Saturday, August 29, 2009

Death By Mini Blinds

One of my friends emailed me a couple links enclosed in an email with the subject "Watch your little ones around mini blinds!!". In the body of the email she said:

"I'll warn you that the video is a little scary...Nothing tooo gruesome, just very eye-opening"

Now...before I give you my personal opinion on children and mini-blinds, here is the link to the video and my mother's response (who has 3 adult children and 1 grandchild who have NEVER strangled themselves with mini blinds):

"That is the most wasted stretch of footage I have ever seen. First of all, mini blinds are not toys for tots! Second of all, no one has to have them as window treatments. Last but not least, keep your stupid kids away from the blinds and shorten the pull strings if you're really concerned. This has nothing to do with the mini blind makers. People need to stop trying to make other people pay for their lack of supervision over their own children. Tots will be tots. They are busy as bees. Always moving around and getting into everything. That being the case, if you can't watch them lock them up. Play pens, leashes and depending on the age, swings tend to work. As I said before mini blinds are not the only solution for window treatments. Good old fashioned curtains have been around and still are. Besides children do not need to be near the window anyway. What if the critters break a window and it falls out? I guess then the makers of the windows will be sued... Parents need to own up to their lack of responsibility and remember that as my mother always said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". In other words use precautions in all things, but especially with a small child."

Now...before my mother even replied to my email I sent her with the video and news story, I felt it was ridiculous myself. I know MANY parents who've ALWAYS had some form of blinds in their homes and NONE of their children have been strangled or died from the cords. Why? Here's a newsflash for parents who are SO CONCERNED about the welfare of their child:


And for those meddlesome children who want to be all in the blinds like that cat above, parents of those children kept a closer eye on their kids. If the kid didn't want to stay away from the window, guess who was getting swatted on the butt?

Growing up, my parents had a ton of precautionary measures not just because there were children in the house but also because we grew up with a dog. If people can think far enough ahead to tie up the cord so their pet can't get a hold of it, don't you think, as a parent, you should think the same for your busybody children? I would think so. As my mother also stated, what is your kid doing near a window anyway? Some people might take that as a parent being far too paranoid but demanding a recall on mini blinds from these choice manufacturers isn't? I agree with my mother; this goes back to parents accepting responsibility for what goes on in their house with their child.

If you watched the video, you'll see that the mom was busy videotaping the baby and had no idea her dingbat son was in the living room strangling himself with the damn blind cord. Lady, you weren't watching ALL your children and one got into something that you could have prevented. Instead, she blames the manufacturer of the blinds.

The truth is, many parents let their children run amok in the house because home is them. Another newsflash:


Things that we as adults don't consider to be a danger, well they are for small children. We know better than to eat Comet, drink bleach, and rub ammonia all over our skin. Does a baby know? Not so much. So you might need to lock up the cabinet with your cleansers in it. You know that pounding on a window isn't such a good idea but your toddler or even a child up to 5 sometimes just likes the noise it makes so it is never a good idea to leave your kid standing on the couch, pounding on any window. If they can stand up in their crib, hey, maybe it's time to move their crib away from the window. That would solve strangulation by cord AND the chance of them beating a window out. Stairs? Not a big deal to an adult who can walk up and down. A baby just learning to walk, even a kid 4 and under, maybe not such a good idea to leave them playing on the stairs when you're in the kitchen. If the child falls and breaks their neck, is it the carpet manufacturers fault? No, it's yours for not paying attention. Doors? They aren't exempt. If your child has managed to learn how to open all the doors in the house, you might need to install different handles or locks they can't undo. Nothing would be worse than little Johnny, who is 1-4, opening a door, walking out on the balcony and falling off to his death. Is it the door knob makers fault? Nope. If you're upstairs and the kids are downstairs with NO SUPERVISION, they are liable to get into anything.

Babybottoms is my first child but even when I watched my nephew, I made sure we were ALWAYS in the same room when he was little because 1) he was a mischievous boy and 2) kids get into anything they can get their hands on.

Point is, for all the parents who are leery of mini blinds, use damn curtains and please...stop blaming other people for the lack of attention you pay to your small children.

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always4evamoi said...

i saw the video and all i will say is.....

AssertiveWit said...

I kinda wish someone had been taping the 3 year old so we could see at what point he just gave up and decided his fate was better off standing there being choked by that thin ass string LOL

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