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None of my family have had the privilege of meeting Babybottoms in person...because we all live in different states. However, I did do my part and alert family members as to my due date, as well as when she actually came into this world. So far, the only grandparent of mine who has taken any interest in my child's existence is my mother's mom. That grandmother has been there for me for pretty much EVERYTHING so I didn't expect anything less but I'm kind of salty about my other two grandmothers.

My dad's biological mother didn't even acknowledge the baby shower invitation I sent her, nor did she return my phone call. She has no problem calling and paying attention to her other grandchildren though.

My dad's stepmother....she's the one I REALLY want to hit over the head with a brick. Because she's so damn old and bitter, I'm going to give her a pass. My sister recently moved around the corner from her so I asked her to show our grandmother the pictures. When my sister let our grandmother know that I had a baby her response was so evil. The first words out of her mouth were, "Is she married"; after my sister replied she said, "I guess she went out and got herself a baby just like you". To be honest, I might have hung up on her had I been on the phone. My sister handled it pretty well though and stated that while we weren't raised to have children out of wedlock, the baby is here now and that is what the family should be concerned about. Our grandmother went on to say some more nasty things about us and our children. I'll probably never talk to her again.

I know my grandmother is old and miserable because of her current situation but there are people like her who aren't old and I will never tolerate their behavior. She didn't even want to know my daughters name. While it kind of hurts, I just focus on all of the people who love Babybottoms and who have been supportive of her birth.

And people wonder why my friends are more like family, then my blood relatives....

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a black girl who did date said...

Well El Ron wrote a song about it, wanna hear it? Here it go.....

"Little Lo-hog-an, welcome to our fam-a-leeheehee....."

You know the rest!!!

Chile sometimes your own family is the worst. And even though we love them, we can't always care about what they think or say. You are doing a great job with your child and that is all you should be worried about.

Brittni said...

I know how excited I am about my little one. It warms my heart when I hear people are anxiously awaiting her almost as much as me. To have instances where you come across those that could care less, I know has to hurt.

I'm sorry those reactions stole a little bit of your joy but think about how much happier Logan will be having only those around her that absolutely do love her to pieces. Sometimes its best to cut the naysayers out early on so that you have easier access to the good ones.

A.Smith said...

People tend to act a fool with other family members because in the back of their minds they "know" that because that's family, they're stuck with them. It's not ok, and too many people do it.

Old and bitter is not an excuse. She'll regret her attitude one day.

always4evamoi said...

im sorry to hear that. you little one is so lucky to have her great grandparents around but it's such a shame they have to be like that. that's history right there. sigh. oh well. you are doing what you can do for your little one and she will be blessed for it.

jeanette nicole* said...

Ugh, I cannot stand judgemental people like that. We have some people in my family that are like that I avoid at all costs. It is certainly their loss that they won't be able to know and love your adorable babygirl.

Unknown said...

I am sorry to hear that your family isn't being very supportive. I'm sure it must be hard to start your own family and not have the other families there for support. I don't subscribe to the thoughts regarding babies out of wedlock being a bad thing. If you can support and sustain a child, then go ahead. There are married couples who have no business having children, but do. It's all about the individual person and their ability to provide the child with love, support, and basic needs in life. I guess a lot of this has to do with me being Buddhist :) I don't subscribe to a bunch of rules and judgements, just be your best self and everything will be fine! Congratulations!

Relevantlystaying said...

Honey, sometimes family is worse than your enemies. The most critical, the most unreliable, and the hardest to love... There is a positive in this situation, and that is you are saving your daughter from them being exposed to that negativity. She doesnt need it..

Naturally Alise said...

Hurt people, tend to hurt people... and they suck!

Unknown said...

Needless to say, if I was closer, you would definitely have had a visit from me! x

♥ CG ♥ said...

I can only imagine how you feel. It amazes me that family can be so selfish and disinterested, but like you said, your friends are your loving supporters. Shame on any grandparent who chooses to be distant. All the best, chica!

AssertiveWit said...

a black girl: LOL yes, sometimes family is horrible but I get tired of giving family members passes BECAUSE they are family, you know? why is that even a standard? because someone is family you automatically have a right to treat them any way you please...just ridiculous

Brittni: if it was some random who could care less, you know I wouldn't give two hoots about they ass but when it's family, it pisses me off because they are SUPPOSED to care. I just never thought I'd be categorizing my grandmothers as people who need to be cut off. Sucks but oh well. Babybottoms won't have to worry about their old asses though LOL

A Smith: well she don't have long to regret her nasty attitude...she is old you know LOL

always4evamoi: as long as my daughter gets a chance to meet my grandmother who actually gives a damn, I'll be fine :)

jeanette nicole: every time I look at Babybottoms I can't imagine ANYONE not loving that little face so you're right; it is their loss!

Stefanie: Buddhist are so peaceful. It's these crazy Christians you gotta watch out for! I'm kidding but on a serious note, these two grandmothers have ALWAYS been known for their judgmental attitudes so their judgment of me doesn't phase me. Them not acknowledging the baby though? THAT pissed me off. I'll get over it though :)

Relevantlystaying: Babybottoms has a lifetime of negativity ahead of her because that's just life; these 2 evil hags not being around will lessen the load LOL

NaturallyAlise: these old women ain't hurt; they're just tough pieces of leather who think they're better than other folks

phallatio: thanks Linds!

CurvyGirl: Thank you :)

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