Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Everybody STILL Hates Chris

So Chris Brown's PR thought it was a good idea for him to visit CNN and chat it up with Larry King. *sigh*

I understand that public apologies are in order because he is a public figure and blah, blah, blah but it is OBVIOUS that no matter WHAT he says or does...everyone is STILL gonna hate Chris. Chris could drain his body of every last drip of blood for some dying child that needs a transfusion and there will still be that peanut gallery section with signs saying "He STILL aint shit". My question to the general public who has SO many opinions about an OBVIOUS one-sided media perpetuated situation is:


I think he gets it people...he did something wrong; stop beating that hella old azz horse.

Yes, I've cracked my fair share of jokes but in all realness, I look at him no different than I would my brother or any of my guy friends involved in a HIGHLY volatile relationship. Men will be with someone that isn't necessarily the best choice because they LOVE how she makes them feel...until she starts catting off on his azz. My brother is going through the same things with his broad right now; the chick has put more scratches and cuts on my brothers face then should EVER be allowed but he won't leave her crazy azz alone. She's called the police 4 times (to my knowledge) to LIE and tell them he hit her...even though he's the one standing there bleeding and she has not one scratch, he gets carted off. That's the system folks. He told my father the other day, "She's gonna make me hit her, man". He hasn't hauled off and mauled her yet but I know my brother...when he does, she's gonna wish she never met him a day in her life. Is it right? HELL NO and if the police take him to jail, hey, your bad buddy. Can he prevent it? Yup; stop fooling with the crazy banshee...but you can't tell these kids shat these days...

Because I am able to REALISTICALLY look at all angles of this situation, people mistake that for me condoning Chris' behavior. Never that! NO ONE (this includes MEN AND WOMEN) should be putting their hands on ANYONE to get their point across and two wrongs DEFINITELY don't make a right (i.e. she hit me so I'm hitting her back). I just want people to HONESTLY look at this situation and stop ignoring IMPORTANT facts that would influence how they reacted in a situation if they were standing in his shoes when all the shat popped off.

I'm not a victim and I REFUSE to let ANYONE make me feel like one OR to begin acting like one. The media wanted Chris portrayed a certain way and the public fed into it; it isn't anything out of the norm but a LOT of people should be ashamed for ALL the judgement being cast around. I'm going to be one of the few honest people left out here and say:

If a dude hits me, I'm hitting him back or grabbing something to hit him with. I don't need to go get my girls OR tell my brother or guy friends to come put hands on him. That's my knee jerk reaction to being hit, BY ANYONE. Honestly speaking, that's MOST people's reaction to being hit...it's called self-defense.

So in what alternate universe is it okay for any man to not have a knee jerk reaction but ALL women get that reserved right? FOH!!! Again, it isn't right for me or him to haul back and hit anyone but it's a response that MOST (if not all) people have when confronted. AGAIN, THAT ISN'T ME CONDONING VIOLENCE AMID THE SEXES....it's me admitting to being human and understanding that if someone hits me, I'm going to want to hit them back. What's good for the goose is good for the gander...

Society has insinuated for SO long that women are the "weaker sex" and sometimes, we as women, fall in line with that ridiculous projection based on how it will benefit us. If someone walked up to us and said "you ain't sh*t because you're a woman", we'd be pissed to no end, ready to start a revolt about women's rights. However, it's okay to just let some dude pummel your face and it's okay to sit in the background in the silence and feel sorry for yourself? No ma'am. You can't preach strength one minute and the next be acting like a scary azz little lamb. FOH, for real!!!

PEOPLE need to stop putting so much energy into hating Chris and look at what can be done to prevent this from happening ACROSS THE BOARD. If the dude apologizes and says it isn't gonna happen again, STFU AND LET HIM MAKE GOOD ON HIS WORDS. If he can't manage to keep his hands to himself thereafter, THEN judge him as a person. Until then, stop acting like these celebrities don't breath oxygen, shat in a toilet, and have effed up relationships...just like you.

I'm going to find the article that stated Rihanna wasn't the only one with some facial wounding but I have a feeling that really won't matter to some people. In every drama filled celebrity situation someone has to be the antagonist...unfortunately Chris, it's ALWAYS gonna be you in this case. As far as I'm concerned, BOTH parties need anger management classes AND need to get their act together. Since he is so young, Chris can bounce back from this if people would treat him like the human he is and allow him to grow from his mistake. Rehabilitation for any crime that a person commits is usually where you can determine whether or not the person has learned from their mistakes and if they have the ability to turn around from their wayward course. Give him time to rehabilitate, sheesh!

I guess what everyone who STILL hates Chris has to ask themselves is, are you willing to let him live after this or do you have more buses you want to throw him under?

21 points of view:

Unknown said...

yeah i still hate him...........what makes it worse is he said he doesn't remember it happening

AssertiveWit said...

Jeri, I saw your blog and I didn't comment on purpose because...well, anyone who reads/frequents your blog on a regular basis can SEE you have a personal bias that can easily be said to be based on YOU LIKING RIHANNA.

So you still hate Chris...why? What are your substantiated reasons for STILL hating him? Do you hate Shawn Carter just as much? He's mushed a woman in the face AND it was taped for EVERYONE to see (VISIBLE PROOF he put his hands on a woman).

Does it REALLY make the ENTIRE debacle worse that he said on Larry King that he "blacked out"?

Unlike when you or I make a mistake, when a celebrity makes a mistake, they get coached by a team of people, telling them what they can and can't say at certain times. It doesn't matter if he wanted to make a double disc release with one cd apologizing to Rihanna and the other apologizing to his fans...it STILL isn't going to be enough for some people. It's sad on behalf of the public, which includes a plethora of people who don't even know these two people. Everyone is standing around STILL throwing stones...

Just based on your comment alone, you are one of those people....think about it :)

LeoDeeva said...

I agree! I wish that he could come out and say what really happened because i'm sure it wouldn't include a few punches thrown by her, but then it would be he's a punk etc.... if you hit a man or anyone with the intention to hurt him/them, you should be prepared to a fight(sorry) not get hit back and then scream VICTIM.

LeoDeeva said...

Dammit.. I meant it WOULD include that Rihanna threw a few punches

NightFall914 said...

As I said to people yesterday on a few blogs, If I was in his shoes I wouldn't have had the interview. Not because I'm scared but honestly, fuck the public that's still crucifying him. He's damned in some people eyes regardless and forever.

Chris has his OWN family to provide for with his career so it is what it is. While I think Jay-Z mushing video that people always reference is like apples and oranges to this situation, the fact is people will like who they want and find reason to justify it. WE SAW R.KELLY PISS ON A YOUNG GIRL.And he hasn't gotten nearly the heat that C.B is getting.

Don't get it twisted, if Rhianna was my fam/friend Chris would be dead, that's not even a question but that's where people need to fall back cuz this is his and her life not ours.

If folk spent as much time regulating their lives as they do judging those that many of them secretly envy, then this world would be much better off. I don't know about y'all but I don't have the energy to waste in hating a stranger like that.

Summerbaby0727 said...

Well I never hated Chris. The whole situation boils down to two kids thrown into the limelight and living this fantasy world all of a sudden here comes a dose of reality. And because they are in the limelight its thrown out of perportion skewed one way or the other. WE DON'T KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED! I can speak candidly about this because I was in a situation...where I was really trying to beat my mans ass and was getting the best of him...till he pushed me off him I tripped on my heels (you know I was cute as I whooped his ass). I hit a corner of brick wall. I just bumped my head but it was bleading and I had a black eye because of the impact. It looked like he knocked the crap outta me but in reality it was my fault.

So don't be so quick to judge. Let them learn life lessons of being in a relationship the ups and downs. Let him and her grow the fuck up.

a black girl who did date said...

You know how I feel about teh situation and I think you stated my opinion beautifully. I need people to realize that domestic violence is sometimes a 2 way street.

AssertiveWit said...

Leodeeva, don't hold your breath waiting on "true life confessions from Chris Brown" hahahhahaah and even if EVERYTHING he's BEEN saying is 100% true, you see there are masses of people WAITING to call him a liar.

Sometimes I really think he'd (read: his stupid PR team) be better off just shutting the f*ck up about it because NOTHING is helping right now...unfortunately.

Nightfall914, I would have fought with my PR on that interview too...there is no pleasing everyone. I only bring up Jay-Z to people who are OBVIOUS fans of Shawn Carter. People become bias as hell when it's someone they like involved in a "situation" and that was my point.

I think "brothers" sometimes are programmed to rush to a "sisters" aid anytime she has man trouble but brothers need to make sure their sisters know how to behave as well before throwing on their cape. Think about if you were in a similar situation and a chick gets mad and tells her brother to whoop yo azz because of some altercation you two had. Regardless of you putting hands on her or not, that's still YOUR relationship. Interference of ANY kind is all bad...in my book.

I too don't have the energy to spend hating someone I don't know hahahahaha

summerbaby0727, fell and busted yo head? hahhahahaha keep yo hands to yoself dammit! LOL

If I can't see/hear both sides of a domestic situation of ANY kind, I NEVER "side" with one or the other.

Logan's dad had to experience some foolishness with a chick that he NEVER laid one finger on but because SHE SAID he did, he has a criminal record now. She's full of apologies and sh*t now and will tell ANYONE he NEVER hit her but the damage is ALREADY done. But a lot of people have no idea (which is why they judge so easily) until they experience this madness first hand...

Naturally Alise said...

I have been a victim of domestic abuse and I still don't hate this brother. I do think the situation was unfortunate, but he is still young and can definitely make changes. I must say though, that the cases where the women attack the men are probably the minority (I say probably, bc I don't know statistically, just judging from people I know and my situation), I don't disagree that with you on the point that a man may need to defend himself but I just don't think it is all that prevalent.

AssertiveWit said...

Alise, I don't want you to think I'm downplaying domestic violence at all. I have NO TOLERANCE for it and any woman who is actually a victim of it, my heart goes out to her. Sorry you had to experience that.

Where I grew up, there were more incidents I was privy to where BOTH parties were beating each other versus just the man stomping the life out of the woman. That could be strictly due to where I'm from though...women from Oakland are sometimes a lot more mannish than necessary.

Either way it goes, it's crazy for anyone to be putting their hands on each other, inflicting physical harm.

Jay_fever said...

I feel you. After Riri got out of the situation my problem with Chris ended (look at me reacting like I actually know the chick). But yeah...now I feel you. Cats are now goin overboard. Everytime I happen to catch a song of his on the radio the dj feels compelled to go hard on him right b4. Whenever I see him in a blog shit that used to make chicks fawn over the cat is now twisted into some other shit and hey almost always go hard on him... I'm like this. Dude has survived the ass whupping the public has given him, he's apologized both publicly and within him artform. Let the dude breathe...and like you said "give him time to make good on his apology".

Joy Reed said...

I think Chris Brown is insane. Or maybe he has a multiple personalities.

AssertiveWit said...

Jay, I just want people to act like they're human when dissecting the faults of others...it seems like that is too much to ask these days though.

Joy Reed, so he's insane now? I don't recall you ever leaving a comment on any of my previous blogs so I can't tell if you're being serious or not but you can't be serious...are you? I just think if you're going to have an opinion that strong you should be able to state why you feel he's mentally challenged...feel free to share :)

VerbFashion said...

With your reference to your brother's situation, this all makes perfect sense. The breakdown of brother's running to a sister's defense is also very logical.

I just recently had this situation happen and I pulled the "I'm gone tell my brother to whoop your a**" move too. It wasn't until him and his 6 friends came over and I spent more time trying to calm them down and explain that I started it than actually wanting them to do anything at all to anyone that I felt hella stupid and saw all the trouble I was going to cause when I had not been touched in the slightest. Women do get the "we're weak and need you to run to our defense while we play victim" treatment immediately regardless of how deep the situation is. (Like you, I am NOT downplaying domestic violence, I'm just saying...)

After assessing all of this I think it's impossible for anyone to have an opinion about what they believe happened or who to side with. People that absolutely hate the guy all of sudden are typically obvious Rihanna stans. I with you on the letting him act on his apology.

Ms_Slim said...

"So in what alternate universe is it okay for any man to not have a knee jerk reaction but ALL women get that reserved right? FOH!!!"

Felt this post! You already know where I stand on this. While I believe that women are "delicate" and alladatshyt, lol, I also feel as though we are not exempt from having self-defense and karma kicking us in the ass,ya know....

Like you said, two wrongs dont make a right. But its ridiculous as Hell to believe that "just because he's a man" he can't be forgiven. FOH!

People need to really just chill and realize how human they BOTH are. Period!

always4evamoi said...

i didn't follow the whole nonsense and i don't care to, cause as u said, it's between them...we don't live their lives and they don't live ours...i agree with the fact that women AND men need to be accountable for their actions but does that mean they deserve being hit?? NO WAY!!...there are so many women (and men) out there dealing with much greater suffering from getting a beatdown or worse and people are out there throwing stones at a guy who clearly is human and has learned his lesson and to my knowledge, is ALLOWED to make mistakes. schm. leave chris alone. get over it. live YOUR life.
love the blog, syn!

Beez said...

Count me as one of the ones that really didn't check much for Chris before OR after the "incident" in question. Was it an unfortunate situation? Yes, for both sides, but the fortunate part is that they're both young enough to move past it and still do great things with their lives. There is another side to the story, of course, but at this point I feel it would be overkill to even hear Rihanna's side, people or not.

The part that does kind of disturb me is that whole "I don't remember" thing. Whether due to bad editing or not, he possibly could have had a blackout. If anger caused him to black out to that extent, I'm kind of scared for him, because I've seen what blackouts can do to people, anger, drug, or alcohol induced. I hope that he gets the help he needs to move on from this thing and continue living his life, and that she does too.

ChoColAte KiSs said...

Ok...I understand your points at least most of them...but in giving your brother and his girlfriend as an example is kind of correlating His and his girlfriend's relationship to that of Chris Brown and Rihanna...your main point to me is that she was abusive as well and therefore we sort of shouldnt be so harsh...BUT how do you know this?...Do you have an inside view of the relationship, something that you know that we dont know?..and also based of what I've read here an assumption is drawn that this is a singular incident, BUT I would like to state that a very reliable source actually someone who lives in Barbados and is the Prime minister's niece or nephew told me that he broke the windows of the vehicle that she was given as a gift from the country for her grammy after they got into an argument not even a physical fight...I was also told that the eyepatch from the AMA's was because she had a bruised eye given to her by chris brown, and although her friends warned her to leave the relationship, it was igged on by the mother who adored her and the relationship, and also wanted to save face for her son(the last part is my opinion). However i will just say this he has the chance to prove himself, anger management hopefully will help i even have a soft spot where i want them to work things out... On the contrary i never bought a CD of his, and i prolly still wont but ill rock to his records if i hear them. Just saying that...we dont know the real situation even now...My sources while reliable may have skewed the info to me as well, so if some have a strong feeling towards domestic violence and never wanna hear his voice again so be it. He got his die hard fans out there and you cant please everyone.

PS. never bought a Jay Z Cd either...so
p.S.S i hope i made sense..kinda rushed since im @ work and didnt want to get caught

AssertiveWit said...

Chocolate Kiss, I'm not correlating my brothers situation DIRECTLY to them because I don't have BOTH SIDES of their story...NO ONE DOES BUT THEM. I mentioned my brothers situation because in highly volatile situations SOMETIMES it isn't ALWAYS the guy acting a fool. It was something to consider if the person reading my blog is prone to IMMEDIATELY taking sides in a domestic situation, nothing more.

You took one sentence out of my entire blog and made it the main point..that's hilarious to me. Me saying, "I'm going to find the article that stated Rihanna wasn't the only one with some facial wounding but I have a feeling that really won't matter to some people", is NOT me saying don't be so harsh on Chris. It's me emphasizing there are ALWAYS TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY.

I know as much as anyone else...which amounts to nothing; even that he say/she say that was delivered to you from a "reliable source". It wasn't from either of their mouths so yes, you don't know nothing neither.

Don't miss MY point because of the surrounding material in my blog WHICH WAS/IS, when viewing other people's situations, if someone says they are sorry and wants to do better, LET THEM HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO BETTER VS. EVERY 5 SECONDS CALLING THE PERSON A LIAR, as though they aren't capable of reform from their mistakes.

If I said the EXACT SAME things I mentioned in my blog but NEVER mentioned Chris and Rihanna, you might have read my words differently. I'm writing about people's reaction to other's problems; this isn't about my opinion on whether Chris or Rihanna was right and/or whether we should support his record sales.

If you go back and read EVERYTHING you'll see that AND you'll see that I do not approve of ANYONE putting their hands on another person...man or woman. Even if I was in a situation where I was so upset I hit someone, I'd be just as wrong as Chris and/or Rihanna; the rules don't change for me. People (this includes MEN and WOMEN) need to keep their hands to themselves. Period.

ChoColAte KiSs said...

LOL...have to admit you shut me down...ill take that when thats due...lol...i do accept his apologies,i don't crucify him and i never called him a liar...so i guess i shouldn't have gotten so "emotional" about the blog...After careful reading, i must say there are undertones that there is some support for Chris (which you pointed out sooo with that said

I don't care for him before or after either way...so pretend i wasn't here..

P.S I still love you Syn...but you kinda went in on me...

AssertiveWit said...

Chocolate Kiss LOL...I talk to people I "know" differently than someone I think is just some random leaving a comment, so sorry about that. I'm more direct with people I don't "know" and I was really looking at "Chocolate Kiss" like, who in the heck is this. Not that I didn't mean anything I said; I just would have seasoned it a little better :)

Anyway, I have compassion for ANYONE who ATTEMPTS to try to right their wrongs; it isn't just Chris :)

If a person has half-azz attempts or doesn't really try at all, THEN my side eye is in full effect! No one is perfect but repeatedly getting caught doing the same stupid shat...you don't get passes for that.

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