Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is It So Hard To Watch Your Mouth?

I don't think some people understand that you don't have to be racist to do or say racist things. I'm not as quick as some to call someone a racist because I understand the difference between someone just talking too much and an individual who genuinely has hate in their heart for someone of another ethnic background.

A prime example of this is my boss; sometimes he says things that would cause ANYONE to second guess whether he remembers we live in 2009 or not. I don't think that he is a blatant racist but I do think that because he is so comfortable, he does not see the need to filter his personal proclamations to others. Which brings to mind the phrase, "White is right". While the phrase is more sarcasm than anything else, I do believe some people feel that way with what they have to say. There have been several times that I've said to my boss that he has to watch what he says because while I personally do not believe him to be a racist, some of the things he says are out of line. His favorite line is to say "well, no one is wrong here". Correction, someone is wrong here and it's you.

There is nothing okay with talking to a Black person and telling them that they should not be offended when the subject matter is in regards to race and automatically affects them differently than the person who is talking. If you have not walked a mile in my shoes or any shoes similar, don't tell me how to feel about something that is race related. It's rude and does come off as you knowing better about a situation you know nothing about.

So when I saw the video about the minority children who weren't allowed to swim with the "other" kids at the pool, I thought about people who say things that can be viewed as racist. I want to ask the people who said that they didn't want the minority children there because they were afraid they would steal...I want to ask them how they'd feel if someone treated them like that because of their skin color. In their mind, that would never happen because apparently, from the comment that was made, a White person would NEVER steal from them....why? Because you are White?

Criminals, thieves, murderers, etc come from all different ethnic backgrounds so THAT particular comment is EXTREMELY hard to get around as not being racist. I bet if you asked them if they thought they were racist, they would vehemently say no and be appalled that you would think that of them. Well look at what you are letting come out of your mouth.

This is what I want people to are viewed how you behave. If you don't want people to think the word "racist" when they think of you, watch your mouth. While everyone is entitled to their own set of beliefs and what not, the world we currently live in will never change if this doesn't get through people's thick skulls. Granted, some people were perfectly fine with minorities not being equal to Whites but the fact is, in this day and age, continuing to think that way makes you have dinosaur thinking. We all know what happened to the dinosaurs...

Not everyone is up for "evolving" but what they have to face now are all the people who are willing to move to the next level of co-existing peacefully. So in an effort to all get along, folks, ALL OF YOU, just watch your mouths please.

Thank you.

3 points of view:

the YOUNG LIONESS said...

i enjoyed this post! i share similar views especially in a location such as the workplace

i read a publication not too long ago about 'the burden of the oppressor..." referring to the burden white people had to carry for the centuries of racism and slavery they were responsible for...and i wondered if any really feel the burden to always have to be sensitive to other racial groups particularly ones with a history of suffering at the hands of white people...

maybe not...

AssertiveWit said...

Thank you! :)

I'm sure some people feel it is a burden because slavery was something that a LOT of people (black and white) have not experienced today. While some people are INTENT on making generations NOW pay for what generations BACK THEN did, I don't necessarily agree with that. I look at a person for who they are and how they act with me.

To me, a Black person is no different than a racist White person if EVERY White person you see, you AUTOMATICALLY feel some kind of negative way about them. It just isn't fair...just like it wasn't fair what those people said about those kids at the pool. Stereotyping is the WORSE kind of generalizing ANYONE can do.

There are so many ethnic groups (Whites included) that have experienced oppression; the key is for people to stop thinking their ethnic group is the ONLY one who experienced a horrible form of oppression (because ALL oppression is bad) and then not retaliating against people they have no knowledge of behaving in this manner. Those who THINK they come from a more "deserving" ethnic background need to wake up and realize that their behavior can one day have them in the shoes of the people they are mistreating.

I know it's easier said than done but why can't people just remember we're all human so at the end of the day, does your skin color matter? Should it matter?

Jay_fever said...

loving the new blog design...

And I co-sign on this here blog as well

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