please know that I REALLY like you as a person.

5 - I'm an Extroverted Introvert. I had someone tell me that I had a ton of friends; I had to politely tell them that everyone they've ever seen me with or around is NOT my friend. Since we live in a society where life is made more difficult if you stick out like a sore thumb, I've done what's necessary to blend in at times. However, I think people like me far more than I'll ever like them. I use things like Facebook, Twitter, and my blog to stay connected to the world outside of my brain. I'm perfectly content being by myself but I have friends to remind me that being a hermit is not conducive to a flourishing life.

6 - I have anxiety issues when people are too close to me. I think this is the main reason why I haven't attended too many concerts. When I would go clubbing w/my friends, I didn't get drunk for the same reason they did; I needed to be able to deal with all those people touching me. I just hate feeling confined. A room with 5 people in it can make me start sweating uncontrollably if the room is too small. I need my space. I don't like it when people sit too close to me either. Scoot the f*ck over. Thank you.

7 - Cooking is very therapeutic for me. I don't like cooking with other people though. I'll never ask someone to chop vegetables for me while I'm preparing the other part of the meal. I have to make/prepare the entire meal or I'm not making anything. I don't like helping other people cook either. Cut your own damn vegetables because 9 times out of 10, you're gonna wanna talk. I don't talk while cooking. It's my "quiet time". The only person I've successfully been able to cook "with" is Babybottoms dad. It has never extended past breakfast though. I use my cooking time to think about things I'd otherwise be too distracted to ponder.

The cruelest lies are often told in silence
- Robert Louis Stevenson

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A.Smith said...

You took 3, 4, and 5 right out of my life.

Well, my friends don't consult me on sex, they consult me on EVERYTHING else. Drives me bat shit crazy. So what I did a lot of reading (and pay the eff attention when I go through this crazy thing called life) you can do it too, dammit!

My BFF in high school turned me into a phone person, but that was short lived. When the phone rings now, I get anxious. I would always rather watch TV or be silent by myself than be on the phone having to pay attention and stuff. I care, I do, but like not right, right, right now...

I was really shy when I was little. I grew out of it, but I think that shy 7 year old is still in me and she comes out sometimes -- but I have the ability to ignore her when necessary. :) It's only ironic because when I ignore her, I go to the other extreme. Walk up to strangers and start a convo? Sure will -- I will be sweating bullets inside, but you'd never know. And I have that same "people like me more than I like them" problem. It can be annoying as hell sometimes, but ultimately I'm appreciative that people are willing to put up with my sh*t (cause I'll give it to you).

NightFall914 said...

I love posts like this. #4 had me laughing I've become the some way with the phone. I'm text before talking 9 out of 10 times. I've heard #7 from a few people. Interesting.

N.I.K.E. said...

Great Post. I Might Actually Take Some Time To Make One Myself. :)

Relevantlystaying said...

#7 you and are kindred spirits! I cook alone, and I put my heart and soul and all my energy into it...I cant stand for anyone to be in my kitchen.. I need that time to think.

HD said...

I enjoy reading more than interacting with people too, which is probably why I have no social life whatsoever. Lol. That can definitely be a benefit and a detriment at the same time.

Unknown said...

Hi, Congrats on the New Baby! Hi New Kid!
So you are basically "Lynn" from Girlfriends to all of your buddies. She was supposed to be the super educated, over degreed, sex guru in contrast with Tony and Joan.

Well I guess I will have to try this.
Mista Jaycee
PS I started a Yoga Blog too!

oNe mAn gAng said...

Welp...I guess I don't have to do this because yours is eerily similar to mine (as you know.) Thanks, I know you understand. LOL

Jay_fever said... living in a tree house. Gotta love the minds of children.

We're definitely eye to eye on 4 and 5.

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