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Dream ANY Dream...Then Work To Accomplish It

In the midst of all the Michael Jackson blogs, I am sure this one will get caught somewhere in the middle and overlooked. I think we can only sulk and reminisce over one person (we didn't know personally) for so long. Yes, it's only been a few days but 99% of the people writing about him are really writing the same thing. I get easily bored with monotony so don't take offense to what I'm saying. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson just like everyone else...I just know there is more to life after death...if you're still alive.

With that being said...briefly look at everything he accomplished in life. It can easily be said that he was one of THE biggest dreamers.

I was reading a book and because of the environment this lady and her kids lived in, she offered this advice:

"When your dreams start to get too big, focus on something else. Big dreams get in the way of reality."

Personally, I think that was some of the most shattiest advice to hand out...even though it was in fiction. Obviously, the mother was a small thinker (which is okay, if that's who you are) but she was willing to step on her kids dreams because hers had never materialized and she didn't want their hopes being pissed off in the hers. People like this REALLY do exist, as well as, folks who want to tell you that the likelihood of YOUR dream coming true, won't happen.

I believe ANYTHING is possible if you work at it hard enough and NEVER give up. If you have to die pursuing your dream, so be it. It's your dream and your choice should ALWAYS attain the necessary tools to achieve that dream. Without the necessary tools, you are wasting your time and life resources on futile efforts.

So, if your BIG dream is to be a fashion designer but you don't draw that good, guess what? YOU NEED TO LEARN TO DRAW BETTER.

If your BIG dream is to be a writer but you don't spell that well, grammatically butcher sentences, and people cringe when they read your writing because it's all over the place and not written all that well, guess what? YOU NEED TO TAKE SOME ENGLISH CLASSES, LEARN TO PROOFREAD YOUR WORK BETTER, AND GET HONEST OPINIONS ON YOUR WRITING. (NEWSFLASH: mothers, fathers, siblings, and close friends sometimes will "be nice" so as not to hurt your feelings; they aren't really helping you with your dream if they don't tell you THE TRUTH)


I personally would NEVER stomp on anyones dreams but I most certainly wouldn't encourage them to go down a path that will not work for them either. If someone presents their dream to you and you know that they are on the wrong path to succeeding, get a feel for what kind of personality they have first (because some people, you can't tell them anything anyway). Once you can grasp how they'll respond to an HONEST OPINION (that is tactful and genuine), then present them with advice that can lead them in the right direction.

I think Neyo did a DAMN good job of telling the young lady who came to him, what she needed to do in order to be a successful singer in the music industry. How his advice was presented (amongst the gossips) was off putting because it prepared everyone to listen for when he was going to go all bad on her. He never once insulted her or crushed her dream. He was honest and told her what would work. Now...she has the necessary tools to move forward and if she doesn't choose to use them, THEN, she is wasting her time and anyone else she tries to sell her dream to.

I feel the same way about people who tell me that they want to be writers or journalists. I always wait to see if they are going to share what they do in their spare time. If they don't read (hair and gossip magazines are not the reading material I am speaking of either) on a regular basis, don't care how things are spelled, and don't write consistently, I do not take them seriously. All three of those things are VERY important in order to be a successful writer/journalist. Some people write and keep it all to themselves. That's fine but if no one is reading what you are writing, you aren't giving yourself an opportunity to have others see your work. Criticism is just part of writing so if you aspire to write a book some day but no one has seen ANY of your work, imagine HOW disappointed you are going to be the first time someone says your stuff sucks ass.

People who want to sing....sing EVERY DAY and EVERY chance they get. If you are not like that with your writing (doing it EVERY chance you get), in my mind, you don't really WANT to be a writer. It might be some momentary phase you are going through. These kind of dreamers should sit still one day and REALLY figure out what their dream is. It might not even be what they are currently projecting; writing, singing, and drawing sounds cool but if you're in it to make money IMMEDIATELY, you've got even more to learn than what you just read here.

Point of all this gibberish at 3 in the morning is, never let your REAL dreams die, no matter how big or small they are. However, make sure that you are REALLY doing ALL you can to attain them.

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N.I.K.E. said...


jeanette nicole* said...

I needed to read this right now. Thank you for posting! :)

Hard Work said...

I definitely agree... if you're not putting in work, then don't complain when the things you want to accomplish, don't happen... and people who are constantly on the negative side of things are just losers who choose not to work hard enough... dope post.

CoogieCruz said...

When I was younger I use to think my momma was harsh and cruel with no faith in me but now I realize that she was just grounding me to be realistic and/or know that things do take work to achieve your dreams, the realistic ones at least.

CraigJC said...

He was a great dreamer, but some people might say that his dreams cost too much. They literally costed him his face, some may say. (Of course, he said he had a disease).

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