Thursday, July 23, 2009

Living Vicariously Through The Past

What I decide to share in blogs/online is nothing in comparison with all of the antics and foolishness I have been privy to since I was a child. Some things I will take to the grave because it involves others close to me that wouldn't appreciate all the dirty laundry being aired, other things, well, as my dear friend Tamara says, "you gotta have something to tell Jesus". The most active time period of my life was between 16 years old and 25 years old. I had an almost 10 year stretch of doing pretty much whatever I wanted to, whenever. No holds barred.

I was reminded of this time period yesterday with the trending topic, #inhighschool. For anyone who is not familiar with "trending topics", it is something on Twitter that encourages people to continue interacting throughout the day with each other by stating something relevant to the topic. For instance, a couple of my posts read:

#inhighschool I had 3 best friends and I thought we would all live happily ever after; then life happened

#inhighschool you tolerate a lot more BS than you do as an adult

#inhighschool I used to steal my mom's wine in the box and put it in water bottles to sip on between classes; trife life LOL

I'm sure you get the point; just another way to share a bunch of useless knowledge with strangers that you normally wouldn't speak to otherwise.

Anyway, a few people shared some #inhighschool items from others in their timeline with me and I had to laugh when I realized some grown folks REALLY must miss their high school times...when they were at their best. If you haven't done anything significantly different since high school or you were actually more interesting in high school than today as an're failing at life.

Sorry, but you are.

Something should be different...and what I mean about different is, in a good way. You shouldn't have fallen off the map of Good Things in Life so hard that people laugh at the fact that you ain't shit without high school. I don't think many people were realizing that as they wrote about how popular they were in high school only for many to guffaw at it like "but no one gives two shats about yah now, huh?"

I saw a homeless man the other day and I wondered what he was like in high school. Was he the "ladies man"? school jock? Beneath the grit and grime that appeared to just start settling on his skin, I could see he was an attractive man. What went so wrong in his life that he was standing outside of a liquor store asking me for money? I thought about the trending topic...well, he probably didn't have a care in the world in high school, thought this one day at a time thing was gonna segue into adult life and he was gonna be just fine.

Adults, we can't ride the coattails of our high school life (if it was a good one). If you were "the shit" in high school, what are you doing as an adult to STAY "the shit"? If I see all your trending topics talking about your successful high school life, shouldn't you have had a successful life thereafter? Does the recipe for "success" change because we get older? In high school, you OBVIOUSLY wanted to be the center of attention and well known but you're a lame as an adult? Something doesn't fit into that picture well. If you strived to be the best...even if YOU thought you were "the best" in high school, don't stop thinking that or else you will become exactly what you are today...a loser living vicariously through your own tweets.

Happy Friday!!!!

6 points of view:

NightFall914 said...

I'm cringinga bit only because radio shows are now getting their morning topics/routines from Twitter, but I digress.

Yeah the High School fall off is serious.I was bouncing around Facebook thinking the same thing about folk that were the shit back then.H.S was fun as hell in that limited worries way but I be damn if I'm not 100% better now then I was then.

You have progress in life.

Hard Work said...

I hate I missed this on twitter because I had some stories!! But all in all, I was your average guy in HS... football guy, semi-involved with campus activities, had a lot of associates (I don't think I would call them friends) but I agree... if your biggest accomplishments happened in HS, then I seriously would wonder about where your life is headed... I already know that the greatest things to happen to me are in front of me but sometimes it's fun to look back and think about the craziness you went through as a teenager...

And I must admit, there are times I wish I could go back and switch some things up but all in all, I'm cool with the past being the past...

Dope post.

xxxx said...

lol im not old or anything just graduated from high school four years ago wait no in 06 so 3 years ago (sorry got confused since this is my senior year in college) but anyway in high school i was the rebel/smart/ popular girl... i was a little smart ass but i have def grown from that. with life i realized alot and i have matured tremendously now in college i am known, but not for the same characteristics that i possessed in high school.. i am no longer the rebellious bad girl who surprisingly does well in school... now i am just the girl that is always on campus studying but know how to have fun on my down time

AssertiveWit said...

NightFall914: yeah Twitter rules the world LOL

I just believe in the natural evolution of things and if your mind is still operating on a high school level and you're my age (29/30), something is SERIOUSLY wrong.

Hard Work: I will admit, there are some things in high school I loved being a part of that I wouldn't mind reminiscing on it but I think it's appropriate to keep it as a memory. Maybe it's just me but I think we all gotta grow up one day!

xxx: I think there is room to still have the same personality that you did in high school so there is nothing wrong with's if you are doing the EXACT same things back then and you're grown with kids now...big problem LOL

NeenaLove said...

LMBO... u r so right.

i think about it all the time and have to remind some of my friends from high school... how NOT changing a thing about themselves since high school is NOT GOOD. lmbo.

u r funny!!

Diamond~Star said...

I jumped in on some of the twitter #inhighschool flashback post. High school was great but I am doing much better than what I was doing back then. Progress is the word. Sad that there are some have not grown past middle or high school.

Good post.

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