Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sometimes I Cringe That I Am A Woman...

There are times when I am OVERJOYED to be the GREAT woman I am...and there are times that I want to round up ALL the women who are dead set on making women look like idiots and burn them all to the ground.

Because the news is bias as hell these days and can't really be trusted to present everything before they start alerting the public, I will say my opinion on the Ben Roethlisberger situation is based strictly off my disdain for women who do stupid shat. So according to the news, some woman comes forward to sue Ben for raping her...a year ago. Before anyone says anything...I am fully aware that there are some situations where people go for YEARS without saying something about their attacker due to fear. I'm aware of that. But how many times do people go for an extended amount of time AND THEN seeks punitive damages of almost HALF A MILLION DOLLARS?

Most females who are raped, are trying to deal with the emotional stress of being violated and having no control over a situation they never imagined would happen in their lifetime; money is the farthest thing from their train of thought. I have friends who were raped as children and as adults...none of them are talking about "where them dollars at" and ALL of them have spoken up TO SOMEONE about their unfortunate situations. It doesn't matter if they confided in friends, the authorities, family, or a therapist...I just don't know too many females who go it alone with that kind of trauma/tragedy.

What was reported sounds sketchy to me...

I want women to be smarter these days...I really do. It irritates me how some women will complain about the light they are portrayed in but when you look at what they are willing to participate in, OF THEIR CHOICE, it makes you wonder where they get the right to be upset about being looked at negatively. I don't know anything about this 31 year old woman who says Ben raped her but deciding to take legal action against "one of the biggest names in sports" a year after the fact isn't a smart move. Half a million dollars to this man doesn't do anything but hurt his ego (if he even cares that much), if he should have to give it to someone. IF he really did rape her, she should be more concerned about his azz doing jail time so that it doesn't happen to another woman. Her concern shouldn't be focused on how much money she can bleed out of him.

Women who do this are no different to me than women who do things to be viewed as nothing more than sexual objects but want to roar "THERE IS MORE TO ME THAN JUST THESE PICTURES WITH MY PANTIES ON". You aren't portraying yourself in the most positive of lights so why do think and expect anyone to care about anything other than you in your panties? Shut up and go sit down. If you wanted someone to assume you have a head on your shoulders filled with anything more than smut, you'd be in a corner somewhere being a tad more ladylike, a lot less vixen. Same goes for this woman...if she wanted people to believe her, the focus should be on Ben being incarcerated for his crime, NOT how much money she can get out of his super plush bank account.

Someone needs to hold classes on how to be smart in your endeavors to get over on others because a LOT of women are getting big fat "F"'s in life lately....

2 points of view:

K-Dub said...

I completely agree. She waited so long to see if he won the super bowl or not LOL... I dont know if I hate the girl cuz I'm a huge Steeler fan or if she really is just stupid as hell.

AssertiveWit said...

I'm going to choose "I hate her because she's stupid as hell" LOL

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