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Very Young Girls

I can remember when I was 14/15, there was this guy who would come to visit my neighbors across the street from where I lived. No lie, he looked like Deebo from Friday (if you've ever seen that movie, you know who he is; if not, see below). Same muscle mass and everything; I would just stare out the window, enthralled by this huge MAN.

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Now, anyone who tells you that teenagers have no common sense or don't know right from wrong, well, that's SOME teenagers. After watching the harrowing documentary, Very Young Girls, it will become VERY clear to you that if you are young and missing certain elements in your life, what is so common to YOU is not common to EVERYONE else. Although I was young when I was captivated by the neighbors friend across the street, I knew there was something not quite right about a man 10 years older than me, being "interested" in me. He wasn't "interested" in me so that he could start pimping me but he did kiss me, which I knew was TOTALLY inappropriate. I also knew that because it didn't "feel" right, I wouldn't be participating in it again. I was about 15/16 when we kissed each other. Being young, you take a lot more risks than necessary and this was one of them for me. In the middle of my junior year in high school, I realized I had classes with his sister. It was this uncomfortable fact that led me to start brushing off the older man's advances. It didn't "feel" right before but it REALLY didn't "feel" right now. I saved myself, as well as this idiot, a lot of future trouble by choosing to walk away. A lot of young girls don't come to these conclusions in a timely manner though....

I used the main picture at the top because just as those young girls are being portrayed in an adult manner, there are men who prey specifically on young girls for the purpose of making them act in an adult manner...turning them out...yes, making them prostitutes. My situation was not 100% comparable to this but it was similar in that this man was older than me and attempting to tell me things that would keep me interested in him. There is NOTHING a 24-26 year old MAN should WANT from a 14-16 year old girl...NOTHING. I knew what a "normal" relationship for a teenager should be and this wasn't it. I was taught what should be age appropriate between the opposite sexes and this wasn't it. Unfortunately, not every young girl is given this knowledge.

While I watched Very Young Girls, I was filled with disgust at ANY man who sought out impressionable CHILDREN to influence into a life of drugs, sex, and basically slavery. The documentary initially started out with these 2 brothers attempting to tell their story about "pimping". They were both in their late 20's. Of course the authorities ended up catching them in the act of their sexual exploitation of children but what disturbed me EVEN MORE than their sordid acts on their fellow humans was OUR justice system that aint shit. These 2 clowns only got 10 years in a federal prison, even after it had been confirmed that they had destroyed 100's of young girls lives.

Some of these young girls were actually being held against their will. An example of such was a girl (I think she was 12) who was just walking home one day, approached by this van...that was the last day she saw any kind of freedom until she was about 15. She got arrested for prostitution. The defense attorney felt that since she broke the law, she should be placed in jail immediately. He didn't care that she was a minor and definitely didn't care that she was being FORCED to prostitute herself. Sure, it's easy to say she could have ran away to somewhere safe but these girls obviously don't have the strong mental thinking to devise a get away plan, especially when their lives are being threatened. Those who are there against their will are usually operating out of fear. Fortunately, the judge ruling over the case had compassion in her heart and allowed the girl to go back to her mother, under certain conditions, which were totally understandable.

Another mother had been looking for her daughter for 2 months. Someone called her with an anonymous tip as to where her daughter was AND told her other girls were being held there against their will as well. She had all the necessary information for the police to go and investigate. She went to the nearest precinct and alerted them as to what was going on because she wanted to get her daughter back. The police officers response?

"What do you want me to do about that? You want me to operate off an anonymous tip? I can't do anything for you" (not verbatim, but pretty much in a nutshell, that's what was said)

The mom becomes furious and starts buggin out in the precinct. She is told to calm down IMMEDIATELY...and they STILL did nothing for her.

I almost turned the documentary off at this point because our justice system infuriates me that much. I studied Criminal Justice, not an effort to evade any laws, but to learn EXACTLY how the law is supposed to treat people. Let me just tell you, if the government, whether it's on a state or federal level, stand to gain anything from your crime, they will find a loophole to either enforce a more severe punishment or just the opposite, to not enforce much of anything. Also, if the justice system stands to make ANY substantial amount of money off of your crime, you're INSTANTLY going down; if your crime is going to cause law enforcement more of a headache to process, it will more than likely be enforced with a nonchalant like approach.

Had the mother come in the precinct saying she had an anonymous tip on a drug cartel that would allow law enforcement to combat the "war on drugs", she would have been PERSONALLY escorted by that officer to the back to see what else she knew. He would have taken that tip VERY seriously...but a human life? That meant NOTHING to him and he proved that with his response to this mother's concern.

We see examples of this in the media too...I'm not saying that Michael Vick associating with people who maul animals is tolerable but the media and law enforcement do send out a certain message when they pretty much tell the masses that crimes against animals will be dealt with MORE severely than the assault that results in death or reckless actions that result in the death of a human being (reference Ray Lewis and Donte Stallworth). People can say what they want about the Michael Vick situation but the dogs were an OBVIOUS red herring used by the government; if ANYONE was closely paying attention, there were other things going on with those people who called themselves friends of Michael Vick that had to do with....drugs. THAT is what the government was after with that case; the dogs just caused the necessary diversion to get them the information they had been looking for.

Back to these young girls...I guarantee you if this child prostitution was in some way tied to major drug distribution, all of a sudden law enforcement would be concerned with the youth of America. Until that day comes, these very young girls are still in danger of being exploited until they are either in jail or wind up dead somewhere in an alley.

Last thing of notable mention is this video:

It's about a 29 year old woman who has been in jail for 13 years for killing her pimp. He started pimping her when she was 13 years old and when she was 16 years old, she decided she couldn't take it anymore and killed him. Our punk ass justice system gave her a life sentence with no parole. I agree with her, as she will tell you in the video, yes, she deserves SOME kind of punishment for killing another human being but....LIFE IN PRISON WITH NO PAROLE??? AT 16 YEARS OLD??? Really? This is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous, considering ALL the circumstances AND that she was a "child" when she committed the crime. The justice system basically revoked her right to be rehabilitated; the message they sent by doing this to her is that if you commit a crime, we really don't give a shit about you getting another chance at life.

I studied Criminal Justice to find out how the law is supposed to operate...with the knowledge I was given, I feel like I have a responsibility to do something about things like this. Now that I will have a daughter of my own, I feel an even bigger responsibility to support anyone who gives a damn about situations like this. There isn't much I can do TODAY but trust me, as soon as I am able to grasp my opportunity, I will....

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SoleSista said...

Very well written............Your opportunity will come. I also have a daughter of my own and I totally understand.

the YOUNG LIONESS said...

just by writing you are bringing awareness to issues such as this..dont underestimate the power of your pen. Thank you for this

i am now compelled to watch the entire documentary!!!

ah yes...

i meant to email you back, but when is your baby due? i want to send a prayer your way for a safe delivery

john stack said...

Human Trafficking is the largest growing criminal activity in the world. It is currently estimated by the UN that there are 27 Million people enslaved in the world today.
The people that are switching to Human Trafficking are gun-runners and drug pushers.
They asked themselves "why sell a packet of drugs or a gun once, when you can sell a human being over and over again?"
No wonder it's the fastest growing criminal activity........
You can find out more on my website and also learn more about my new book on the subject - svetna.....
John Stack 23rd August 2009

AssertiveWit said...

Lioness: she's due on 9/26...can't get here quick enough! :)

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