Monday, September 14, 2009

Seriously, Let's Be Honest...

I know the majority of people who peruse my blog saw the showy display of foolishness Kanye exhibited last night so there is no need to recap exactly what he did. What I want to talk about is all of the people REALLY acting like what he did was ok and that everyone should just laugh it off as just another Kanye moment.

The truth is, he KEEPS behaving like a clown ass fool because no one has hauled off and punched him in his mouth yet. One good sock to the dome and I bet he'll stay in his lane.

Now, regardless of who you might personally feel should have won that award, don't let that be the reason for you pardoning disrespectful acts towards another person. First off, if you don't listen to country music, it would make sense that you would not have voted for Taylor Swift. If you are a Beyonce fan, it would make sense why you wouldn't have voted for ANYONE else in that category but ANYONE who CHOOSES to stand before someone and say NOTHING was wrong with what he did...that makes you an ass clown too.

Imagine if that was one of your children...hell, if that was you! You or your child has the opportunity to express gratitude for winning something for the very first time and some jackass comes up and ruins THE ENTIRE MOMENT by saying someone else deserved to win. First off, THAT IS AN OPINION, NOT A FACT TO BE USED IN A NON-DEBATABLE ARGUMENT. Personally, I do not think Beyonce should have won the award because I didn't like that video...and the song is an anthem far too many women sing in an effort to FORCE a man to give them something they 9 times out of 10 don't deserve. Yeah, Beyonce has a ring but did you ever stop and think that MAYBE she deserves it? You scallywag, who does nothing but bitch, complain, and nag the man you're with, that isn't you. But we're getting off the point...

According to a good handful of buffoons "Kanye said what everyone was thinking". Everyone who? Don't speak for ALL Black people and DEFINITELY don't speak for all music lovers because WE ALL weren't thinking that retard shat. Some people ACTUALLY respect all genres of music, regardless of how much we listen to them, so no, WE ALL weren't thinking that. Anyone who said that, go sit down in the corner next to Kanye for generalizing on some bullshat.

So I am positive that Twitter will be chock full of people commenting on White people's reactions to what Kanye did to Taylor Swift (she's White in case you didn't notice). People...this is an "L" we're gonna have to take because have SOME sense and think about if this was the other way around. Imagine if some BIG A-list White celebrity would have ran up on the stage while Rhi Rhi was accepting an award stating that their "homie" should have won instead. All the racist hates would have come flying out the closet, Al Sharpton would have been called, and Twitter would have been set ablaze with racial remarks about how White people don't want us to have ANYTHING. Am I lying? If you say yes, that makes YOU a liar. It happens ANYTIME someone Black gets "mistreated" in the media.

I'm not saying that today, this week, or this month, White people get a pass to throw every Black person under the bus. No. I have VERY low tolerance for ANY type of unnecessary racially tinged remark coming out of anyones mouth, no matter what their color is. However, what I am saying is if some White people are mad that a Black person shatted on one of their country stars, reverse the roles and realize, they are human beings too.

Kanye caused a mess. Period.

He put Beyonce in a bad position...she did nothing wrong but had to apologize to Taylor to save face, or go down in flames with his silly ass. He owes MTV, Taylor, and Beyonce PERSONAL apologies...not some shat he hastily went and typed on his blog to take some of the heat off himself.

So am I gonna be all dramatic and throw away every cd I've purchased of his? No. I don't throw money away and Kanye's random outbursts do not control my ability to recognize good music when I hear it. However, he does get a permanent side eye until he learns some self-control and chooses to display the manners his mother taught him.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I read about this movie a while ago when they had first started the production on it. Chris Brown was being interviewed while he was on the set but I wasn't sure as to how long it was going to take before it came out. With everything going on in his personal life, as well as, Clifford Harris' (T.I.), I wasn't quite sure if it was going to be released at all.

It is set for a February release date and as you can see from the picture at the top, it has an all star cast. I don't read too many reviews on movies because I respect the craft far too much to take some rooty poot assholes opinion about a movie they've never seen and base whether or not I'll be going to see it off that. If you read my blog frequently, you could have gathered by now that I like to view the "big picture" before giving my opinion on pretty much anything. If all things are taken into consideration before you state your personal opinion, you don't risk sounding like a biased asshole...more often than not.

Anyway, back to the movie...I understand the dynamics involved with creating a movie. The first thing that has to be determined is the level of money you are concerned with your movie making. To the viewers, that doesn't really matter so they are USUALLY the toughest critics. If you choose an independent route with more "no name" actors than recognizable ones, you risk not making any money...unless you're Eli Roth and happen to have a penchant so strong for blood and gore you wipe out the box office on your first try (see: Hostel and Hostel 2). The quickest recipe to getting people to come see your movie is to do what the majority of people will be attracted to: faces they know.

You see the picture above. There are 4 Black/African American faces that are easily recognizable due to their popularity factor. However, 2 of the faces have gotten more bad press in the last year than necessary so you know what that means. Before the movie is even released, you're going to have people giving this movie the side eye. When did ACTING SKILLS have anything to do with someone laying hands on a woman or purchasing illegal firearms? One has nothing to do with the other but the general public are, for lack of a better word, morons. True, some people are going to say they cannot support a film that features men who cannot obey the law but in all fairness, the movie was made before Chris had his debacle with Ms. Fenty and before Mr. Harris was tried and convicted of purchasing illegal firearms. These same people using a person's personal life to judge an entire movie would have seen the movie and probably given it accolades had the shat not hit the fan before release date.

I watched the trailer (see below) and it looks to be a very entertaining movie. However, the reviews from certain forums (they haven't seen anything but the trailer at this point either) are clearly based off personal opinions of who is IN the movie. Someone was mad that Matt Dillion wasn't featured on the ad. If you read about the movie and watch the trailer, Matt Dillion is a significant character in the movie but when you have 6 featured stars THAT THE MOVIE IS ABOUT, there is no need to put his face up there. Someone felt that since Matt Dillion was a seasoned veteran of an actor, his face should have definitely been on the advertisement. Ok but again, the movie is about 6 bank robbers...umm, not Matt Dillion's acting skills. The simple mindedness of some people irritates me to no end.

The other 2 actors, I feel were decent choices. Personally, I do not think that Paul Walker is a good actor at all. Although, he arrests women's attention; he's nice to look at. It's like putting Megan Fox in a movie. She isn't anywhere as good an actress as say Natalie Portman but be honest...who is more fun to look at? Another marketing ploy in getting your movie to make money; you must put the people out there who are visually appealing, especially when it's an action film. Had this film been centralized around the drama genre, I guarantee you, the selection of actors would be totally different.

Point of my blabbering is, when you consider new movies coming out, look at the movie a little deeper than what you see on the surface. If for nothing else but the people who put time and effort into it; view it for yourself, THEN state whether or not it was a piece of shat. Enjoy the trailer!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Reason I HATE the Media

Ok, so we've all heard the jokes and carrying on about how unattractive Caster is. Truth is, everyone can't be pretty or even cute so that isn't even what this blog is about. Big deal, the girl isn't cute but then again Venus and Serena weren't either until they decided to spruce themselves up...entirely different blog to clown around about.

Back to Caster...

The results about Caster's gender are in and instead of the media TACTFULLY addressing the issue by offering a simple statement of "Yes, she's a woman", they put her on RIDICULOUS blast. But then again, when has the media EVER been tactful about anything pertaining to the personal lives of others? Rarely, if ever.

I used to work with this older lady who shared with me how she was a medical anomaly, so much so that her situation was used as an example in a medical journal in the country where she is from, as proof that medically, weird things do happen to people. She had 2 sets of female reproductive organs but only 1 set could carry a baby full term. Some science fiction shat, huh? But all true. In her situation, she had a choice as to whether or not she wanted the world to know about her condition...Caster had no choice whatsoever and it is almost as if the public feels more entitled to an explanation than to express any type of humanity towards her and give her some privacy.

I'd be embarrassed as hell if I'd been living as a woman ALL my life and here comes the media to tell the ENTIRE WORLD that even though I have a vagina, I can't have babies and I'm more of a man...on the inside. Imagine all the relationships she's had...if she's been involved with simpletons who would translate that as "I had sex with a man"...imagine the harassment she's about to receive.

The people who initiated this media circus around her, get to go home and sleep comfortably in their beds with their families...the media are on to the next person to harass all the while, never stopping to consider how their portrayal of others ultimately affects them once their shatstorms have ceased around the person.

I understand the whole freedom of speech thing and since I am a writer myself, I am sensitive to censorship on certain levels but the media just gets OUT OF CONTROL and no one is there to enforce ANY kind of rules on them. The media is free to report suspect information, causing one-dimensional minded people to form all these rumors and "what ifs" about people they don't even know. The media NEVER has to apologize for their outlandish behavior...NEVER. They report untrue things ALL the time and then brush it off as though it was a simple misspelling on an entrance exam.

This is a BIG reason I began to steer clear of journalism and decided interviewing "stars" was not for me. The public's blood thirst for foolishness far surpasses their quest for knowledge and truth. This situation with Caster wasn't about SINCERELY finding out IF she was a man or woman; it was another source of entertainment to many people and THAT'S sad.

I think I've run out of words on this situation because it infuriates me so much...

Friday, September 04, 2009

Honest Friends Are Hard to Find

I used this picture in one of my old MySpace blogs when I was writing about The Bestest leaving me for Florida. I stumbled on it today when I typed in "best friend" during my random photo search....

I read a blog today that made me think of something my dad asked me when I first got pregnant. He inquired as to whether I had told all my old friends yet and if I planned to. At the time, I planned on telling 2 of them, when I got around to it. The 3rd one (who I no longer consider a friend) I didn't plan on telling ever and that was the one my father was alluding to the most. He knows I'm not speaking to her and I don't plan to any time soon so when he said, "Are you gonna tell the baby to call her Auntie Evil Cousin (not her real name)", I knew he was being his sarcastic, non-humorous self.

The Peacemaker of my old crew tells me to "kiss and make up" and it would be something to consider...if I knew it wasn't just a never-ending vicious cycle that was going to be started all over again.

When you're a kid growing up and you have your best friends, not a day goes by that you think "oh, we're all going to grow apart so let me cherish this friendship while I can". You think more delusional things like "NOTHING IS GONNA SEPARATE US...we're gonna be in each others weddings, raise our kids together, and grow old together". Then reality settles in while life is grow up and unfortunately, some of you either grow apart or ignore OBVIOUS personality clashes to preserve the friendship.

Things unfortunately change...

This is what inevitably happened to the 4 of us...the other 2 still speak to the one I don't and they have their reasons but when I'm friends with someone, I'm REALLY their friend so no matter how much it would make everyone else happy for me to do it, I can't.

No really, I'm not talking about some "oh, you're friend #42" sh*t...some REAL, hey, I can be myself with you and you can be yourself with me. As a friend, I'll allow you to go in on me, when necessary, because I value what you have to say to me...but that door has to be open for me too. Otherwise, we don't have a friendship at all. I expect those we are friends with to understand that and if they have a problem with you, they should go to you and tell you, not talk about it to others...not talk about you to others; like you two aren't friends. That's ALWAYS hurt me about some of the people who call each other friends that I've been mutually acquainted with.

That isn't being honest...and it sure as hell isn't being a friend.

Aside from the 3 chicks I grew up with, there are some other people I would have loved to share my entire pregnancy with because I truly cared/care about them but no matter how old you get, it's still a hard pill to swallow that just because you were once REALLY GOOD friends, it doesn't mean it'll stay that way. Some of the GREATEST memories I have in life are of being with people who I haven't talked to in at least 2 years. I will ALWAYS count those as good times and as much as I HATE the saying "some friends are only for a designated amount of time", the kid in me still wants to stubbornly hold on to the fantastical idea that despite all the BS, you should still manage to be friends with certain people. Not everyone...just the people I REALLY liked at one point in time.

Now that I'll have a child to raise, my own personal issues have to be laid to the wayside. Anyone I continue to be friends with, I think about in reference to her. This bundle makes me second guess EVERYTHING and apply it to her. She really has become my life...and she isn't even born yet. I'm not going to be one of those maniac mom's; I just operate more like it's "Synitta and Babybottoms" vs. my old take on everything which was just "Synitta". I can only be around people who don't mind being a permanent fixture in our lives because...well, I guess the over protectiveness is kicking in and as long as I can prevent her from feeling like something is missing, I will. So people who she'll be seeing all the time, I want to feel like they'll be there forever...not just for a period of time until them and I "fall out" again.

I guess the point of all this babbling matter how much I might miss or care about certain people, I know I'm not friends with them anymore because they just aren't the friends for me.

I'm about to go see my friend Stef's new baby in a second...she's definitely one of those people I'll be growing old with. I've known her since we were about 18 and even though we don't see each other ALL the time, our friendship has been solid since day one because we've ALWAYS been honest with each other about can't buy or manufacture friends like her...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Everybody STILL Hates Chris

So Chris Brown's PR thought it was a good idea for him to visit CNN and chat it up with Larry King. *sigh*

I understand that public apologies are in order because he is a public figure and blah, blah, blah but it is OBVIOUS that no matter WHAT he says or does...everyone is STILL gonna hate Chris. Chris could drain his body of every last drip of blood for some dying child that needs a transfusion and there will still be that peanut gallery section with signs saying "He STILL aint shit". My question to the general public who has SO many opinions about an OBVIOUS one-sided media perpetuated situation is:


I think he gets it people...he did something wrong; stop beating that hella old azz horse.

Yes, I've cracked my fair share of jokes but in all realness, I look at him no different than I would my brother or any of my guy friends involved in a HIGHLY volatile relationship. Men will be with someone that isn't necessarily the best choice because they LOVE how she makes them feel...until she starts catting off on his azz. My brother is going through the same things with his broad right now; the chick has put more scratches and cuts on my brothers face then should EVER be allowed but he won't leave her crazy azz alone. She's called the police 4 times (to my knowledge) to LIE and tell them he hit her...even though he's the one standing there bleeding and she has not one scratch, he gets carted off. That's the system folks. He told my father the other day, "She's gonna make me hit her, man". He hasn't hauled off and mauled her yet but I know my brother...when he does, she's gonna wish she never met him a day in her life. Is it right? HELL NO and if the police take him to jail, hey, your bad buddy. Can he prevent it? Yup; stop fooling with the crazy banshee...but you can't tell these kids shat these days...

Because I am able to REALISTICALLY look at all angles of this situation, people mistake that for me condoning Chris' behavior. Never that! NO ONE (this includes MEN AND WOMEN) should be putting their hands on ANYONE to get their point across and two wrongs DEFINITELY don't make a right (i.e. she hit me so I'm hitting her back). I just want people to HONESTLY look at this situation and stop ignoring IMPORTANT facts that would influence how they reacted in a situation if they were standing in his shoes when all the shat popped off.

I'm not a victim and I REFUSE to let ANYONE make me feel like one OR to begin acting like one. The media wanted Chris portrayed a certain way and the public fed into it; it isn't anything out of the norm but a LOT of people should be ashamed for ALL the judgement being cast around. I'm going to be one of the few honest people left out here and say:

If a dude hits me, I'm hitting him back or grabbing something to hit him with. I don't need to go get my girls OR tell my brother or guy friends to come put hands on him. That's my knee jerk reaction to being hit, BY ANYONE. Honestly speaking, that's MOST people's reaction to being's called self-defense.

So in what alternate universe is it okay for any man to not have a knee jerk reaction but ALL women get that reserved right? FOH!!! Again, it isn't right for me or him to haul back and hit anyone but it's a response that MOST (if not all) people have when confronted. AGAIN, THAT ISN'T ME CONDONING VIOLENCE AMID THE's me admitting to being human and understanding that if someone hits me, I'm going to want to hit them back. What's good for the goose is good for the gander...

Society has insinuated for SO long that women are the "weaker sex" and sometimes, we as women, fall in line with that ridiculous projection based on how it will benefit us. If someone walked up to us and said "you ain't sh*t because you're a woman", we'd be pissed to no end, ready to start a revolt about women's rights. However, it's okay to just let some dude pummel your face and it's okay to sit in the background in the silence and feel sorry for yourself? No ma'am. You can't preach strength one minute and the next be acting like a scary azz little lamb. FOH, for real!!!

PEOPLE need to stop putting so much energy into hating Chris and look at what can be done to prevent this from happening ACROSS THE BOARD. If the dude apologizes and says it isn't gonna happen again, STFU AND LET HIM MAKE GOOD ON HIS WORDS. If he can't manage to keep his hands to himself thereafter, THEN judge him as a person. Until then, stop acting like these celebrities don't breath oxygen, shat in a toilet, and have effed up relationships...just like you.

I'm going to find the article that stated Rihanna wasn't the only one with some facial wounding but I have a feeling that really won't matter to some people. In every drama filled celebrity situation someone has to be the antagonist...unfortunately Chris, it's ALWAYS gonna be you in this case. As far as I'm concerned, BOTH parties need anger management classes AND need to get their act together. Since he is so young, Chris can bounce back from this if people would treat him like the human he is and allow him to grow from his mistake. Rehabilitation for any crime that a person commits is usually where you can determine whether or not the person has learned from their mistakes and if they have the ability to turn around from their wayward course. Give him time to rehabilitate, sheesh!

I guess what everyone who STILL hates Chris has to ask themselves is, are you willing to let him live after this or do you have more buses you want to throw him under?

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