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Indignant Fools

Last I checked, Morehouse College was a PRIVATE institution for MEN...did that change within the last few weeks/months/years? If so, please make me aware...that's right, it hasn't changed...AT ALL. So with those two facts still standing, someone please tell me why ALL these WOMEN are up in arms about the dress arguments have made sense thus far.

When I was in high school I can remember some of the kids from nearby private schools complaining about wearing uniforms but I PROMISE you they had better test scores than the public schools. As odd as this might sound, education was the main concern and when you aren't worried about what you are wearing to school and whether or not you're "cool", it frees up more time to focus on what's important...YOUR EDUCATION.

The keywords in the above paragraph are: private schools.

Am I the only one who KNOWS what that means? In public schools, there are certain things that are allowed across the board because we live in a politically correct society but guess what happens in private schools? They make rules and anyone attending has to follow them. End of discussion. Frankly, I think that the dress code is in line with what Morehouse claims to want young men who attend their school to be..."renaissance men". Is it so wrong that a MEN'S COLLEGE wants its attendees to represent the school in a particular manner? No. When these young men enrolled at Morehouse, it was clear what was represented there and if it wasn't, they always have the freedom to go learn elsewhere.

I think the biggest uproar comes from this part of the dress code:

"no women's garb"

But again...this is a MEN'S COLLEGE so what is wrong with making that a part of the dress code? NOTHING AT ALL. This is all in an effort for the Five Wells to be implemented on campus:

"well read, well spoken, well-traveled, well dressed and well balanced"

When I read that part of the dress code, I didn't automatically think that they were hating on students who were outwardly homosexual. The other things that were listed as "no-no's", I looked at as distractions...just like I would if a man walked into class with a dress, purse, and pumps on. My attention would be just as diverted from the professor if some clown walked in like it was Halloween the same as if some idiot decided not to take off his pajamas, wear shades, and a doo-rag to class. I would equally wonder what was wrong with both of these men.

I wonder if the same women who are upset by these dress standards would be upset if Morehouse decided everyone would wear loafers, khaki's, vests, and button ups. But again, I say...IT'S A MEN'S COLLEGE...WHY IN THE F*CK DO YOU CARE ANYWAY???

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A.Smith said...

I'm with you on all the above points.

Morehouse is not the only school, not the only HBCU, not the only private HBCU in the country. If you don't like their rules, you can pick one of the OTHER private HBCUs to attend.

Black folks just like to be angry. :)

Oh, and noting that it seems to be women with the problem is good. I hadn't thought about that before.

♥ CG ♥ said...

Yep, just another example of wasted energy on an issue that's idiotic to begin with. Black folks (some) sure know how to fight for all the wrong causes.

always4evamoi said...

wow...reading this really bothered me....
it feels like every time SOMEONE SOMEWHERE tries to make a better example of our society (especially the black community) SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE has SOMETHING to u said, it's a MEN'S college, why WOMEN are saying something??....infinity SCHM!!! they need to hush and go read a book!!
nice post...
p.s. hi logan :)

Hard Work said...

Like you have said, it's a private school... I went to Shaw for about a year and they had a class where you HAD to wear your blazer and tie... if you didn't like it then transfer (like I did... LOL) Black people gotta complain about something... and I am all for homosexual rights and whatnot, but I agree: a 6-2, 230 lb black man wearing women's garb is distracting...

Ms_Slim said...

"In public schools, there are certain things that are allowed across the board because we live in a politically correct society but guess what happens in private schools? They make rules and anyone attending has to follow them. End of discussion"

*raises hand* As a fellow private university alumnus, I definitely know what this means lol

Ahh well said :)

I commented ST's blog and folk on there thought I was outright DISCRIMINATING against the gays (me, Syn...someone who is hella tolerable of different kinds of people, smh). My argument is...I see the restrictions. They are set there not to broaden your "creativity" and whathaveyou. Morehouse has ALWAYS been held to a certain standard. You go comparing it to other schools and what "they" do and you miss the WHOLE point LOL. Yes college may be a big part of discovery and creativity and blah blah blah but...the school itself is on another agenda and its crediblity is a big part of that agenda as well. I also said...if people have such a problem with it, they could always opt to go somewhere else, really *shrugs*

And somehow I was accused of having "hatred". LMAO!

Kmoney said...

i think some women are upset about the dress code because it seems to single out about 5 gay students who have chosen to express themselves as they choose.

it seems like that part of the policy the school adopted was designed to stop some of the gay students from "looking gay." a spokesman for the school even referred to the five students as living the gay lifestyle, which is interpreted by many in the gay community as diminishing to their identities.

i don't think you have to be a man or gay to care about these issues.

but if it were ME, i'd take my tuition dollars elsewhere. having already been raised by my parents up to that point, i don't think i'd be down with paying someone else to tell ME how I can and can't dress.

CraigJC said...

This is a VERY interesting topic ... one that needs to be explored. I think it may be related to the fact that "some" women feel a sort of kindred-ness to gay males. In this case, they probably see themselves as taking up for their "girlfriends" as crazy as it sounds.

AssertiveWit said...

Boca Flaca: The dress code singles out MORE than just 5 gay students; it singles out ANYONE who was wearing what the dress code stated not to wear...which were also shades in class, pajamas on campus/in class, pants sagging to the point of where other people could see their underwear, grills (permanent and removable), and some other things. The part of the dress code that the "5 guys" took personal was "no wearing womens garb" (i.e. dresses, tunics, purses, pumps, etc.).

The President of the school stated why the policy was adopted.

As for caring about the issues...I want people to GENUINELY care about issues that are REAL issues. Because this is a private institution, they do not have to follow the same guidelines as a public school. They do not have to let ANYONE enrolled there wear whatever they want; Morehouse can turn around tomorrow and say "f*ck it; no one gets to wear anything other than slacks, ties, pressed oxford shirts, vests, and loafers" and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it...because they are a private school. Personally, I think if they did that, they wouldn't have to worry about ANYONE feeling "picked on".

I sure didn't see anyone throwing on a cape for the young men who want to sag their pants and wear grills; isn't that them expressing themselves, as well? Sure it is! Is it appropriate for the type of school Morehouse wants to present themselves as? Nope.

I agree with you on the tuition dollars thing though...if I'm paying 30k a year, it won't be for someone else to tell me what I can and can't wear. Therefore, I would be transferring wherever they'd allow me to wear my dresses, tunics, purses, and pumps, honey! LOL

Craig: you might be on to something there...

HD said...

I'm kinda mixed on this topic. Part of me agrees with you that these guys are representing Morehouse to the fullest, and therefore ought to dress like men of the future. Another part of me wonders if this is some sort of hidden homophobia on Morehouse's part, especially given America's less-than-opening response to gays.

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