Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Because You Have A Degree Doesn't Mean You're Smart

I don't know who told the general population that just because they graduated from college that makes them smart because I know plenty of people with degrees but the smarts of a gadfly.

In the last week, I've read several blogs about women who think having all these degrees makes them more desirable in the eyes of men...as well as, blogs about women who will ONLY date men who are just as "educated" as themselves. Does a degree make you love someone more? I guess if you are fixated on what kind of job that degree MIGHT get you.

I know TONS of women with degrees...would I EVER encourage my guy friends to date them? Hell and no. PLEASE NOTICE: I said I KNOW women...I didn't say these women were my friends. I also have friends with degrees but if I know that my guy friends are looking for an intelligent woman, well, her having a degree has NOTHING to do with that. I KNOW far more intelligent people who NEVER went to college or just didn't finish than I do people who have degrees. This is how I know JUST because you have a degree it doesn't automatically give you a right to some kind of intelligence. You can still be an idiot with no common sense and have a PhD.

Graduating from college requires that you know how to study, prepare for tests, and interact with people well enough to get you to the next level. In some cases, you just have to know all the right people at your school and you have a degree before you even set foot on campus for your first day (example: George Bush). It doesn't mean you're a prime candidate for dating, a job in the field which you are studying, or worthy of the degree on your wall at all. I can name 10 head cases that are in law school right now. I can name 5 women who are doctors (or studying to be) but have problems with ALL the men in their life. I can name 20 women AND men who have degrees from "prestigious" schools but have no common sense to save their own lives. The sad thing is, there are plenty more people out there willing to spend money they don't have on an education that more than likely has NOTHING to do with what their life aspirations are.

So why all the blogs about men and women who feel YOU MUST have a degree in order to date me? It's all bullcorn to me and people with raised expectations of things that REALLY don't matter in the end. Just being honest...I'd rather take a guy with a high school diploma who treated me like Queen of the Earth and has the potential AND actually doing something to amass his wealth outside of working for "the man" for the rest of his life, over some numbnutt idiot that graduated from Harvard but can't manage to treat me like a human being and has no foresight into his future past making 6-figures.

To each his own but the things I aspire for in life have NOTHING to do with a degree, therefore, I would NEVER measure myself against that piece of paper, nor do I measure others.

ATTENTION: I do feel there are some fields a formal education would serve you well in; I would never go to a doctor who learned how to operate on people by cutting up the neighborhood animals. I'm just saying, people need to use their common sense and realize, having a degree does not insure overall intelligence or the automatic ability to love someone.

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NightFall914 said...

Of all the things to use as a bar for social compatibility I really wouldn't use a degree as such a concrete mark. All educational paths are unique. And depending on the school, the level of ACTUAL work the professor put into the courses and the student in general, a degree can translate to any number of things which may or may not include Intelligence.

I have my degree but that's not why I know I'm smart and I would hope that anyone with a degree would have a lot more to go along with that when presenting themselves as a suitable mate.

Michael Horvath said...

I have 3 degrees and I still wouldn't consider myself overly intelligent. I do think I have quite a bit of wisdom, but that came more from life experiences than a school.

My list of what I desire in a woman has never included how much schooling or "smarts" they have.

jeanette nicole* said...

A friend and I were debating about this just the other day. She was downing one of her friends because the chick is dating a guy who very well may not even have a high school diploma. He has a job, treats the girl well, and is an okay dude from what we know of him. Her main reason for clowning dude was because her friend is a nurse and makes "good" money, so she should have a guy who is "on her level". I called into question whether or not money can substitute for love and it spiraled out of control from there.

As you said there are plenty of people with degrees and tons of book smarts with no common sense. Having a degree does not necessarily make one more successful, but so many people get caught up in what it supposedly means.

Personally, I don't care if you have a Ph. D or GED, I want to know how you're going to be with me.

Hard Work said...

I say this all the time... some of the dumbest people I know have a degree from an accredited university...

ChiChi said...

I've always said I went to college because I had nothing better to do. LOL The truth is, if I had had any kind of plan to do something, I wouldn't have went. All I learned how to do was go to class and take tests. I'm still not using my degree and have no idea if I ever will. That's why I'm not in a rush to go to grad school cuz I'm not even focused on what it is that I would want to do in the future. Why waste time?

AssertiveWit said...

Nightfall914: You'd be surprised some of the things I've heard people say in regards to having a degree. One guy from Morehouse said he'd rather date a Spelman graduate vs. a Clark graduate because the Spelmanites degree held more weight in the working world. I cringe when I hear stuff like this because what in the hell is that based on? A small spectrum of things that are so minute, you're an idiot for even bringing them up...but again, that's my opinion LOL

MPH: I want the person I date to be smart but I know that doesn't AUTOMATICALLY come from them having a degree. That's what I want these bumbling idiots to understand. My grandfather never finished 8th grade and while I think that's sad (because every child should have the opportunity to finish their basic education), it was more important for him to work back then. He's by no means stupid though. If you can understand me and I can understand you, that's a start...as far as I'm concerned LOL

jeanette nicole: Stupid is as stupid does, to me. I've seen stupid people who never graduated high school and I've seen stupid people with multiple degrees. When I say stupid, I don't mean mentally retarded...I mean like you're an idiot and make bad decisions across the table LOL so not to talk about your friend who was clowning dude but what she said was kinda "unsmart" LOL

Hard Work: I concur

ChiChi: you'd be surprised how many people spent thousands, even hundred of thousands of dollars on their schooling, only to be doing something TOTALLY different than what they spent years in school doing...in that case, what did a degree REALLY do for them? Nothing.

I'm not against education at all. I love learning and I think it is valuable...it's just dumb to say I won't date anyone who doesn't have a degree without having a REAL reason for saying such.

Diamond~Star said...

I have a degree and I don't base my dating on whether he has a degree also. I rather have someone in my life that is going to treat me right and with respect. I have met some guys who say that I am the ideal woman but they are always looking at "the degree" I have and they don't, which is real stupid to me. I am happy if he has a steady job, pay bills on time and know how to spend quality time with me. These things just amaze me.

♥ CG ♥ said...

I've learned that a degree doesn't equate to much other than better earning power. At my age...ugh, nevermind...lol

~ Melzie

Solomon said...

When I went to college, it was absolutely amazing to me how stupid most of the people that were taking classes with me were.

I remember wondering if my degree was even worth anytjing when I was walking down the isle to pick up the diploma. Half the people in front of me in line 'bought' their degree, they were some of the stupidest people I had evenr ran into, and that is a feat in itself.

Degrees don't hold much weight in my book

CoogieCruz said...

I feel that a person should at least bring equal to the table what I am bringing, which is not necessarily a degree like I have. Because plenty of ppl have degrees and nothing to show for it - no job, no common sense etc. So even though they may not be college educated, they should have a job, some sort of career or active plans for one at my age or older and their own.

Christina said...

Triple Amen!!!

Jay_fever said...

I've come to the conclusion that some people are just terrible at assessing character so they use a bunch of shit that has nothing to do with anything.

AssertiveWit said...

Before I finish replying, I do want to say that if it is a personal preference to date someone who has just as much formal education as yourself (or more), I understand that. I look at that no different than a guy who prefers to date a woman with a big butt over a woman with large chesticles. What irritates me are people who act like you are a lesser human being if you don't have a degree and that having a degree is some kind of gauge as to how well you could treat someone else.

On to replies...

Diamond Star: My mom always used to say "keep living" any time I opened my mouth and something foolish came out. I understand her more every day when I see that sometimes the standards we set for ourselves and others are just utterly ridiculous when they aren't based on much of anything...I learned that just by living...like she said LOL

CurvyGurl: Considering the recession we're in, having a degree doesn't even do much for anyone in that area either LOL

Solomon: I think having a degree does fill a person with a certain sense of accomplishment, whether it was for Liberal Arts or Biology. Completing something always gives you a good feeling, or at least it should. It's just when folks start judging others by that...that's when I get irritated.

Coogie Cruz: I understand what you are saying. While dating (especially since I have a child now) I can't afford to be with someone who does anything less than what I do. Those standards were issued in the minute I found out I was pregnant because it would not benefit me to be with anyone that would cause a burden to me and my child. My thing is be doing something with yourself, whether you have a degree or not and we can go from there.

Jay: Sadly, you are right LOL

aaadddccctttt said...

Ms. Wit,
Geez, all I know, is after bein’ totally mowed down AGAIN (she rolled her eyes SO hard, I swear I heard them actually talk, and say “Oh GOD, this Whiteboy ISN’T going to talk to me in front of OTHER’S?!”), it doesn’t matter how many degrees I might have, what I make, if I am a nice guy or even got good sense …
What I have to get me some is … more Melanin! … for the next time …

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