Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just A Day in My Life...

After much deliberation and sucking up of my pride, I decided to take advantage of "the system" that I had been paying taxes to for 15 years. Since I was laid off work during one of the worst economical times, I figured it wouldn't hurt to get W.I.C. and food stamps since I have to eat and so does the kid. If I hadn't been pregnant when I got laid off AND able to get another job right away, "the system" wouldn't even have been a thought passing through. I HATE government agencies because of how they treat people but...I'm no fool and I aint going hungry...neither is Babybottoms.

So until I find gainful employment that will provide for her and myself, this is helping out LOTS.

My hatred for government agencies has always stemmed from their lack of acknowledgement that the people they deal with EVERYDAY are REAL people. They treat EVERYONE who applies for "assistance" like they are all living in the hood and that they are all ghetto. Take for instance the 2 young women who were sitting in the waiting area when I walk up to take a seat.

The young lady that was there collecting her W.I.C. couldn't have been any older than 15...I am sure she isn't the only high school student in Atlanta who comes to this office. Her conversation consisted of who she was going to get to babysit her 3 mth old daughter so she could go to the football game this weekend. Within the same 15 minutes of that discussion with her friend, she says that school aint that big of a deal for her but she is going to stress the importance of an education to her daughter...huh???? The conversation pauses for a minute for the other young lady to whip out 2 cell phones and she quickly states that one is her boyfriends that she "stole" while he was sleep...strictly for the purpose of reading all his text messages, emails, and checking his phone log. Mind you, they are being HELLA loud about these asinine conversations....and then the conversation just got ridiculous.

Anyone who can sit IN A GOVERNMENT AGENCY and say out loud that their 4 year old cooks fried chicken and boiling noodles for spaghetti needs an overly healthy dose of common sense and act right. The 15 yr old says quite loudly that DEFACS needs to be called on her friend but laughs it off when the friends says that the 4 year old uses the microwave to cook so it's okay because he knows not to put metal or foil in can't fry chicken in the microwave, 1, and 2....this does not make it okay, you unfit mother. I wanted to kick her in the ovaries so that she did not have the ability to sire anymore children.

So I can understand WHY some government agency employees work with the blank, rude stare like, when is this day going to be over but EVERY person who walks in is not like this. Like me...

After speaking to a woman and being told that I have to sit and wait until this other lady comes to work, I start sending Babybottoms dad messages about the loud youngsters across from me. In walks 3 Latin women, one has a son.

Now, anyone who lives in Atlanta can tell you that yesterday morning, it was chilly outside. I had my jacket on the entire time I was in the office. So please explain to me why this little boy that was with one of the Latin women had on sandals, shorts, and a hoody???? Please explain that.

He was just sniffling his life away and I felt bad for him....until he started coughing like he had tuberculosis...on my arm. I prayed to the sweet baby Jesus to keep me from backhanding him AND his momma into the parking lot outside the window. I have a 3.5 week old baby at home. I DO NOT need, nor WANT, your nasty ass germs on me, lil heathen! So I give him the ice glare and he turns away like he just shat his pants. The little boy is so sick, I can smell the cold seeping out of his pores. All I could think was lord please let me get out of here so I can get some Airborne and Lysol!

I was told to get to the office at 9 am....I look down at the time on my phone and it's 9:30. I can't sit next to this walking germ for another 30 minutes but I don't have a choice really. I had a c-section so standing really isn't an option and there aren't any chairs left....dammit.

FINALLY, the lady I need to see comes strolling in with McDonalds and coffee in her 10:10 am. For real? This is what we do? We come to work an hour late? Yet another reason WHY I hate government agencies. As if her being an hour and 10 minutes late is not enough, this heffa decides it's a good idea to eat her food before seeing the people who came in to get their vouchers (I am one of those people). We were ALL enraged by this but the thick plexiglass between her and us gave her a sense of security that allowed her to continue eating in our faces.

The lady I initially saw told me at 9:30 am to wait until my name was called and then decides to check on me when she sees I'm still sitting there at 10:15 am. She asks me if I signed my name on the clipboard to be called. I feel like giving her a blank stare because she knows I signed my name on that damn board...she called my name off the board to talk to me when I first came in! I still politely say that my name is signed and the lady JUST got in 5 minutes ago so I'm waiting on her.

She finally calls my name around 11 am. I walk up to the counter and all she asks me was what my daughters name was, then sends me back to my seat. 10 minutes go by and she calls me again to ask me what my full name is. Mind you, she has ALL this information in front of her so I have no idea why she is asking me for shat she already has. Did I mention I had a c-section? Yea, all that getting up and down, not what's really good. So I inform her that I had a c-section and I would appreciate it if she needs something else from me to ask me now because the up and down is not the business. She gives me that well practiced government agency glare and goes on about her business. She doesn't tell me to have a seat or that she'll be done in a minute but I decide to stay at the counter. She finishes up about 7 minutes later and says, "Now I have to do the same paperwork I did for your daughter, for you. Can you stand that long?"

I ask her how long my paperwork is going to take and when she lets me know 10 minutes or more, I go sit down. She doesn't call me again until 11:30 and I am SO ready to leave by this time.

By the time I walked out of that building, it became my resolve to look for employment with a government agency because someone, somewhere has to make a difference. Granted, the people who come into the agencies needing assistance might not always be to my liking but hell, they need help too and just because you're ignorant as hell, doesn't mean you deserve to be treated like a lesser human being.

Sorry, this was more of a rant about my morning at the W.I.C. office than anything else LOL

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Unknown said...

OMG! My mom now has a government job and so does one of my exes. I heard folks act careless about the job b/c it's hard to fire folks. They just come in late as hell all willy nilly like its nothing. I'm with you Syn, I'm searching for a government gig

Unknown said...

I know hte feeling, my mom decieded to get a facebook...and not only did she request all the family so they found me...but she continued to follow all my freinds...and they accepted!!!!

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