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I read about this movie a while ago when they had first started the production on it. Chris Brown was being interviewed while he was on the set but I wasn't sure as to how long it was going to take before it came out. With everything going on in his personal life, as well as, Clifford Harris' (T.I.), I wasn't quite sure if it was going to be released at all.

It is set for a February release date and as you can see from the picture at the top, it has an all star cast. I don't read too many reviews on movies because I respect the craft far too much to take some rooty poot assholes opinion about a movie they've never seen and base whether or not I'll be going to see it off that. If you read my blog frequently, you could have gathered by now that I like to view the "big picture" before giving my opinion on pretty much anything. If all things are taken into consideration before you state your personal opinion, you don't risk sounding like a biased asshole...more often than not.

Anyway, back to the movie...I understand the dynamics involved with creating a movie. The first thing that has to be determined is the level of money you are concerned with your movie making. To the viewers, that doesn't really matter so they are USUALLY the toughest critics. If you choose an independent route with more "no name" actors than recognizable ones, you risk not making any money...unless you're Eli Roth and happen to have a penchant so strong for blood and gore you wipe out the box office on your first try (see: Hostel and Hostel 2). The quickest recipe to getting people to come see your movie is to do what the majority of people will be attracted to: faces they know.

You see the picture above. There are 4 Black/African American faces that are easily recognizable due to their popularity factor. However, 2 of the faces have gotten more bad press in the last year than necessary so you know what that means. Before the movie is even released, you're going to have people giving this movie the side eye. When did ACTING SKILLS have anything to do with someone laying hands on a woman or purchasing illegal firearms? One has nothing to do with the other but the general public are, for lack of a better word, morons. True, some people are going to say they cannot support a film that features men who cannot obey the law but in all fairness, the movie was made before Chris had his debacle with Ms. Fenty and before Mr. Harris was tried and convicted of purchasing illegal firearms. These same people using a person's personal life to judge an entire movie would have seen the movie and probably given it accolades had the shat not hit the fan before release date.

I watched the trailer (see below) and it looks to be a very entertaining movie. However, the reviews from certain forums (they haven't seen anything but the trailer at this point either) are clearly based off personal opinions of who is IN the movie. Someone was mad that Matt Dillion wasn't featured on the ad. If you read about the movie and watch the trailer, Matt Dillion is a significant character in the movie but when you have 6 featured stars THAT THE MOVIE IS ABOUT, there is no need to put his face up there. Someone felt that since Matt Dillion was a seasoned veteran of an actor, his face should have definitely been on the advertisement. Ok but again, the movie is about 6 bank robbers...umm, not Matt Dillion's acting skills. The simple mindedness of some people irritates me to no end.

The other 2 actors, I feel were decent choices. Personally, I do not think that Paul Walker is a good actor at all. Although, he arrests women's attention; he's nice to look at. It's like putting Megan Fox in a movie. She isn't anywhere as good an actress as say Natalie Portman but be honest...who is more fun to look at? Another marketing ploy in getting your movie to make money; you must put the people out there who are visually appealing, especially when it's an action film. Had this film been centralized around the drama genre, I guarantee you, the selection of actors would be totally different.

Point of my blabbering is, when you consider new movies coming out, look at the movie a little deeper than what you see on the surface. If for nothing else but the people who put time and effort into it; view it for yourself, THEN state whether or not it was a piece of shat. Enjoy the trailer!

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laughing808 said...

I saw the trailer the other day and it does seem to be an interesting movie. I likes me some Idris and Paul Walker, YUMMY!

My personal feelings aside on T.I. and Chris Brown, I will go out and see this movie when it's released in February. I just hope they both have some acting ability.

DLG said...

It's ridiculous for people to base what film they will see on the actor's personal life. It's a crazy concept imo. Like you said, two separate things. I'm gonna see an entertaining movie if it's an entertaining movie.

a black girl who did date said...

I forgot this movie existed until I read this blog. I will definitely go and see it, just because it is my type of movie

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