Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Secular Music is The Debil! (channel Waterboy's momma)

If I hear one more person try to convince me or anyone else that the A-listers of music are all Satan worshippers, I just might spit on someone.

A while back I wrote a blog about Beyonce's recent videos and her lack of creativity because they all seemed to showcase her pussy poppin skills...not really dancing. You know as well as I do that we ALL can do her dance moves...while having sex. Sure, it'd be rough sex but it could be done. She's no Janet or J.Lo (don't fixate on Janet's outfit or J. Lo's fall during the previous awards; all shade aside, you know them heffas can dance better than you and most folks); she's more of an around the way girl who knows how to move those big hips her momma gave her. But I digress...after posting that blog about Queen Creole on Blogger, I chose to post it as a Note on Facebook.


Someone I went to high school decided it would be the opportune time to post a few YouTube links in regards to the occult having something to do with The Roc and Beyonce. I withheld my initial response (initial response: STFU please. Thank you.) and asked if he created the blog and the videos with which he was sharing. His response? Absolute it should have been because I am positive that information was not anything he had researched himself. See what I mean about people being easily led? Think for yourself dammit!

Anyway, the information he chose to digest, he also chose to share with others, I suppose in an effort to get people to feel the way he does but I don't. All of these allegations about certain people with a certain amount of celebrity being Satan worshippers? I'll pass and I'll tell you why.

If these people making these accusations had proof, and I'm not talking about them attempting to attach occult symbolism to Kanye's hairdo, Rihanna's eye makeup, or the color of Beyonce's dress, I'd put my side eye away long enough to do my own research. I don't feel the need to BECAUSE their alleged "proof" is SO suspect! These people are clowns; I'm sorry but that's how I feel. Seriously, if The Roc is part of an occult backing, why aren't you focusing on Dame Dash too? He too was affiliated with The Roc (helped created Roc-A-Fella) and still does business under the name, somewhat (see: BlakRoc). But no, it was ONLY specific people targeted.

Along with accusing JayZ, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kanye of being disciples of Satan, they keep saying that Masons are part of the Illuminati and blah, blah, blah. Of course, this too is based on some symbols that OTHER organizations use as well one is calling them Satan worshippers. I do believe the sorority of Delta Sigma Theta, uses the same damn triangle as The Roc hand symbol that can be attached to the Masons, the dollar bill, and Delta airlines. So am I not supposed to book any airplane flights with Delta? Am I not supposed to use USA currency because I am doing transactions of a demonic nature if I touch paper money? If my daughter decides she wants to pledge as a Delta, am I supposed to deter her from that course? You see how utterly silly their symbolism is? VERY.

I've also heard some foolishness about Satan being the King of Music in heaven (when he was there) so it makes sense that he is controlling these musicians. I've asked EVERYONE who has said this EXACTLY where that is stated in the Bible. I have yet to get an answer and if that is the case, should we be listening to ANY music? If we are gonna call someone Satan's henchmen, why can't it be Gucci Mane or Wacka Flocka? I hate them (not really, but you get my point LOL). Also, what if you aren't a reader of the Bible or even a Christian? Does the demonic influence still apply? Religion does the most at times...

My point to all of this foolishness is please don't be that person agreeing with these other celebrity morons about A-listers being Satan worshippers. Tiffany Evans, go get your proof that they drink each others blood and maybe someone will listen to you. Frankly, you just sound jealous. Omarion, you shut up too. If either of them had Kanye or Beyonce's money, they'd be somewhere on an island chilling, not worried about the next person. I've never been able to tolerate people who can make accusations but when you ask for proof say lame shit like "Oh, if I told you, I'd get in trouble" or " I can't tell you who told me". Well if you can't, why are you talking to me or anyone else for that matter? You've already cast doubt in many people's minds because, regardless of your level of celebrity, you still have fans who listen to you. Now, a lot of them HONESTLY believe what you're saying. So while you're busy trying to expose someone else, you're leading people down a path that they need to research themselves....especially if you can't provide substantial information that what you're saying is actually the truth.

As long as no one is saying kill babies in the name of Christ in their music when you play it backwards, I'm listening to it. Music is and has always been another form of entertainment to me. I do not take lyrics and apply them to my life as though they were written for me and I need to do EXACTLY what's in the song. I have better sense than that and I hope to the Almighty being above, you do too.

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always4evamoi said...

great piece!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Syn. I have to admit, I was a bit concerned when I first heard of this Illuminati shit, but then I started to think and converse with a few of my favorite people. All of this super fearful religious bullshit is mental slavery. This state of mind is brought about by the bible thumpers who use the scripture as a way to control the feeble-minded. It's a bunch of bologna. I am a believe in God, but I am not a bible toting holier-than-thou scary ass christian. It's ridiculous and silly (as you put it). Love this blog. It needed to be said. I wish people would free their minds and stop listening to every little thing they hear.

*stacie-ann said...

i absolutelyyyyy agree!!!

Jay_fever said...

Very well put. Other than everything you just stated, what pisses me off about these cats is that they are usually complete hypocrites. They'll talk about these musicians are this that and the third and then you'll see them playing something that if it isn't A COMPLETE RIP OFF from one of the alleged artists they are obviously influenced by them.

Anonymous said...

ok, understandable, but look up occult sybolism in Denver International Airport and tell me if those paintings make any sence..

Assertive Wit said...

always4evamoi: thank you!

Kenya Mack: I've never been a follower f anything that seems "suspect" with its delivery. Even growing up in a VERY religious home, I questioned EVERYTHING, not because I was defiant, but because I wanted to know WHAT I was believing in AND I wanted it to make sense so that if anyone ever questioned me on it, I could explain it. I researched EVERYTHING back then and if something interests me today, I will do research to make sure I'm not being blindly led down a path. I'm too old to say someone made me do something; if I choose to believe something, it would be of my own initiative. This is one thing I'm going to decline on LOL

Anonymous: Feel free to use your name when commenting on my blog. You said "understandable" in your comment but what was "understandable" to you? By you directing me to some murals at the Denver Int. Airport, that isn't supporting the argument that some musicians are Devil worshipers. As for the murals making sense, that just looked like art to me. Some art is disturbing/some isn't. Art tends to be left up to the viewers interpretation so unless you get a chance to speak to the artist directly or read it dictated somewhere as to what the piece represented, it becomes an opinion as to what you see.

Feel free to comment though with supporting information from certified verifiable resources; I do not consider other people's blogs to be credible resources.

NaturallyAlise said...

People are hilarious. I run into these types on a regular basis. it is amazing hearing folks saying "they heard" as their version of empirical data...

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