Friday, October 23, 2009

Daddy...Getcho A** Off Facebook! Please and Thank You.


My dad is on Facebook. I know, I know...FML.

The ironic thing about it is that it is my fault. I was attempting to keep my parents and Babybottoms other grandparents in the loop with the baby pictures. I thought it would be much easier to send them a link to the photo album. What I wasn't aware of was that Facebook takes the opportune time to suck non-users into their vortex by asking them to join but they say it like the person MUST join if they want to see the album...sneaky bastards.

So my father joins. Dammit...

When I call him to see why he now has an account, he tells me that his first thought when it asked him to join was " I don't wanna join this stupid network". Really? But you did it anyway...I liteweight smell some false words hear. He goes on to say how he's gonna delete the account after he sees Babybottoms pictures.

The REAL funny thing about how I found out he had the account was one of my brothers old friends he grew up with sent me an email asking if it was my dad or brother sending him a friend request. aren't slick. If you were deleting your account why you sending friend requests to folks? If you don't getcho tail off the internet playing games.

So I go to his page the other day because my cousin sent me a friend request and I noticed that we had 3 people in common. I see my two older cousins....then the third person is my dad. Daddy....YOU SAID YOU WERE DELETING YOUR ACCOUNT!!!! WHY ARE YOU STILL ON FACEBOOK???? BEAT IT!!!

Something told me to go see if he had added other people...this fool got 18 friends. I almost want to send him a text message asking if I look like an idiot to him and then I see this face that is unfamiliar to me. Out of his 18 friends, this woman is the ONE person I've NEVER seen before. I know I'm in Georgia and he's in Texas but he was getting the major side eye over this...who is this random woman in your friends???

I click on her picture and her profile is private and then it hits me....THIS IS THE EX-GIRLFRIEND FROM WHEN HE WAS A TEENAGER...THE ONE HE BROKE UP WITH MY MOM FOR. Yeah...this is some foolishness and I know he had to go search for her because his friends he has are mainly family and the ones who aren't family don't know this beezy.

I told one of my friends and she told me to dry snitch on him to my mom.

I did think about "accidentally" sending my mom a Facebook invitation...then I thought about the drama that might ensue from that and quickly decided against it. Granted, it could be innocent but best believe I got my eye on my dad's wall from that point forward. He's on my stomping grounds now and would want to act right before I have to set it off in this biotch....

FYI, for everyone who is like "Ummm, doesn't your parents read your blog", the answer to that is "No" and this one most certainly won't be getting posted on Facebook neither hahahhahahaa

6 points of view:

Beez said...

Hahaha!!! Don't get your parents involved in facebook drama!

LeoDeeva said...


a black girl who did date said...

Dry Snitch, Dry Snitch, Dry Snitch!!!! (as I hold a picket sign) LOL!!!!!

Christina said...


I swore to myself that, the day the parental units got on FB, I'm packing my ish and I'm out...LOL far so good...

CoogieCruz said...

HAHAHA! I feel your pain. Girl my dad finds me on every social networking site cept Twitter cuz I don't use my name haha. He even found me on Tagged which I logged into for maybe two days but have a lot of nasty comments left by guys trying to "holla" at me. So imagine what he had to say about that *side eyes* I told him stop being nosy if he doesn't like what he finds.

Naturally Alise said...

My mom joined, but luckily she didn't take much liking to it so no problems... *whew*

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