Wednesday, December 09, 2009

You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours

I write in my blog for creative purposes only.

Granted, everyone starts writing a blog for various reasons but mine was constructed to keep my brain fresh for my other writing (screenplays, novels, etc.). Therefore, I don't do much "advertising" of my blog. I don't hide it in the least bit but you won't catch me shoving it down anyone's throat either. So, it kind of irritates me when people, who I KNOW NEVER read my blog, TELL me to read theirs. It becomes more irritating when I have people set up in my Blog List and I'm alerted whenever they post a blog but they STILL will find some kind of way to say, "Have you read my new blog?"

Please....give me a chance to read it, first and second, don't ask me why I didn't comment. I probably didn't have anything to say and sometimes I don't want to leave a "LOL" or "good blog".

Sometimes it becomes obvious that the same person who wants to ask you if you've read their blog probably hasn't read yours because you aren't some popular blogger or gossip site. The reality about blogging is, just because you have a blog, it doesn't make you a good writer, or even a writer for that matter. There are some blogs that I read because they entertain me; other blogs I read because the author REALLY is a good writer.

I pay attention to certain things when I read blogs and if I'm too distracted by these things, I will more than likely stop reading the blog altogether. For instance, grammatical errors that are obviously made because yo azz don't proofread or spell check before you hit "PUBLISH POST". Granted, if I know the person offline, I might still read their blog from time to time but my interest might not be there 100%. My attention has to be arrested if I'm going to take the time to sit down and read anything because I have a lot going on during the day...Babybottoms being 90% of what's going on.

This is not just limited to blogs; people ask me all the time if I've checked this out or that out that they are doing or involved in. There is nothing wrong with self-promotion but if you can't relay anything I've written in the last 3 months back to me, don't bother. I don't think people realize how self-important and arrogant that is. If you want people to be interested in what you are doing, you've got to be interested in what other folks are doing. It's the universal cycle of things. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

So, if you want to fix your lips to ask me if I've supported your efforts at anything, please make sure that you are supporting me as well. Thanks!

9 points of view:

Ms Jones said...

I read your blog!

Michael Horvath said...

Some blogs that I follow, well I read them yet never seem to have a comment. Some blogs I don't read because the content isn't for me although the writer may be a follower of mine. Two examples of the blogging world. I say write for yourself, read what you like, and comment if you feel like it.

Anonymous said...

I know that's right!

Unknown said...

You get out of life what you put into it! With my circle of friends and contacts, reading everything is virtually impossible, but I still make the effort!

Jay_fever said...

All those bastards piss me off. They've got some nerve...Punk asses ask me to suscribe and aren't even subscribed to me...they can go chew on a brick.

Naturally Alise said...

I encounter this type of situation with the spoken word world. Folks will pester you to death to purchase their book or come to an event they are hosting or are in, but never take time to ask about what you have going on. Then they have the nerve to be offended when you suddenly don't want to go to their events... people are a trip.

HD said...

Nice. I totally agree with you. I hate it when people disregard spelling and proofreading their blogs. I'm like a freak when it comes to doing that on my blog. LOL! I'll definitely file your blog under the ones I'm following. Keep up the good work!

Stepfanie said...

Haha, I've always loved reading your posts. Your so straight forward and honest. And this is another great one!

AssertiveWit said...

Ms Jones: thank you!

MPH: that is how it's supposed to be but there is always that one friend or group of friends who ALWAYS badgers you about reading their stuff but NEVER even thinks twice about reading your material; I personally think it's rude. I don't fish for readers so it irritates me when other people do it, you know?

phallatio: I read my friends and "followers" blogs when I get a chance to. I've never written expressly for the purpose of hundreds or thousands of people to read; if someone reads and comments, great; if they don't, oh well, big deal. I agree that reading everything is virtually impossible but it's almost like THESE particular people EXPECT your choice of reading material to ALWAYS be theirs when they RARELY if EVER read the persons they're bothering.

Jay_fever:some of the people's blogs I read now are because they asked me to read them; I don't mind checking them out but if they aren't written for what I'd like to read on a regular basis, I won't continue to read them. I think that's fair, right?

NaturallyAlise: OMG! This was another reason I steered clear of poetry blogs because I found that a lot of those bloggers were so pushy about you reading their stuff. I don't want nobody IMing me to tell me that they posted something new when I ALREADY have them in my Reader. I will get a notification and I'll read it when I want to. Sheesh! LOL You are one of the few exceptions to my "no poetry" rule ;)

HD: I knew this girl who you could tell had a lot of stuff swirling around in that Gina Waters head of hers but she just couldn't articulate it that well. Reading ANYTHING she wrote was like chewing glass...extremely difficult and painful LOL she'd email me stuff to read and I could never finish it but she'd always want my opinion on it. I told her that if she cared about her writing, she'd improve it. She felt it was fine the way it was. I stopped reading anything she wrote or I'd just laugh at her OBVIOUS errors.

Stepfanie: thanks :)

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