Sunday, July 12, 2009

What I've Learned...

Esquire is one of my favorite magazines. The August issue has a great interview with Gerard Butler (Leonidas in "300") but an even more interesting segment with Francis Ford Coppola in the "What I've Learned" section. I always look forward to who they are going to feature. As it turns out, directors and writers have THE BEST answers...actors....ehhhh, not so much. They let Christopher Walken give the answers one time and I was greatly disappointed...he should stick to scripted info (read: reading scripts for movies). His answers were very generic and well...boring. I thought some of the things they listed this time were great starts to seeing exactly what someone has learned so I'm doing my own. Feel free to do yours too!

When I was sixteen or seventeen, I decided normalcy was not the life for me and by choosing that, I've lead a unique life from that point forward.

Did you ever see the movie Legend? It was one of Tom Cruises first action flicks and wayyyyyy ahead of it's time. I think they should redo it...I'd go see it.

I've had wine while I was pregnant and got the best sleep ever.

I did something out of the norm today. My leasing office was being utterly ridiculous about my refrigerator STILL leaking (going on a week now) but I kept a lid on it...I just don't have the energy to go all bad on people these days. Too tired....

People feel this way and that. I'm not too concerned about it unless it begins to affect general rights of others and/or me.

I was never sloppy with other people's belongings. I figure if I set the example that I take just as good care of your stuff as I do mine, you'll do the same. Most times I am wrong about other people feeling they should care about my belongings...wankers.

Ten or fifteen years from now, I am positive I will be laughing in A LOT of people's faces as they stand in front of me. Some people are REALLY ridiculous and need that wake up call. It doesn't hurt as bad when someone with a similar bank account as yours laughs at you...but imagine someone "Oprah rich" laughing in your face. You'd feel salty until you die.

I saw this bin full of nothing at Target and wondered who in their right mind would want that crap for 99 cents.

I have more common sense than the average person walking down the street but you could never convince a stupid person of that so I'm quiet more often than not.

I just admire people who are honest ALL the might be a narcissistic move on my behalf but so what. There is nothing more refreshing than listening/talking to someone that you know for sure won't blow smoke up your azz simply for the sake of conversation or to make themselves look good.

To do good is something a lot of people have yet to accomplish in life. I've seen so many people THINK they are doing good but they are really just doing something to insure someone does something good for them. That isn't "doing good"...that's being a self-serving prick.

When I was starting out writing as a kid, I never let anyone read anything I wrote. I would read things I wrote to people and ask them to tell me what they thought of it, as if someone else had wrote it. I got the most honest feedback that way. Surprisingly, no one ever told me it was shatty but I did get what I wanted...honesty.

You have to view things from both sides otherwise you live a one-dimensional life that is totally your fault. See things from other perspectives and then you'll truly understand people as they were meant to be seen...

The ending was clear to me in a lot of relationships I've had with people. The inevitable might be put off for a short period of time or it might come 20 years later when you least expect it but as long as you are prepared for how it MIGHT go, it's easier to get past the emotion of it all.

I said I didn't want kids at all when I was a child. I think that came from experiencing a strict childhood and never wanting to marry anyone who would inflict that on my kids. Then I met my best friend and he gave me hope that I could have kids with someone and not risk that. I just didn't know he was the one I was going to have a kid with.

The only thing in life that matters to me is if I'm happy. If I'm not happy, I'm not content.

I was in my apartment thinking to myself, "I should have moved into a house" but I didn't have much time to search for one this last move.

I never saw or heard a man cry the way one of my friends did when he'd disappointed me so badly he thought I didn't want to be friends with him. To hear or see a man cry that genuinely does something to you as a woman when you aren't a "cryer"...and neither is he.

What greater snub is there than knowing you have a STUPENDOUS idea and someone shats on it simply because they didn't think of it first?

Some audiences are sycophantically inclined and that is ALWAYS the worst audience; you can delude yourself into thinking you're good when you aren't even a hair above mediocre.

What should I do now? go to sleep; me and Babybottoms have had a long day....

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Hard Work said...

Hope you don't mind if I steal this... LOL

CraigJC said...

Great insight! And I love the redesign!

AssertiveWit said...

Hard Work: feel free! I look forward to reading yours if you post it :)

Craig: Thanks!

jeanette nicole* said...

Loved this! May do it myself if there's no work to do today. :) Also, love the redesign as well. The picture made me literally lol.

msdailey said...

Love the update to your site and you had a very good list!!

ChiChi said...

I never like to let anyone use/borrow anything of mine. No matter who it bff still has some shit of mine till this day. And don't let me start on my stupid brother. Lose his head if it wasn't attached looking ass.

Sometimes I think seeing all perspectives keeps me from really deciding how I feel about stuff. But, it is a good thing to do. That's always my MO in a situation whether I really want to be an ignint ass or not. LOL

AssertiveWit said...

jeanette nicole: I was looking for new templates for a good hour and I stumbled on this one...the dead lamb had me sold LOL

msdailey: thank you :)

ChiChi: When I can see someone elses perspective, it only helps me understand them and their actions better...but it never makes me change how I would handle the situation myself...unless some hidden element is revealed. Then I might look at it differently...but that's rare :)

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