Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You Ain't Gots Tah Lie!!!

The world is chock full of liars...I tire of them but I guess I'll be hearing their random lies until I die. For some odd reason, people have ALWAYS felt the need to divulge information to me, whether it's the truth or some made up fantasy in their brain used to get attention or divert attention from someone else. Either way it goes, it's lame as hell and their lies ALWAYS end up coming out in some shape or fashion. I get the last laugh because now....not only do I get to laugh at how stupid you are, I'm going to share with other people the ridiculousness of your lying azz.

So who has lied and got busted out UNKNOWINGLY? Someone I used to work with...

The story is actually quite sad in itself but BECAUSE she lied, it QUICKLY became my humor for the day.

I used to work with this young lady who was a few years younger than me. Her first insecurity was apparent from the first month of my employment; she has a preteen and is still in her 20's. Doing the math, yes, she had her child when she was in high school. WHO THE HELL CARES? I surely don't. I have greater things to worry about than your out of wedlock child, oh I don't know, LIKE MY OWN OUT OF WEDLOCK CHILD! But whatever...over the course of her child's life, some women have made her feel like a "lesser" mom because she was a teenager when she had him. While I understand how that might make someone feel, you can't assume EVERYONE is looking down at you because you were a teenage mother.

Moving on to another insecurity I noticed...she has to be in a relationship to be happy. In the course of my 2 year employment with the company, she has been with 4 different men, 3 of which have "lived" with of which she RECENTLY bought a house with (remember that tidbit of info). Even though she acts like she's dumb as rocks to me, at times, she has enough brain power to see that I've been "with" the same person since I started working with her. Once she inquired as to whether or not we lived together; at the time we did not so she smiled and says, "Well, me and (dude #4) are moving in together and he says he can see himself marrying me". Ok, good for you. Get out of my office with your trivial relationship shat please.

Moving on to another insecurity I noticed...Babybottoms dad has had 2 different Benz's and now has a Volvo. These 3 cars have been the topic of discussion amongst people who just REALLY need to mind their business and stop trying to figure out how he is able to drive around in a car they can't afford. No he isn't some big time (or small time for that matter) drug dealer...and he doesn't do anything else illegal to be in possession of these vehicles. She's asked several times what he does; I change the subject. It isn't anyone's business, period. Then I traded in my Honda for a Land Rover and all of a sudden she's trying to do the same BUT....keep her car and just flat out buy another vehicle. Long story short, she ends up with the EXACT same truck as me (just older) and pulls one of these moves: "WE bought our truck; so WE don't have a car note". Ok, again, good for you. Question...can you even drive your truck because last I heard FROM YOU, it didn't even have an engine? Beat it, loser. You're not one upping just sound ridiculous.

So one day out the blue, she has to move IMMEDIATELY. The story she VOLUNTARILY feeds me is that the application on the house she wanted went through so they are moving into their new house they are buying together. Oh, ok, congrats for you (seriously, no sarcasm)! She calls me over to show me pictures and to boast on how much the house is (260,000), as well as, to tell me that their neighborhood is full of people with money. Ok...I REALLY don't give a shat about where you live. Personally, if I lived almost an hour outside of the city, I wouldn't be paying no 260k (in Georgia) for a house of that caliber. That's just me...I'd have gotten more bang for my buck IF I moved out that far but whatever. She wanted to rub in my face that HER AND HER BOYFRIEND had bought a house because she overheard me talking to one of my friends about me and Babybottoms dad looking at houses.

And here comes the funny...

Someone I guess she thought was her friend because she confided in them came and told me all her business yesterday. I didn't ask to know; I was minding my business and this is what I get told:

- her boyfriend broke up with her almost 2 weeks ago due to her clingy behavior

- they DID NOT buy that house; they are renting

I instantly laughed inside because I KNOW how much money she makes...she couldn't afford the $900/mth house she previously lived in and THEN moved into a house that costs $1300/mth...bad move. ESPECIALLY since the person she was depending on to pay MOST of that rent has now shot her the deuces. 

She posted pictures on Facebook of the house and people commented saying things like "Congrats on your new house!", "You're moving on up in the world!", feels good to have people pat you on the back but if you're "stunting", that makes you a clown. Apparently, I am not the only one she's told she owns that house. Renting is NOT a bad thing; it's okay if you can't afford, are not ready to buy, and/or don't even WANT that responsibility. There is no rule set in stone that says by a certain age you MUST be a homeowner or everyone is going to think your life has gone to shat. I guess she felt she had something to prove by lying about her house.

Same person running off at the mouth about this chick's business says "ummm, neither one of their credit is good enough to buy jack sh*t; that house has a rent to own option on it but they are not buying it". See why it doesn't pay to lie? Someone else has done you the favor of making you look stupid.

The informant went on to give me more information about her relationship that made me double over in laughter but the funniest thing was her lying about buying a house she is renting.

I am sure she'll realize that she doesn't own that house when she gets evicted. When you "own" a house (i.e. paying a mortgage), you might get foreclosed on but you sure as hell don't get evicted. Maybe then she'll understand that "rent to own" options are STILL renting, therefore, don't lie about what you're doing with your paycheck every month to impress other people. It only makes you look like the idiot in the long run...especially when you have to move out. 

5 points of view:

Hard Work said...

I've never understood people's need to 1) brag or 2) lie... well I take that back... I understand lying... sometimes it's a necessary evil... (this is not one of those cases however... lol) Bragging about what you have is something I have NEVER understood simply because as I've been told ever since my days of going to church: God gave it to you and just as quickly, He can take it from you... why people get off on showing off what they have is beyond me... I understand wanting to show somebody pictures of your home... that's something to be proud of (even if you don't own it) but I DO NOT understand the purpose of telling someone how much the property costs... unless you're on HGTV at the moment, that's unnecessary information... people really need to learn some humility...

Jay_fever said...

Damn son...not only did it not pay for her to lie, but it cost dayum...smh.

CraigJC said...

Wow, she needs a hug, and a shrug, poor thing. Having lived with the phrase, "You Aint Gots Tah LIe, Craig," ever since it came out, I am extra careful on what i say:)

NightFall914 said...

....liars and snitches.

Exactly why I keep my business to myself.

Kmoney said...

i feel sorry for the girl. not only does she have such poor self image that she feels like she has to lie to be seen as equal, but someone she thought was a friend told all her business and made fun of her ON HER JOB. where's the compassion?

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